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Pratigya 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Pratigya 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Krishna is sitting in his room. Pratigya comes to him and says so much anger? Why did you leave? Krishna says I don’t know what she thinks of herself, she is so irritating, I was talking to my family then why she had to interrupt, I am not a fool, she is acting so chummy with me, tell her to behave herself. Pratigya says she is an innocent girl, she is an orphan so she liked spending time with a family, she just wanted to make you happy. Krishna says you are taking her side? She is trying to impress me and you are not even jealous? she is flirting with me, if I was in your place then I would have killed her. Pratigya sadly looks on.

Meera says I have made Krishna angry, he is my God. She comes to their room. Pratigya makes Krishna sit down and gives him medicine, they don’t see Meera standing outside. Krishna asks Pratigya why are you not jealous? Pratigya says Meera is a nice girl and she wants to take care of you because you are so nice. Krishna says I don’t want love of others, I don’t want a fan like her. Pratigya says Meera respects our love, she takes inspiration from us so don’t be angry, she hugs him. Meera hides and thinks that they are so nice, I will talk to Krishna later. She starts leaving but Shakti stops him and says where are you going? Meera says some people are so nice, Pratigya and Krishna’s love is so pure, Pratigya doesn’t have any problem with me when she knows that I like Krishna, she has a big heart. Shakti says Krishna is not different from us, you can choose me. Meera says I pray to Krishna, he is my God. She leaves from there.

Pratigya is playing with her kids in her room. Meera brings milk for them. She looks at Pratigya’s saree and says it’s so pretty. Pratigya says you liked it? Meera says yes but I don’t have money to buy it. Pratigya says take it, I will like it if you take it. Meera thanks her. Pratigya asks her to try, Meera takes it and goes to change. The kids drag Pratigya out of the room to play.

Komal and Adarsh are gardening. Komal says so you have idea of gardening too? Adarsh says yes, I used to go to fields with my uncle. Komal sees mud on his face and wipes it with her dupatta. Sumitra comes there and sees it.

Meera comes out of Pratigya’s washroom wearing her saree but the lights go off. Krishna comes in the room and says babu? I found you here today so I am not l

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