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Love or hate ?? #Riansh OS…by Aayu

Hello everyone..

Surprise!!!🎊🎉🎊🎉 I know I said I will not be uploading but I was just fed-up while doing the practicals so thought to take a break….

The last part of my OS..”Don’t leave me!!”..crosses 220 comments(breaking news..😂)..Thanks to all..Especially #Gaayu+Parita..and ORIGINAL COMMENTS WERE 30+ …Thank you…

This OS is requested by one of my reader Pranjal…I hope I could meet your expectations..

and one more thing my FF is on hold as my practicals 🙄 and also thoughts are not coming again, will post soon..as soon as thoughts will come…

This OS is in a new way…

Let’s Start..


You were wondering who I am..

Me sister of Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania..Siya Rai Singhania..

I am a writer by profession..so writing this dairy for my bhaiya and Bhabhi..

You know I can die anytime it can be 1 minute,1hour,1 day,1 week,1 month, or 1 year…

But my last wish is to complete this diary..

Lots of talks about myself..now let’s focus on the main people..whom this diary is about…

My bhai. Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania…was a ruthless, arrogant, heartless, short-tempered person, mind it he WAS..

An Angel comes into his life and his life takes a 360-degree angle change..

you would have listened or seen it in movies but it really happened with my brother…

He was changed at the very next moment he saw her..When I remembered that moment a small smile crept in my face..

she was the only one and the first one who dared to answer back him…

She came here with a motive..but you know god has it owns plans for us..actually she came as a spy but for me, she is god, an angel, which returns my life back to me..she did the thing which most of the doctors can’t she make me walk on my legs which were impossible.. She came as a spy..but she did a work of thief..she stole our hearts..

Don’t know about others but for me, she is really an Angel..I know she did wrong..but she herself didn’t know that she was doing wrong she was manipulated..

she is an orphan..no family..no love..but when she loved someone he betrayed her feelings..he asks her to prove her love. he was non-other than Kabir son of anupriya..

This mother-son duo has created a lot of problems in our lives..(I will not go into the detail you know what this duo has done so..)

So I will start from starting..there first meet was not a normal one..they met and end up with an argument..

Then Vansh bhai bring her in VR mansion for my treatment..but arguments were the main thing they end up with…

One day she came up with resigning letter…but Vansh bhai was Vansh bhai..he asked her, sorry not asked her but order her to marry him..

And thus marriage was done..they have lots of misunderstanding between them but soon they ended with that..many incidents took place in their lives..but they always win…they are really meant for each other..

I am proud of telling this That bhabhi took two bullets for his love for Vansh bhai..once when she hate bhai and once when she love him…

There is a lot of differences between these two words..but they can easily get exchanged..hate into love and love into hate.. isn’t it??

Time was passing..life was also going.. smoothly?

No life is not bed of roses..there were ofcourse thorns but we all were attending them as well…

But misunderstanding was the thing which turned aur lives upside down..

Bhai died not really but plan his fake death..bhabhi was shattered..broken..she loves him a lot but when you will know the one whom you love most will die and the reason is yourself..bhai end his life while uttering his last words that were..”tere ishq mein marjawa”… bhabhi was more broken because of that..

And again that mother son duo came to destroy our lives..they blackmailed bhabhi to marry Kabir..and bhabhi have to do that to safe us..she was really a great human being..she sacrifice her self respect, her desires to safe us..our family who..are really a fool..mean..

Yes bhai came back to take revenge from bhabhi…he confront her..and broke her..he took her away from city and left her there all alone..(now from here I will write in detail..)

When she came back she saw that was not expected..

Bhai was introducing his wife in front of media but she was not bhabhi..but Ahana a puppet? No a gold digger…where was I..I was in coma or else I will not let this happen..bahi misunderstood bhabhi he thought that condition of me is due to Bhabhi..but the reality was this was due to Anupriya and Kabir..bhai was not fully wrong..he accept what he was shown..he was shown fake proofs that was telling that Bhabhi was guilty…but bhai did wrong not listening his wife once..

Indeed he was punished…

Let me narrate that…well I have not seen with my own eyes but listened it..

Bhabhi enter VR mansion and was insulted by Ahana and ishani and ofcourse Vansh bhai by not recognised by her husband… When Ishani  throw her out she fainted…due to weakness, and shock that she just got.. and this was  not the only reason..angre pleaded Vansh bhai to call the doctor..and Vansh bhai allowed after all he loved her once..

Soon doctor arrived..but the news he told was of celebrating but it was not..she was insulted badly by everyone..her character was pointed…

She was pregnant..and bhai somewhere was melted but his EGO is not an ice cream that will melt so easily..It was like rock..

And his EGO over power his love..he also insulted bhabhi..and bhabhi didn’t utter a word she was hurt..she didn’t knew that she should be happy or sad..

