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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika saves Varun again

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dhani brings milk for Varun, Devika asks her to take care of Varun, she will say thanks to Daksh, she leaves.

Ashka asks Daksh why did you bring that mental back home? till that mental is here, Devika wont come closer to you. Daksh says no its not like that, I will make him fine then he will leave us. Ashka says thats your deal with Devika right? he says who told you that? she says I heard you both in morning but you really think she will fulfill her promise? you are too innocent, cant you understand that when Varun becomes fine, she will runaway with Varun, this is not a marriage for her, I understand women mindset, till a woman doesnt let man come closer to her, she can leave him any moment thats why she can make Varun fine and doesnt have to have a relation with you.

Daksh looks on.

Devika is searching for Daksh. She sees Daksh and Ashka talking. Daksh says no stop doubting her, I forced her to marry me, she loves Varun so much that she agreed to marry me for him, it will take time for her to start coming closer to me. Ashka says for the first time, you thought I am wrong and someone else is right? Daksh leaves from there, he comes out his room and sees Devika there. Ashka leaves from there. Daksh says you were searching for me? Devika says I wanted to say thanks for saving Varun. Daksh says say sorry to my sister, she didnt do right but you shouldnt have raised hand on her, she is my world, Devika looks on.

In morning, Devika serves breakfast to Daksh and family, she serves him muesli. Daksh’s mom says its too oily, Devika says I made it as you like, taste it please. Daksh tastes her breakfast. Daksh’s mom eats and says hmm its edible. Devika says to Ashka that I wanted to say sorry, Ashka says dont say all that, dont say sorry, I should say sorry for what I did, I love my brother a lot so cant see him sad but he told me his happiness is in your happiness so friends? she extends her hand, Daksh smiles. Devika shakes hands with her. Daksh asks where is Varun? Devika says Dhani is making him eat in room. Door knocks. Devika comes to the courier man. He gives her flowers and says these are for you. Devika is confused, she takes it to lounge. Ashka says what is this? Daksh says this is a small present from me. Ashka says what present? Daksh says bouquet have Maldives tickets, we are going for honeymoon, Devika is stunned. Varun comes there and says we are going to foreign country? by plane? wow, we will enjoy and play there. He takes Devika from there. Daksh’s mom says now Daksh will have to cancel his plan. Ashka says no Daksh and Devika will go and Varun wont go. Varun hears it and says I will go with Rani Pari, we will go together and enjoy there. Dhani comes there. Varun says me and Rani Pari are going to foreign country, Dhani says lets go and pack, Varun says okay I have to pack toys, he leaves. Ashka says to Devika that dont worry, we will take care of Varun, you go and pack. Devika looks on.

Scene 2
Devika comes to her room and asks Daksh why they are going on honeymoon? He says because people go after marriage, Devika says I told you we cant have intimate relation till.. Daksh says I know till Varun becomes fine, honeymoon doesnt mean we have to be intimate, I dont want to get you, I want to make you mine, I want you to understand me so that you can accept me gradually, you married me so you should put some efforts too, or are you thinking to leave me when Varun becomes fine? I know you cant break relations like that, Varun’s reports cameback, his treatment cant start till some nerves heal, till then we will comeback from honeymoon, I will get to know that you want to give this relation a chance too.

Daksh’s mom is leaving. Dhani is running behind Varun. Daksh’s mom asks him to play with his car, where is his car? Varun says its in room, Daksh’s mom asks Dhani to bring it, she is wary of her but goes to bring it. Daksh’s mom says till she brings the car, we should sit in real car, he says that big car? lets go.
Daksh’s mom brings Varun to a SUV, she makes him sit on driver seat and smirks.

Devika is walking to lounge. She thinks that if I dont go then Daksh will doubt me and if I go then Varun will be alone here, what if Daksh doesnt treat Varun if I dont go?

Varun asks Daksh’s mom to bring Devika, she starts the car and leaves. Varun is sitting car. Devika comes there and sees it. She recalls how when Varun was fine, he tried to teach her driving but she suddenly put break on and said I dont want to learn, he says if you learn driving then if something happens to me, you can take me to hospital. Devika puts a finger on his lips and leans in.. Devika comes out of her day dream and Varun puts foot on accelerator and car starts driving. Devika is running with car. She asks Varun to press the break, Varun is panicking. Devika jumps in car and pulls hand-break, she asks if he has gone mad? who gave you the key? she asks him to sit on passenger seat, he exchanges seat with her. Devika recalls how Daksh said that he wants to make her his and one day she accepts him. Devika asks Varun if he can bring a flower for her? he smiles and gets down to bring it. He plucks the flower. Devika murmurs Varun I can never leave you. Devika starts driving. Varun comes there and sees her driving away. Varun runs behind the car. Devika is driving away and hits herself.

Devika is hurt after her deliberate accident. Daksh is with her in room, he asks Ashka to cancel the bookings, she cant travel in this condition, I dont want to take a risk. Varun comes there with flower. Daksh asks him to come inside and play with his princess. Askha leaves. Varun comes to Devika and gives her a rose. He says you asked me to bring you flowers but then you drove away and hit your car with a wall. Daksh hears it and looks on.

PRECAP- Daksh says to Devika that I loved Devi so much, I waited for her for 20 years, I have lived in pain for 20 years loving her. Devika says your love is a lie, its false. Daksh shouts enough. Varun comes there and hits Daksh with a rod, Daksh falls down. Devika looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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