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Bawara Dil 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Sidhi alone in the house

Bawara Dil 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
All are having lunch, Vijiya asks Sidhi to bring tea. She nods. Soni screams and says I have got 3 free movie tickets. Mangala says how? Bunty says it’s free so just take it. Soni says I have got 3 couple passes so you all can go. Yashwant says I can’t go, I have some work. Mangala says I will take Soni with me, Vijiya and her husband can go, Bunty and Bubblu will come. Yashwant asks Sidhi to go as well. She says no, I have to study. Soni says if she wants to stay then let her be, Yashwant is confused and says okay. Soni tells Mangala that we will have food too outside, let’s go. They all get excited and go to prepare. Yashwant looks at Soni and says I know you are planning something. Soni says Jhanvi has left the house but this couple doesn’t even talk to each other, if they spend time alone then they will have to talk to each other, you should stay out late as well. Yashwant says you are like me, just keep the family busy outside. He leaves from there. Soni smiles and calls Jalwa, she says I have done my work, now you have to make sure that Shiva doesn’t leave the house. Jalwa says Shiva will be behind a selfie so don’t worry. Soni says good.

All family members are leaving for an outing. Yashwant smiles at Soni as they all go.

Shiva comes home and tries to take his selfie. He calls out to Soni and others but no one answers him. Shiva comes to his room to see Sidhi busy studying. He asks where is everyone? Sidhi says they all went to watch a movie. Shiva says you didn’t go? Sidhi says I had to study, I don’t have books so I am making my own notes. Shiva nods and thinks it’s good she didn’t go as I have to do Akka Bai’s work. I have to get that selfie. Shiva tries to take his selfie but Sidhi looks at him and asks what he is doing? Shiva says nothing. Sidhi says you were taking a picture? Shiva says yes but I was not taking a selfie with you, I was taking a selfie with the watch. Sidhi says really? Shiva says yes, I can take a selfi with anything. Sidhi asks if he is fine? He says yes, I had to send it to someone, he leaves from there. Sidhi is confused.

Mangala is tensed outside the theater. She tells Kaka that we forgot Shiva is alone with that Sidhi. Kaka says so? Mangala says they are alone in the house so anything can happen. I should go back home. Kaka says what about the movie? Mangala says I have to stop the movie in the house. She sits in the car to go back.

Shiva says how should I get a selfie with her? She is like a lioness, always howling.

Shiva comes back in the room and sits on the sofa. He tries to take a selfie while Sidhi is studying, he is about get a picture but Sidhi looks at him so he stumbles and falls down. Sidhi looks at him and asks what happened? He says nothing. Sidhi sighs and goes back to studying. Shiva gets up and tries to apply sprain as he has got a sprain on his back. He can’t reach there so Sidhi offers to apply it. He gives the spray to her and turns around. She asks where is it hurting? He says on the back. Sidhi says where on the back? He points at it. Sidhi touches it with her pen. Shiva laughs and says it tickles, she pins at the pain point and he screams. She asks him to lift his shirt, he tries but its painful so Sidhi says it’s okay. She lifts his shirt with her pen and looks away. She applies spray on his back. Ishq ka khumar plays. She asks if it’s fine now? He says it will be. She turns to leave but Shiva stops her and says I was thinking.. um.. we.. together. Sidhi says what? together what? Shiva says we should have food together. Sidhi says food is ready, you can eat, I will eat later on.

Mangala is in the car and says I am hungry but I have to reach home, I can’t let them stay alone for long.

Shiva tells Sidhi that we are alone in the house so why should we eat separately? Sidhi thinks I don’t want to eat with him, he is acting weird. Shiva tries to take selfie with her while she is looking away. Sidhi leaves from there. Shiva couldn’t get the selfie and goes behind her.

Sidhi comes in the kitchen to get food. Shiva comes there and tries to take the selfie. Sidhi says I will go to my parents after eating. Shiva says why? I mean suddenly? Sidhi says I have to discuss about studies with him and you will be peaceful here when I am not around. When all family members come back then I will return in the evening. Shiva gets worried and tries to take a selfie but Sidhi looks at him and says what? Do you need anything? Shiva says yes.. I want water. She says so go and take it. Shiva goes to drink water and thinks I have to take the selfie before she leaves. Sidhi says I have prepared your food plate, she leaves from there. Shiva says all are scared of me but I can’t take a selfie with my own wife, I am useless and an idiot. He hears a scream and runs to Sidhi. Sidhi is on the sofa and screaming. He asks what happened? Sidhi screams and says there is a cockroach. Shiva looks on. Sidhi says just remove it, I am scared of it. Shiva says you are always ready to fight but you are scared of a cockroach? Sidhi says you are scared of dark also but I never made fun of it. Just remove it. Shiva says okay. She tries to show him. Shiva and Sidhi sit down closely to look at it. Shiva turns to see Sidhi close to him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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