She was just crying..

Next morning..It seems that it will be a normal one..

But the morning started with insulting bhabhi again…

When she came out of her room..she saw that Ahana and Ishani was burning all her meomories..her photos with bhai, her lehenga..and more over bhai was standing there like a statue..he was not affected..at all

Bhabhi ran and tried to save her stuffs but all in vain it was burnt..she somehow managed to take out a photo..but she doing so she  burnt her hand..and somewhere bhai was feeling her pain but didn’t say a word..

Flashback starts..

She came towards Vansh

Riddhima:- Wow mr.Rai Singhania..she threw that photo in Vansh’s face and said…

Riddhima:- like this photo our relation is also burnt..and now I also don’t want to mend it..but remember one thing.. don’t say anyone that you love someone and you did this.. people will lost there believe in love..

Forgot that Riddhima was someone in your life..

For you I died today…

And both of them to their respective paths..

Flashback ends..

That day..Bhabhi left..bhai was broken..to her harsh words but EGO..

Flashback starts..

Vansh in his room was throwing all the things…

Vansh’s pov..

Dard Ki Mehfil Saja Ke Phir Se Tanha Ho Gaya

Rat Din Bas Ro Raha Hai Nam Leke Tera

(Even after the gathering of pains, it feels alone again.

It (my heart) has been crying all day and all night, chanting your name.)

Jisko Khuda Tha Banaya, Sar Jiske Age Jhukaya

Uss Ne Hi Toda Mera Dil, Aur Deke Mujhko Gaya

(One whom I saw as my God, whom I bowed down to,

has broken my heart. And just gave me;)

Yeh Judaiyan Ve, Yeh Judaiyan Ve

Yeh Judaiyan Ve, Yeh Judaiyan Ve, Judaiyan Ve

(These distances. These distances!)

Kar Loon Main Kaise Yakeen

Tu Mere Pas Hai Hi Nahi

Abhi Toh Kal Hi Aya Tha Tu Khwabon Mein

(How could I make myself believe you’re no longer close to me?

You just came into my dreams yesterday.)

Yad Ati Hai Jab Teri, Sans Ruk Jati Hai Meri

Roz Marti Hoon Aise Main, Khud Mein Hi

(I stop breathing when I miss you.

Like this, I die within every day.)

Bas Itni Si Hi Dua Hai, Mujhe Ishq Mein Jo Mila Hai

Dushman Ko Bhi Na Mile Aisi Saza

Yeh Judaiyan Ve, Yeh Judaiyan Ve

(My only prayer is that may no get what I’ve got in love.

These distances, in particular. These distances.)

Scene shifts to Riddhima.. entering her hostle room..she went in

And sat at the corner..


Saans Leti Hoon Toh Tera Hi Ehsas Hota Hai, Ehsas Hota Hai,

(I feel you as I breathe in. I feel it!)

Door Hoke Bhi Har Lamha, Tu Mere Paas Hota Hai, Mere Pas Hota Hai,

(You ‘re even away, but always, you ‘re with me. You are with me.)

Tere Bin Ik Din Na Guzre, Kaise Beetenge Na Jane Ye Saal,

(It’s hard to spend a day without you, how can I spend years without you?)

Hai Dil Ka Yeh Hal,

(It is the situation of my heart.)

Tere Nal Jeena Mainu Tere Nal, Marna Mainu Tere Nal Tere Nal,

(Only with you! I want to live with you. I want to be with you till the end of my life.)

Tere Nal Jeena Mainu Tere Nal, Marna Mainu Tere Nal Tere Nal,

(With you! I just want to live with you. I want to be with you until my very last breath.)

Ayi Hoon Jiske Liye Main, Duniya Sari Chhod’ke Ik Pyar Hi Toh Hai,

(It’s love for what I have forsaken the world.)

Baadlon Ko Aasmaan Se Jodti Jo Dor Hai, Ik Pyar Hi Toh Hai,

(The energy that binds the clouds to the skies is love.)

Dhoop Chhaon Barishon Mein,

Rab Se Ki Jo Sifarishon Mein Khayal, Hai Tera Hi Khayal,

(In all the climates, in my prayers to God, you are the ones I’ve been thinking about.)

Tere Nal Jeena Mainu Tere Nal, Marna Mainu Tere Nal Tere Nal,

(With you! I want to live with you until the very last of my breath.)

Tere Nal Jeena Mainu Tere Nal, Marna Mainu Tere Nal Tere Nal,

(It’s with you! I want to live with you until the very last moment of my life.)..

Flashback ends…

Bahi and bhabhi were broken at the core..their heart and souls wanted to be together but their mind..

It was one week after bhabhi left..

And I started gaining concious..bhai rushed to me.. but I was only chanting bhabhi’s name..

