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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 35

Hello everyone i am back guys i really don’t like to write marriage rituals so i am writing this with my dead brain cells pardon me for if it goes boring

Few of ffs completed their silver Jublie toh mujhe yad aya bhai meri bhi to hui thi. 😂Dekh lo yr 35 pr kuch hota ho to😂

I was supposed to write that vangre are adamant not to listen her till marriage but then i find this unrealistic like anyone will bother once na to listen someone so i changed the track

So episode starts

Next day

Scene 1

Mehendi ceremony started

Riddhima along with siya and anaisha are sitting for applying mehendi

Vansh and riddhima are constantly seeing each other and they share an eyes lock ( ha ha bta rhi hu kya hua tha bathroom ruko zara)

Flashback starts

Riddhima’s bathroom

Riddhima hugs vansh and he kissed her forehead

Riddhima – Your love is priceless for me vansh but i will do this marriage because my daughter needs me and i can’t abandone her

Vansh – But sweetheart.

Riddhima (firm) – its shivanya vansh

Vansh – Marry me riddhima i promise we will take care of her like our own daughter

Riddhima -we don’t have to treat her like our own daughter because she is my daughter

Vansh – But please listen to me once

Riddhima – I will always love you but losing my self respect in love is not possible please go

Vansh – listen to me please

Riddhima – Did you listen to me no vansh not once

Vansh – I am sorry sweetheart

Riddhima goes near vansh and kissed his forehead

Riddhima – Please go..

And he leaves (agyakaari vanshu)

Fb ends

The girl asks riddhima

Girl – What is your husband’s name i have to write in mehendi

Riddhima – Just write initial letter

(Looking at vansh)
Its V .. V for vyom (din dahade jhut bol rhi hai ldki mtlb dekho to😏)

And vansh leaves from their having tears

The girl ask siya to tell name for her mehendi

Siya – I will write myself you go (pehle khud to confirm krlu behen 😂)

And she write V in her hand ( bhai isko koi dimg dedo yr 😂)

Anaisha – Aunty show what you have written (ye bccho ko itni Panchayat kyu hoti h yr 😣)

And she started running behind siya to see  but siya collides with vyom

And he sees her hand

Vyom (holding her hand) – what is this i mean how..

Siya – It was done by mistake and she runs ( pura episode bhagne me hi nikal degi ye😂)

Siya’s POV

Why this is happening with me only( kyuki tumhare pss akkl kam hai😂) is it love (nhi nimonia hua h teko😒) why i have put his initial letter in my hand( paise milre hai teko isliye😂)

POv ends

Anaisha – Mumma your mehendi is so pretty

Right vansh uncle

Vansh – Yes beta your mumma’s mehendi is so pretty just like her (khule aam flirt 😂)

Anaisha – But mumma why did you write V it can stands for vansh uncle too right (bacche man ke sacche😂)

Riansh share an eyelock

Vansh – Lets have some music

(Siya’s dance will be in next chap and u have to wait for channa mereya guys)

And vansh started singing song

(This song perfectly shows vanshu’s condition 😂)

Ishq jaha hmne likha.. kagaz wo tune jala diya

Phir Se Shamein Bheeg Gayi, Phir Yad Ne Teri Rula Diya,

Chal Diya Chod Ke Ae,

Chal Diya Chod Ke Aise Dil Tod Ke,

Dheere-Dheere Mujhe Tanhayi Mar Dalegi,

Mujhko Yeh, Mujhko Yeh Teri Bewafai Mar Dalegi,

Haye Mujhko Yeh Teri Bewafai Mar Dalegi,


The paper on which I wrote about love, you burned it down
My evenings were soaked again, and your memories made me cry again.
You left me and moved away
You left me behind, and you moved away, breaking my heart like nothing.
Slowly, desolation is going to kill me.
Your unfaithfulness will kill me

Everyone claps

Riddhima – won’t you find your initial letter in my mehendi vyom😉

Vyom (looking at siya) – I already found ( phir bhi to akkal nhi ayi na😏)

