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Krishna Chali London 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe attempts to talk to Shukla

Krishna Chali London 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dubey and Bua coming to meet Shukla’s wife. Shukla’s wife asks them will they have tea or eat oranges. She asks Lali to get oranges. Bua sees the bad oranges. Dubey says its spoilt. Shukla’s life scolds them for taking money and gifted rotten fruits. She says Shukla can have orange farms in Kanpur, its not about oranges, its about our prestige and name, that’s why I called you in the morning. Dubey and Bua apologize and assure that everything will be fine. Shukla comes home and sees Dubey. He asks how come you are here.

Dubey says we did all the arrangements, separate lodging for men and women. Shukla says but women related functions are over, women don’t do in baraat, you do your daughter’s bidaai, we are also busy, you may leave. Dubey and Bua leave.

Shukla’s wife asks will you have tea or lemonade. Shukla asks her to get lemonade. She asks where had you been. He says at a friend’s place, do you have a problem. She says no, are women not going in baraat. He says you never went, all the enjoyment is done, I m going.

Shukla’s wife gives sweets to Matuk and asks him how is it. Bela does prayers. She gets dizzy. She acts like Mata and shouts Shukla. Shukla’s wife says Mata ji has come, Radhe go and get your dad, forgive me, what did we do. They all get scared of her. Radhe goes to Shukla and says Mata Rani has summoned you. Shukla gets shocked and says she has come again. He apologizes to Bela. She says you are a sinner. He says I m a sinner, forgive me, I have a mistake. Bela scolds him for leaving women at home and not taking them in baraat. He says sorry. She says reform your ways, else I won’t let this marriage happen.

He says I will take all the women, to heck with the customs. Bela tells her husband that she did the drama to convince Shukla. Shukla says I got saved. Krishna tries to call Radhe. The girls apply haldi to her. Bua gets emotional. Radhe’s haldi ceremony goes on. His mum asks him to give the phone to Saajan. Krishna reads Radhe’s message that he won’t get baraat. He goes to talk to Shukla. Shukla says I couldn’t read your list. He gets Radhe’s letter. Radhe turns tensed.

Krishna says if baraat comes home, it will be a disaster, Shikha, you must help me. Saajan says I won’t help you, I told you to hunt, not to become a prey, its destined to happy, your marriage is going to happen today.

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