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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 8

At Night 11:30 pm

When vansh comes back home he sees the worried faces of everyone in the family

Vansh : what happened why you all are soo much worried

Ishani : bhai actually

Siya : bhai , riddu didn’t came back home till now , soo we are worried

Vansh : I think she is busy in doing an important surgery don’t worry

Rishi : vansh , we called the hospital , they said they didn’t find her from morning

Angre : yes vansh we don’t know what to do

Vansh : don’t worry I will find her

He goes to his and hers room And takes a shower , while taking shower he was thinking where Riddima could be

Vansh : riddima where are you , what happened to you

When he comes after taking a shower z he gets a call from an unknown number , he answers it

Vansh : hello , VR speaking

Unknown : sir , today when I am talking on phone outside the hospital , I saw DR. Riddima taken by someone unconscious

Vansh : what ?? do you see his face

Unknown : no sir , he is wearing a hoodie

Vansh : thank you for the information

He declined the call and said it to everyone

Dadi : vansh , pl find riddima

Vansh : don’t worry dadi , nothing will happen to her when I am there

The Next day morning

He goes to hospital to get the CCTV footage so he can get any clue

Vansh : excuse me sir my wife is missing from yesterday morning and a man said that she is kidnapped at the hospital , can you show me the footage pl

Owner of the hospital : sure Mr VR

He shows him the CCTV footage and vansh notices the car number , thanks the owner , and leaves

Vansh : angre I will give a car number , say me where it is located ok

Angre : ok vansh

At an unknown place :

Aarav : hey riddima

Riddima : pl leave me aarav

Aarav : come on riddima , how can I leave you

Riddima : see , you are doing a big mistake by kidnapping me , you will pay for it as my vansh will come

Aarav : don’t have too much over confidence , and if he comes also , I will kill him too

Riddima : oh really , you will kill the great VR , are you gonna mad do you think you can

Aarav : yes I can

Riddima : then try but you can’t as My husband is The great Vansh Raisinghania

Aarav : look don’t praise him before me , you don’t know him he killed my sister

Riddima : come on aarav , he didn’t killed your sister , he just refused her proposal , who knows if he refuses , she will suicide

Aarav : but bcoz of him she died right

Riddima : then he refused so many girls proposals right ?? Then they done anything , they moved on right , but your sister thought , there is no life after love failure so she suicide , then what can vansh do

Aarav leaves from there thinking about riddima’s words

Precap : I am sorry

Hope you liked it and ya here are the questions :
1. Who said sorry
2. Who it could be

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