Vansh goes near vyom and keeps his hand on his shoulder

Vansh – Bro i wanna give you personal advice

This girls are so smart so check in both the hands😉

(Looking at riddhu ) – Am i right or am i right riddhima😉 ups!! Shivanya soon to be kapoor

(Guys who remember riansh’s mehendi😂😂 when vanshu was  finding his name in one hand only)

Vyom – Well shivanya i must say you are looking damn gorgeous today

Vansh (laughing) – Bro i feel pity on you she always look like this but you noticed today

Do you remember riddhima you were looking much more pretty in our mehendi😉

Riddhima is now just shooting daggers to vansh from her eyes and vansh chuckles

Scene 2

Siya is crying in corner and vyom comes

Vyom (Holding her arm )- why are you crying siya ( toh kya bhangda kru 😒)

Siya (weeping her tears) – nothing just aakho me kuch chla gya

Vyom comes close to her and wipes her tears

Vyom – Didn’t anyone tell you that khubsurat aankho me aansu ache nhi lgte😉

Siya – your to be wife is looking so gorgeous today vyom go to her ( bechara taane kha kha ke hi mar jayega 😂😂)

And she turn to leave but vyom holds her hand and drag her to the room and pinned her to the wall

Vyom ( holding her tight) – Why are you doing this what is bothering you this much tell me

Siya (bursting in tears) – i dont know my heart is aching

Vyom hugs her

And she started crying more

Vyom (weeping her tears) – please don’t cry

You know siya i won’t lie but i find solace in your arms i didn’t find this even in shivanya’s

I am doing this marrige just for her sake’s i wish i could change this

Siya (cupping his face) – Then stop this na

Vyom pulls her more closer and tucks her hair behind her ears

And started kissing her

He kissed her forehead then eyes and she clutch his shervani tightly

He pinches her bare waist and she started reciprocating kisses

She kiss him on his cheeks and forehead

And they both started coming close to each other’s lips

But something strikes siya and she pushed him

Siya – No no!! We can’t cheat riddhu di (bhai angre isko cctv footage dikhao wo khud vanshu ke sth lgi hui thi bathroom me😂😂)

Vyom – I am sorry siya i was just lost i am really sorry ( maaf kijiye gusse me thoda idhr udhr nikl jata hu😂)

And siya leaves from there weeping her tears

Scene 3

Riddhima goes to vansh

Riddhima – Won’t you give me a gift

Vansh – Just tell me what you want

Riddhima – i wanna meet ishani once

Vansh just left numb

Riddhima – Its ok if you don’t want i understand and she turn to leave

But vansh holds her hand

Vansh – lets go sweetheart ishani is waiting for you since 5 years

Riddhima has tears in her eyes and in happiness she hugs vansh

Scene 4

Ishani’s room

Riddhima comes near ishani crying

She holds her hand

Riddhima (crying) – i am sorry ishani

Because of me you lost your baby

I couldn’t save you and baby ishani i am sry

You know i didn’t have my memory in  5 years but i used to get your flashes in dreams

That day if i could save you by giving my life i could have done but you were there na i was so helpless so were you

But don’t worry you will be fine soon i know my ishu she is so strong

My bhai is best he will take care of you

And she leaves from there crying

But this conversation was heard by vansh

#spy mode on

His POv
Now i am sure ki daal me kuch kala hai ya phir puri daal hi kaali hai ( i don’t know why i used this here😂😂)

I won’t let this marrige happen by hook or by crook you are mine sweetheart only mine

Guys i forgot to add angre here (my poor angu 😂) and dadi and anupriya vacation pe gaye hai esa maan lo meko zada bhid bhadakka pasand nhi hai😂

Done for today i know its short but guys I have to complete 100 epi if i put everything in 1 epi then i will unable to write even 50 epi

Sorry guys please do support this

I find this epi akhnd boring tum logo ka pta nhi😂

Warning – ishani will be fine soon in next 3 episodes

Target is 30 aage apki shraddha bhakti 😂

Luv uh all

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