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#Love from the heaven.. #42 All well that ends well

Hello guys, Hope you’re doing great..Without wasting much time, let’s begin : 

Doctor : Sorry we couldn’t save her completely..

Vansh : Completely?

Doctor : Yes, actually she has got a disease called Childomonia (Invented my me) 

Vansh : Childomonia? What is it??

Doctor : For a week, she’ll act like a child, her actions will be as of child..

Uma : Is it a memory loss?

Doctor : No, but you should once ask her..

Uma nods. They all go inside. Riddhima is conscious.

Ajay : Riddhima?

Riddhima : Dad, hi!!!

Uma :  She remembers a bit, wait..

She takes out Riddhima’s phone and takes Vansh’s picture out. 

Uma : Who is he?

Riddhima : Naa voh Ranbir hai, Naa voh Shahid hai, Naa John hai, mere phone mein teri (points towards Vansh) photo, mummy pooche beta kon hai? 

She giggles with everyone.

Uma : I’m asking something..

Riddhima : He is Vansh, Vansh Rai Singhania, my fiance..

Uma : Good..

The nurse is coming with an injection in her hand. 

Riddhima : Go away…

Nurse : Why Riddhu?

Riddhima : Gayuuuu???

Gayatri : Yess…Riddhu, I’m a nurse (She is positive, by nature here)

Riddhima : You’ll give me injection? How could you?

Gayatri : It’s my job, sweetie.

Riddhima : No please Gayuuu…pleaseee…I’m having injection phobia

Gayatri : Com’on Riddhu, when we were in 3rd class, you said this, I agreed when there was a vaccination camp in school and hid you, but while studying MBBS , I got to know there’s no injection phobia..

They all chuckle at her.Gayatri gives her injection and leaves.

Riddhima : How could you? And you people are standing? Huh!!

Tara : Sorry, my child., but-

Riddhima : Ainnnnn…

She starts crying. They all try to make her quiet but in vain..

Vansh : You all go please..

They all left. Vansh comes and sits besides Riddhima. 

Vansh : Riddhima..

She turns her face.

Vansh : I’m your love naa, so why are you behaving like this?

Riddhima : Love? Love? Then, why didn’t you stop Gayu from giving me injection..It pained..

Vansh : It’s ok naaa..I’ll heal it..

Riddhima : How?? 

Vansh smiles naughtily. 

Riddhima : Your evil intentions..

He moves his lips towards her arm and kisses there. 

Vansh : Feeling better?

Riddhima : Much better cutieepieee

She pulls his cheeks..

“All well that ends well” 

I’m literally laughing, anyway, I know this line “All well that ends well” scared you a bit..But don’t worry…

This FF to RiAnsh/This FF haters : Itni roshni kyu hai mohalle mein? Voh nazar aayi thee kyaa? 

                                                        Aur tum itna khush kyun ho rhe ho mere dost, mere mrne ki                                 

                                                         khabar aayi thee kyaa??

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