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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat answers the Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik coming to Sirat. Sirat sees Ranvir getting treated. Nani says half truth spoils relations. Manish asks her to tell the truth. Nani says yes, I have to tell what that Ranvir did with my girl. Sirat hits the pillar in anger and cries. Kartik stops her. He asks her to calm down, be strong to take care of him. Sirat hugs him and says I can’t go in front of him, Kartik. Nani says Sirat went to start a new life, that guy didn’t come. FB shows Sirat crying and saying he didn’t come, he cheated me. Nani says she took much time to prepare herself for another relation, she told everything to Kartik, she has no love for that guy now, she has forgotten him. Everyone gets silent.

Kartik says Ranvir will get fine. Sirat says sorry, everyone would be waiting for us. He says we are needed here, not there. She thanks him. Doctor comes. He says bleeding has stopped, surgery won’t be needed me. She asks can we meet him. He says yes. Kartik opens the door and asks her to go. Sirat recalls the past. Nani says she didn’t try to find him since two years. Manish asks why did she go there to meet him. Suwarna asks him to call Kartik. Manish calls Kartik. Kirti says Kartik’s phone is here. Kairav and Vansh come. Kairav asks where are Kartik and Sirat, did they fight, did Sirat go anywhere. Nani hugs him. Sirat shuts the door and says I don’t want to meet him. She goes. Kairav says someone tell me, where are they. Manish gets Kartik’s call. Manish asks where are you and Sirat, is there any problem. Kartik says sorry, there is an emergency, I will come back and tell you everything. Naksh asks Manish to call back and see. Sirat thinks shall I go back. Rhea says I thought Sirat will be out and I will be in. Surekha says get quiet, if anyone hears this, then they will vent anger on you. Suwarna asks Kairav to have food. She says Sirat would be with Kartik. Rhea says Sirat loves that guy, not Kartik. Nani says no. Rhea says she went after him, something would be left. Kirti asks what shall I tell Dadi. Manish says don’t take her calls. Suwarna says if Sirat really goes, ca we handle Kairav. They pray. They see Sirat.

Nani goes to her. Sirat says I m not going anywhere, I m with you, have water, sit. Surekha asks why did you go, who is that Ranvir who you still meet, why are you getting engaged to Kartik then. Sirat says sorry for the trouble, I had gone to the hospital, Ranvir met with an accident in front of me, I thought to save his life. Rhea says everyone knows your truth, Ranvir was your ex. Kartik sits with Ranvir. Ranvir says don’t kill Sirat, I will go from her life. Kartik gets shocked. Doctor comes and says come with me for a min, its urgent, patient’s reports have come. Sirat says I have nothing to do with him, you don’t think of terms when someone meets with an accident, I just thought to save his life, I took the injured to the hospital with Kartik’s help, I didn’t see him since that day, I didn’t talk to him, nothing changed from my side, its your wish to believe it or not, I can’t change your thinking or force you to think something. Kartik asks what happened, you said he is out of danger. Doctor says we got a bullet lodged in his chest. Kartik asks what. Doctor says yes, small fragments are there, maybe some years old, its pressing his imp nerve, it may hurt him in future. Kartik says I will manage the expenses, you can perform the surgery. Doctor says consent, just sign the form, its a critical surgery. Kartik thinks I don’t understand it well, I will ask Sirat. Sirat eats spicy pizza.

Kairav asks her not to have it, she won’t look good in family pics. Nani holds Sirat. Sirat asks why did Lord send him back, go and ask him, maybe he came to meet me, but I don’t want to see his face. She asks Kairav to tell her when Kartik comes, she will come for family pic, this is her family now. She goes crying. Nani asks why did you get Ranvir back. She cries. Chandu comes and enquires about Ranvir. He goes to see him. Doctor asks Kartik to decide about surgery soon. Kartik meets Chandu. Chandu says thanks, he told me that you had tied the bandage to his hand yesterday. Kartik asks about the bullet fragments. Chandu says maybe its your engagement, don’t worry, I m with him, go home. Kartik says fine, talk to doctor once about his surgery, you can call me if you need help. Sirat gets blindfold and hits punching bags. She asks why did you come back. Kartik comes looking for her. He says truth won’t change if you close eyes, meet him once. She says no, I don’t care, I don’t want to meet him.

Kartik takes Sirat to meet Ranvir. Ranvir vents anger by ruining the place. He says you are mine Sirat, how can you become of someone else. Sirat punches his face.

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