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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- Werewolf on the prowl

Hello everyone here is next chapter. Hope you will like this too. 

Chapter 4: Werewolf on the Prowl

With Riddhima going to sleep the concentration goes to Kabir. As Aryan said he fled after Riddhima noticed him. And is now hiding behind a tree still watching her apartment but to his dismay Aryan pulled the curtains closer 

Kabir: This idiot has been spoiling everything for me. I need to get close to her before the next full moon day. Then only I can achieve what I want. Ridhimaa you cant escape from me

Saying this he gets back ensuring that he is not seen by anyone but he is wrong. Vansh is still there keep an eye on everything from inside his car parked at a safe distance from Riddhima’s house

Vansh: This Kabir has come here at this time..and the howl came when he arrived…is…is…he….how can he be?

Thats when the Prophecy lady’s words “The girl who is born in a lineage of pure magic yet unaware of her magical heritage living all alone has fallen in the eyes of the greatest werewolf of our time awaits your arrival.” ring in his ears

Vansh: She said Riddhima has fallen in the eyes of the greatest werewolf of the period..is he a werewolf? Only a very powerful werewolf’s presence can bring in such howls. If he is a werewolf then I must get closer to Riddhima very soon. He may spoil everything if he wins her over.

Just then his mobile rings. Its Angre

Vansh: Tell me Angre

Angre: Vansh..I have found out that Anmol

Vansh: Where are you?

Angre: I have shared my location 

Vansh: Okay Ill come in few minutes 

He disconnects the call and goes as fast as he could

A dark damaged room

Vansh walks in and takes his wand

Vansh: Prakashit Bhawa..Angre..where are you…Angre..

But there is no sign of him anywhere. There is a huge laughter and a guy appears behind Vansh

Vansh turns to face him

The guy: Angre…angre….I hacked his mobile and sent you a wrong location so that I can get you Vansh Rai Singhania 

Vansh: Why do you want to get me?

Guy: So that you wont hinder our mission

Vansh: Hinder you mission?

Guy: You heard it right. We want Riddhima to fulfill your mission but you have suddenly grown interested in her. Thats why we thought of removing you from…

Vansh notices the wand in the guy’s hand and before he could finish his words

Vansh: Nirastra Bhava

The guy’s wand flies off his hand and

The guy: How dare you..

He barges forward

Vansh: Sharpatham

The guy himself flies away and falls with a thud

Vansh: You should not keep talking once into action. 

He extends his wand towards the guy and takes his mobile out and calls Angre

Angre: Why aren’t you still here?

Vansh: Ill explain that later. Keep Anmol in a safe custody and come to the location I said right now

Angre understands the urgency from his tone and agrees.

Within 10 minutes Angre arrives with men

Angre: Who is he?

Vansh: We have to feed truth potion to this gentleman and find everything 

Angre: Lets take him into custody now. 

Vansh: Yes exactly 

The men take the guy away.

Vansh tells the happenings to Angre

Angre: So that Kabir is a werewolf?

Vansh: With all these happenings I guess so..I cant tell it surely 

Angre: Now what about Riddhima?

Vansh: We have to keep a safe watch on her and ….you know right

Angre: Yes I understood that Vansh

The scene freezes with them leaving from the room

Few days later

All these days either Vansh or Angre have been following Riddhima to keep an eye on her safety. They find out about Aryan and Sejal’s  friendship with her and are a bit relieved that no one can attack her at home as Aryan is living right opposite and will help her in an emergency. 

Its a beautiful evening and as usual Vansh is outside Riddhima’s college waiting for her. He has made up his mind to talk to her and get close now. He calls Angre

Angre: Haan bhai

Vansh: Is truth potion ready?

Angre: Almost..It will be fully ready in the night when you come

Vansh: Good..Im going to talk to  Riddhima ..hope she wont slap me like she slapped Kabir

Saying this he chuckles

Angre in mind: She just entered your life and now you are laughing..nice change..hope she gives you a tender heart of a human being…

Vansh: Ill talk to you later..bye

Vansh disconnects the call and starts to walk behind Riddhima. To his happiness it starts to rain. He takes his umbrella and goes to Riddhima 

Vansh: Hello excuse me..atleast today do you want me to drop you home?

