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Riansh Os- Murderer of my love by attractiveuser

Hey all! As you all wanted me to post more os! So here we go!

A big room is seen. It is full of darkness. A man enters inside wearing a white tuxedo suit. He then swiches on the lights. His face is revealed:



The whole room is covered with photos of a gorgeous girl(ab tak to jaan hi gaye hoge). Nhi jaane to bata deti hu:

Vansh sits on his knees and starts crying.

Vansh: why Riddhima why?? You promised me you will never leave me!! Then why!! I know it was all my mistake but you were strong you could come back to me!! Slap me ! Hate me! Scold me!! But what you did you left me forever and went to your favourite person!! I thought I am more important to you than him! But I was wrong!!

He starts remembering their moments.

Vansh: I still remember the day when you were drunk!! How cute you were behaving (laughing). You behaved like a cute kid!! My innocent riddhu!

He again starts crying!

Vansh(crying): but you left me!! I still remember that day when you left me and went to your favourite person…

Flashback starts:

It starts from when Vihaan revealed his identity to be vansh!(on Christmas party) On that day Anupriya didn’t shoot Riddhima. Police took Anupriya and Kabir was there in VR Mansion. Ahana is not there.As soon as the news of siya showing moments came:

Riddhima: vansh you lied to me(crying)

Vansh: I lied wow!! You are a betrayer.

He says all the things which Kabir told him(manipulated him)

Riddhima: vansh you are wrong!! I have not done all this! I have not done anything to siya!

Vansh: stop acting innocent! I know your intentions! I heard the recording on Siya’s phone too! And now as she is showing improvement you will definitely plan to kill her again! But this time I will kill you!

Riddhima (shock): vansh!!! Are you serious!! You are doing wrong vansh!! Vansh no!!

Vansh points the gun at Riddhima.

Riddhima: vansh please its a lie!! Please wait till siya wakes up(crying)

Vansh shoots her. And there was a shout in the hall! It was siya!

Siya(shouting): bhabhiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

All the family members rush to her.

Vansh: siya…

Siya pushes him.

Siya: why did you did this!! Why why!! You killed my bhabhi!

Ishani: oh come on siya! She is not your bhabhi! She tried to kill you! She also killed ragini.

Siya: no it is not the truth!

She blurts out the truth.Everyone was shocked! Vansh starts crying. He rushes to Riddhima.

Vansh: Riddhima Riddhima wake up no no!! Riddhima (crying)

He pats on her cheeks. Kabir comes close to riddhima and checks her heartbeats.

Kabir: she is dead!

Vansh collapses.

Vansh: what I did!! I killed my own love! How can I do this! I have no right to live!!

He points gun at his forehead. Siya comes and snatches the gun from his hand and throws it away.

Siya (shouting): what do you think of yourself!! You didn’t let bhabhi live peacefully!! Let her die peacefully please! Don’t go to her! Living without her would be your biggest punishment!

Vansh starts crying. All the family members leave! Vansh did last rites of Riddhima.

Flashback ends.

Vansh: that day you left me forever and went to your favourite person your “god”.

He sees her photos.

Tere Jaane Ka Gam

Aur Na Aane Ka Gam

Phir Zamaane Ka Gam

Kya Karein?

Raah Dekhe Nazar

Raat Bhar Jaag Kar

Par Teri To Khabar Na Mile

Bahot Aayi Gayi Yaadein

Magar Iss Baar Tum hi Aana

Iraade Fir Se Jaane Ke Nahi Laana

Tum Hi Aana

He starts crying. He lies on the floor. His eyes were red.

Vansh: I have died every moment without you Riddhima!! Please come back to me!(crying)



!!!THE END!!!


~You must talk or listen to a person until it’s too late.~


Hope you all like it! Comment your reviews!



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