When Ishani told me everything..and I gave a tight slap to bhai..it was first time and last time..

I respected him a lot but he insulted my respect..

How can he do this..not even once his heart asked him to listen bhabhi’s side story…

I told him every thing..and everyone was guilty..Ishani who started her day and end her day with insulting Bhabhi was crying..dadi who always love bhabhi has done a sin after not recognising her…and bhai who love her but in front of his EGO he …he was broken..he want forgiveness…

He started finding Bhabhi..

But all in vain..

She vanished..

After 1 week

Somehow bhai get the hospital reports..

And from there he get bhabhi’s address

He reached there..and pleaded Bhabhi but bhabi refused…

Flashback starts

Riddhima’s and Vansh’s pov

Bin Bole Yun Tera Jana Shayad Na Seh Paye Hum

(I don’t think I can take it if you leave without informing me.)

Itni Sare Sansein Hai Par Ik Bhi Na Le Paye Hum

(There’s a long life ahead of me, but I wouldn’t be able to live for a moment if you went away.)

Aa Bhi Ja Na Aye Toh Sach Much Hi Na Mar Jaye Hum

(Please come here. If you weren’t here, I might actually lose my life.)

Pehle Pyar Ka Pehla Gham, Pehli Bar Hai Ankhe Nam

(This is the very first sorrow of the very first love. And my eyes are wet for the first time.)

Pehle Pyar Ka Pehla Gham, Pehli Bar Hai Ankhe Nam

(It’s the very first grief from the very first love, and because of it, my eyes are wet for the first time.)

Pehla Hai Tanhai Ka Ye Mausam

(For me, this is a whole new experience of the season of solitude.)

Arey Aa Bhi Jao Varna Ro Denge Hum

(Please come here or I’m going to cry.)

Mera Tan Man Sara Tere Rang Mein Rangaya

(I have dedicated my body and my soul to you.)

Meri Rooh Mein Tera Ishq Base

(Your love lives in my soul.)

Maine Sudh Budh Khoyi Sara Chain Gavaya

(I’ve lost my consciousness and my comfort.)

Tu Jo Sath Nahi Dhadkan Na Chale

(If you’re not with me, it’s hard for my heart to beat.)

Aa Bhi Jao Varna Ro Denge Hum

(Come here please, or I’m going to cry.)

Pehle Pyar Ka Pehla Gham

(This is the very first sadness of the first love of all time.)

Saj Dhaj Ke Teri Main Rah Takoon

(I’m waiting for you, all groomed-up for you.)

Saj Dhaj Ke Teri Main Rah Takoon, Tarikh Bata Kab Aoge

(All groomed-up for you, I’m waiting for you, so tell me the date when you’re coming.)

Bat Dinon Ki Ya Barson Ki Kitna Waqt Lagaoge

(Is it just days or longer than that? How long will you take to come here?)

Aa Bhi Jao Varna Ro Denge Hum

(Come here, please, or I’m going to cry.)

Mana Ke Doori Si Hai, Thodi Majboori Bhi Hai

(I agree that there are distances between us, but it is also true that I am bound to helplessness.)

Lekin Ek Din Badlenge Ye Mausam

(But the time is going to change one day.)

Han Tumko Zyada Rone Na Denge Hum

(And I’m not going to let you shed tears for a long time.)

Meri Neend Mein Khwab Mein Sab Mein Tu

(You’re in my sleep, in my dreams.)

Main Teri Hoon Aur Mujh Mein Tu

(I am all yours, and you are within me.)

Hai Yaqeen Khud Se Jyada Tujhpe

(I trust you more than I trust myself,)

Bas Itni Araz Se Tod Na Tu

(and this is my only request, please, never break me now.)

Aa Bhi Jao Varna Ro Denge Hum

(Come here, please, or I’m going to cry.)

Pehle Pyar Ka Pehla Gham

(This is the very first sorrow of the first love.)

Flashback ends..

But somehow I managed to ask bhabhi to forgive him..and she indeed was an Angel she forgive all family members but not bhai..

They loved each other immensely..

Bhai take care of her and baby secretly without giving her a clue that he is doing..

But one day…

I somehow managed them to lock in a room..

They confront each other..and my plan succeeded bhabhi forgive bhai..

This was their love story…full of ups and downs..

And their sign of love.. Rianshi …our Rihu is now 4 years old..

They both pampered her a lot..

She loves me a lot..

I am thinking if I will die how she will bear that..

I am a heart patient doctor says I can die anytime..

But I fulfilled my last wish..I completed this book…

Now I can die peacefully…



I don’t know what I wrote…I just write this in Half hours…hope you will like..

Do comments….

Do tell me if there are some mistakes..I didn’t even read it what I write…

If this is boring bear it..I will soon come back with my FF episodes…

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