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Siblings – Bond of Heart to Heart – Episode 7

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Recap: Mahir & Neha go to Kolkata and meet Bela!!!! Neha & Nive see each other!!!! Komo comes to their farm and sees AnuPre together!!!! Ishwari proposes the marriage of Devakshi!!!! Dev angrily goes with Sona to the hospital!!!

Episode 7

Scene 1

Neha and Nive see each other.

Nivi: Neha…

Neha ignores her and goes.

She gets sad. She video calls Mohini.

Mohini: What happened Nivi? Is everything fine?

Nivi: Ma, see at that right corner. She is our Neha.

Mohini sees Neha sitting alone at the table and gets emotional. Neha doesn’t see Nivi. She is engrossed in her phone.

Mohini: She went from here as a child and now returned as an adult. I want to see her and hug her.

Nivi: Ma, she ignored me and left.

Mohini smiles.

Nivi: Why are you smiling?

Mohini: She is Ishwari didi’s daughter. She will be like her only. Like mom, like daughter.

Nivi smiles.

Mohini: Nivi, take care of her. She is your sister.

Nivi: Ma, don’t worry, I’ll take care.

Mohini once again sees Neha and kisses her on the mobile.

Nivi smiles and disconnects the call.

After some time, Neha sees Nivi talking with a boy and he is pleading with her. She listens to them.

Nivi: Anupam, please do understand. I’m not in a situation to love someone.

Anupam: Nivi…

Nivi: Anupam, please…

She leaves. Neha wonders why she rejects the son of a top businessman.

Anupam is a rich son of a businessman and her mother is a fashion designer. Nivi is their family friend and his mom is a teacher figure for her.

Scene 2

Dev and Sona come to the hospital.

Sona: Dev, why did you bring me here?

Dev: Come in.

Sona goes with him. He goes to that trustee and starts to beat him.

Sona gets shocked.

Sona: Mr.Dixit, stop it.

He turns….

Dev: I’m Dev for you.

He again beats that man. Everyone tries to stop Dev.

Dev: What did you think of girls? She won’t apologize to anyone. This hospital doesn’t deserve her. I will be there for her every time.

Sona is surprised to hear that.

Saying this, he holds Sona and walks to the car.

Dev: Sona, are you coming to work today? Or shall I drop you at your home?

Sona is in a stunned state seeing him.

Dev shakes her.

Dev: Hello madam?

Sona: What did you told before?

Dev: Shall I drop you home?

Sona: Not this, what did you told me inside?

Dev remembers the words that he will always be there for Sona and gets nervous.

Sona also realizes that even she is feeling that nervousness. Dev gets out of the car.

Dev (to himself): Dev, what have you done? She might have thought bad about you. You shouldn’t have done this.

While Sona inside the car,

Sona (to herself): Sona, why did you ask him. Now see, he is feeling uncomfortable.

Dev gets in the car and they both are in complete silence. They look at each other. Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke plays!!!!

Sona: Dev, you drop me at my home itself. I will Whatsapp you the menu.

Dev: Ok…

They both are in an awkward position and maintain silence. Sona’s house comes. She gets down and looks at Dev. He smiles and leaves his house. Both Sona and Dev are in thoughts of each other!!!!

Scene 3

Ishwari, Asha, and Bijoy come to panditji.

They show Dev and Sonakshi’s kundali to him. He sees that both.

Pandit: This is one of the best kundali matches I have ever seen. They both will be happy together. Fights will come but they won’t get separated. They will live happily with their kids.

Asha and Bijoy smiles. Ishwari thanks god.

Pandit: But…

Ishwari: What but?

Pandit: Your two bahus will be at loggerheads.

Asha: But she has only one son. Will he have two wives?

Pandit: No, no. But the kundali says this. Sonakshi will have trouble from her in-law house by another bahu.

Ishwari: Asha Ji, don’t worry. My husband’s brother has a son. Anyhow, we are not going to reconcile with them.

Asha gets relieved.

The three then leave that place.

Bijoy: You both go. I have some work. I’ll come later.

Bijoy goes back to Pandit.

Bijoy: Pandit Ji, Sona has a twin sister and they are separated at birth. I don’t have her kundali. Could you please check on her somehow?

Pandit: Yes, you have her date of birth?

Bijoy tells him. Pandit Ji checks….

Pandit: She is happy where she is. And marriage talks are going for her too. Soon, your daughter will be united with your family.

Bijoy is shocked and surprised.

He leaves from there.

Scene 4

Komolika shouts as Anurag. Both Anurag and Prerna see her…

Anurag: Komo, when did you come here? What’s a surprise?

Komo then smiles hugging him. She hugs Prerna too.

Komo: I’m angry with you Anurag. You didn’t even tell me about her. I got to know everything from aunty.

Anurag: It all happened yesterday only. By the way, she is Prerna, my fiancée. And Prerna, she is Komolika, my best friend.

Prerna smiles and says hello.

Prerna: Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

Komo: Actually, sorry guys for tracking you down here. I was excited to meet you as soon as I landed. So only.

Prerna: It’s ok. You don’t need to be sorry.

Komo: But still, I’m angry with this boy.

Anurag: Komo…

She smiles…

Komo: Prerna, take care of my friend.

Prerna looks at Anurag and says sure.

Komo: Ok, I’ll leave now. You guys carry on. Let’s meet some other day.

She greets and leaves.

Prerna: She didn’t even eat the cake.

Anurag: So, what we’ll eat.

He makes her sit and feeds her cake. She lies in his arms and they have a romantic kiss.

Scene 5

Bela greets Neha and Mahir and leaves. The next morning, Neha prepares to leave for the fashion show.

Mahir: Neha, you go to the show. I’ll come for your felicitation ceremony.

Neha: Now where are you going?

Mahir: To Bela’s house and I’m planning to meet her friend and her family.

Neha: Ok Bhai, take care.

She leaves.

Mahir goes to Bela’s house. She welcomes him and introduces him to Rajesh and Veena.

Mahir: Bela where is your friend?

Bela: She went out to get you a gift.

Mahir: What’s the need for a gift?

Veena: She is like that only. Leave it.

Veena and Rajesh talk to Mahir. Bela feels happy.

Veena: Bela come with me, let’s bring something for Mahir to eat.

They both go in. Just then Mahir sees Prerna’s pic hanging on the wall and gets shocked.

Rajesh notices this.

Mahir: She???

Rajesh: She is my daughter Prerna.

Mahir: What?

He takes his phone and checks Sona’s pic. He finds it similar. Rajesh sees that and gets shocked.

Rajesh: Is she Sonakshi?

Mahir is shocked.

Mahir: Yes, how do you know?

Rajesh brings Mahir to a room and asks him to be silent.

Mahir: What is happening here?

Rajesh tells him about the childhood and Mahir is shocked.

Rajesh: Please don’t tell this anyone including Bela.

He convinces Mahir.

Just then Bela comes there and brings them both down. Mahir is still in shock. Just then Prerna enters and Mahir is stunned to see her!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Precap: Neha meets Ranveer!!! Anupam and Nivi dance!!! Prerna, Bela, Mahir, Anurag gets bonded well!!! Sona and Dev see each other and feel nervous, Ishwari sees this!!!








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