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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan offers help to Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan asking Kartik to go with Dadi. Kartik teases him about Ishqi. Mayank stares at Sonu. Ishqi asks Maasi to have the juice. Maasi says I don’t remember what happened, when I reached home, your Maasa ji was very angry at me, then I fell down. Ishqi says don’t recall that, I have a meeting today. She gets a call. She says I m just coming, don’t go anywhere. Savitri is sleeping in some ward. She gets locked. She wakes up and shouts for help. She asks someone to open the door. She cries.

Dadi lies to Kartik. He asks where does your friend stay. She thinks how to get rid of Kartik. Agent shows the flat images to Ishqi. He says if you give me deposit, then I will give the keys in the evening, deposit is 5 lakhs. Ishqi says I have to take the house on rent, not buying it. He says you can get deposit back. She says lessen the deposit, I will give rent on time, I have no money. He says then forget it. She thinks what to do, I have to leave this house. Dadi asks Kartik to stop the car, my friend is at the hospital. Kartik says I will drop you there. She says no, go to the tailor and find out if clothes are ready. He says I will go at night. She asks who will alter it if clothes aren’t okay, go there, drop me here, Sarla will create a scene if anything is wrong. She leaves. He says everyone has become psycho in the house, just I m chilled out. Ishqi says I really need this house, do something. He says its not my house, house owner wants the deposit. Dadi gives money to the doctor. She asks him to find out Savitri. He says don’t worry, we will find her. Ishqi begs to the broker. She says Maasi can lose her life if she comes in this house, please help me. Ahaan comes and looks on. He says Ishqi…. where is Maasi, what happened.

Dadi says if Savitri comes in front of Ahaan, then my truth will come out, I won’t let this happen. Broker says house owner won’t agree, I m going. He leaves. Ahaan asks where is Maasi, tell me what happened. Ishqi lies that roof fell over Maasi, she got stitches, she can’t stay in this house now, she is finding another house now. He says owner has a responsibility to fix the damage, sit in the car, we will go to the hospital. She says Maasi is fine, thanks, but we don’t need anyone’s help. He insists. They come to the hospital. Dadi sees Ahaan and hides. Ishqi thinks how did Ahaan know that I m in a problem. He asks where is Maasi. She asks him not to worry. He goes to see Maasi. Maasi asks did you find the house. Ahaan greets her and asks are you fine. Maasi says yes, did you call Ahaan. Ahaan says no, she should have called me. He scolds her. Ishqi says sorry. Ahaan says Ishqi told me everything, why and how this happened. Maasi asks why. Ahaan says its okay, you should have told it before. Maasi says everything was fine before. Ishqi says roof had collapsed, I told him about it. She signs Maasi. Maasi says yes. He asks where is your Maasa ji. Maasi says he went to pay the bill. Ahaan says fine, I will leave now, take care, let me know if you need anything.

Dadi thinks Ahaan shouldn’t see me. She hides in a ward. She sees Savitri hiding there. She says I was finding you, you are gone now. Ahaan says you didn’t inform me. Ishqi says thanks but I don’t need your help. He says you can drop your ego. She says there is no ego. He says girls can’t handle this alone. She says I have done everything alone, society wants to underestimate girls, girls can do anything. He says its good if a man helps. She says if there is no man, then what should girls do, one has to learn to fight and stay strong, we don’t need your help and lecture. He holds her hand and stops her. Mahiya…plays… Savitri says let me go. Dadi says you have no relations with your children now. Savitri sprays some liquid in her eyes and runs out. Ishqi says keep your sympathy to yourself, I don’t need your help. Ahaan says you are talking like you never took help from your Maasa ji, its insulting for him and Mayank. She says they aren’t here, I m alone, Mayank never supported me in any problem, no one supported. He says but I did. She says but I m not marrying you. Dadi collides with Ahaan. He says Dadi, what are you doing here. Dadi worries.

Ahaan says if we change the venue, what will we tell the guests. Dadi says we will have the marriage at the resort. Ishqi gets late. Kartik says you helped Ishqi, what does Riya think. Dadi thinks Savitri can’t reach the resort. Savitri sees Sonu and smiles.

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