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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 7

And the episode starts with ,

Unknown : You will get destroyed vansh raisinghania and as being your wife even your lovely riddima gets destroyed

He smirks in an evil way and laughs

VR enterprises

Vansh : is riddima fine I will call her once

Riddima : yes Mrs Vansh Raisinghania speaking

As he calls her from the landline of vr enterprises she doesn’t know it is vansh

Vansh :(thinking ) : now it will be fun to play with you (to R ) : hai this is ………One second what is your name

Riddima : first you say your name ,
Mr So called Whosever

Vansh smiles by her attitude

Vansh : yeah I am …..No need of your name

Riddima smirks

Riddima : I think you are a flirt and you are playing with me but remember one think
Mr. S o called Whoesver
Now ,
Game over
Have a good day
Take care
Good Bye

Vansh : no no I am not a flirt ok

Riddima : then a f**k or bastard

Vansh : stop those words against Me

Riddima : then you are my husband or what that I can call you darling and sweetheart

Vansh (murmurs) of course

Riddima : did you say something

Vansh : no nothing

Riddima : so tell me what can I call you

Vansh : with the same name you called before

Riddima : which f**k and bastard

Vansh : no and just stop talking about those words please

Riddima : ok Mr . So called Whosever

Vansh : good

Riddima : so tell me why you called me are you a flirt

Vansh : hlo even I too have a wife so pl

Riddima : but these days everyone are keeping affairs with various people am I right or am I not right ??and ya I am not talking about you

Vansh : anyhow bye

Riddima : you are mistaken it us good bye

At that moment riddima got kidnapped

Riddima : who are you why you kidnapped me

Unknown : I kidnapped you to take revenge

Riddima : but why

Unknown : bcoz my sister loved your husband but he refused so she decided to suicide

Riddima : is she died

Unknown : yes

Riddima : and what is her name

Unknown : ragini

Riddima : and yours

Unknown : aarav

Riddima : but……What is the mistake of vansh here , I can understand a brother’s pain but If you kill him then you will get back ragini

Aarav : no , but my ragini feels peace

Riddima : do you think so , but I don’t bcoz she loved him so she can’t see him in pain

Aarav : no I will not leave him

Saying so he left

Precap : now you can save me

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