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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Madhav is getting knowledge from Bhashma of his Lord Jagannath.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Brahman telling Madhav this is his Lord Jagannath but he isn’t believing him then too Brahman is trying to explain him but he tells him that when this Lord does not have any hands then how can I believe because how can this Lord hold my hands. Brahman intimates Lord to forgive Madhav & tells Madhav to leave due to time for closure of temple.
Ganeshji says Madhav wasn’t realizing the Lord whom he saw is actually his Lord Jagannath but watching that it had no hands hence wasn’t believing.
Shri Krishna’s brother asks him what will you do in this situation when your devotee itself isn’t realizing you but he tells him that he is my ultimate devotee whom I too wish to meet him but he doesn’t see hands hence thinks otherwise.
Madhav reminds about what he had being explained by his brother as well as his wife Susheela that his Lord Jagannath itself will hold his hands & take care of him hence he sits under a tree & takes oath of meeting Lord Jagannath or else won’t leave the place.
Shri Krishna falls in confusion to what to do regarding his devotee Madhav.
Ganeshji says Madhav took oath & never realized how much time passed in wait for his Lord but got some other help but he wasn’t able to take instead helped others seeing their trouble.
Madhav was feeling cold at night hence Shri Krishna sent a shawl for his help but he sees some poor person shivering & he gives it to him. Shri Krishna feels why he is doing this way when I am helping him.
In the morning Madhav feels thirsty & gets water through help of Shri Krishna but he sees an old woman more thirsty then him hence he gives it to her & Shri Krishna’s brother Bhashma asks him now what’ll you do for this but Shri Krishna is silent. Bhashma tells him that I’ll go & make him realize finally about your true image but Shri Krishna tells him to control on anger which makes him angry if insulted & Bhashma assures him accordingly.
Bhashma changes himself in form of Guala & meets Madhav insisting him to drink milk which he has brought but he isn’t taking it then he explains him about his Lord for whom he is sitting here & he tries to ignore Bhashma but he properly insists him to listen to him & Madhav agrees.
Bhasma starts narrating story of his Lord who is form of Prabhu Narayan itself who started his journey from Badrinath where he use to always go to perform Pooja along with Devi Laxmi. Bhashma is explaining the facts of his Lord.
Shri Krishna is resting while two women’s are making him rest but Shri Krishna takes name of Radha & the women’s feel depressed hence they go to ask about their difficulty to their mother but she instead explains them the fact of Radha in his life.

Precap: After Bal-Lila of Shri Krishna Raas-Lila takes place. Dev Rishi Narad appreciates the form of Shri Krishna’s Raas-Lila.

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