Riddhima: Who are you?

Vansh: Im Vansh …an author by profession 

Riddhima: Oh yeah..I remember seeing you at the hospital. What do you want

Vansh extends the umbrella 

Vansh: First take this please..that day too..you got drenched..if you get drenched today too you will catch cold

Ridhimaa: Why do you care for me?

Vansh: Just a care for another human being..nothing else..I have work this side so daily I come by this way so you may trust me to drop you home

Riddhima: If I say no

Vansh: Ill not force you

Riddhima: Oh..you will leave me to freeze and die and leave

Vansh: I did not say so

Riddhima: Okay..Ill go by an auto

Vansh: No auto will stop in this rain..you may give the money you give to the auto to me, for your satisfaction 

Riddhima smiles

Vansh: Taking this as yes..Ill bring my car

Vansh arrives with his car within minutes and helps Ridhimaa in

Ridhimaa: Seems like someone is living a luxurious life

Vansh: Madam ji my policy is you live only once and you have to live it to the fullest

Ridhimaa: Nice policy

Vansh goes past a coffee shop and stops in front of it with a screech

Vansh: A hot coffee in this rain will be heavenly 

Ridhimaa: I dont want coffee

Vansh: But I want..can you atleast give me company

Ridhimaa: Ill go home by walk

Before she could do anything Vansh starts the car

Vansh: Okay..fine..Ill drink coffee at home..lets go

Ridhimaa: You may have and go if you want..Ill

Vansh: No..no…I will drop you at your house..by the way where is it?

Ridhimaa gives him the directions and Vansh listens to it as if he doesn’t know it with utmost care and attention 

Vansh: Done ..can I know your name?

Ridhimaa: Oh..sorry..I did not say that right Im Ridhimaa Sharma

Vansh: Nice name..you live with?

Ridhimaa: I think you need not know it

He could sense pain in her eyes after he mentioned about her family. Vansh who never cared about anyone’s pain or giving pain to anyone starts to feel guilty for causing the pain to her now

Vansh: Sorry…

Ridhimaa: Its okay

After this none of them speak a word and the car stops at the gates of her apartment. The rain stops and Ridhimaa gets down, thanks him and gives the money to him

Vansh: Thanks is enough mam

Ridhimaa: I dont travel for free

She thrusts the money in his hand and walks in

Vansh in mind: A very determined girl…and strong at heart too…why wont she be..she is the daughter of the Sharmas right

Vansh goes to their place after dropping Riddhima. He sees the truth potion ready.

Vansh: Feed him

The guy is given truth potion

Vansh: What have you planned with Ridhimaa? Why do you want her?

The guy: We want to unleash the Dark Lord’s powers again…my boss found out about the Sharmas daughter and we want her life for it. Our werewolf Kabir is in her college to woo her into this plan and help our boss with the mission

Angre: Who is your boss?

The guy: We dont know his name or we haven’t seen him. We just get local instructions.

Vansh: That night why was Kabir at Ridhimaa’s house?

The guy: To cast a spell and bring her under control but he was not successful..some strong spirit prevented it

Vansh: How did you know about me?

The guy: Everyone in the wizard world knows you and Kabir said that you were following Riddhima 

Vansh: Where is your boss now?

The guy: I dont know 

Vansh: Is there anyone else in this plan

The guy: I dont know anyone other than Kabir now

Vansh: He is useless Angre 

Angre: Can I use memory charm and..

Vansh: He is useless to this world

He extends his wand towards the guy and : Mrityu Dansham ( Avada Kedavra)

A green light emerges from the wand and within seconds the guy dies

Angre: What have you done?

Vansh: What else should I do? How dare he plans of killing my  Ridhimaa?

Angre: Bhai..what did you say now?

Vansh: How dare he plans to kill Ridhimaa? She is mine

Angre: Your Ridhimaa? She is yours?

Vansh: Haan..we are destined to be together 

Angre: Bhai you love her?

Vansh is stunned by this question. He walks out it silence without denying it even.

Angre smiles in happiness. Finally Vansh is in love with Ridhimaa 

Next Chapter : Night of Love

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