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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 27) New Enemy Alert !!!

I hope my FF isn’t boring. Tell me if it is interesting or boring.

The Episode starts with…….

Vansh and Riddhima still in the mall. Riddhima came to Vansh with a number of shopping bags in her hand.

Vansh : Is it finished ?

Riddhima : What finished ?

Vansh : Your Shopping.

Riddhima : The shopping for wedding is currently finished but shopping after marriage isn’t done yet. Vaise, How does I look like ?

Vansh : Thank God…Atleast shopping for wedding. That’s a big thing. And yes my sweetheart always looks like a barbie.

Riddhima : What !!! Looks like always….do u know how much time I have spent in Beauty parlour. But still I looks like always 😤😤😤.

Vansh : I mean you looks more beautiful now. There is a special glow in your face.

(Dheere dheere ladkiyon ki mood swings ke anusar badlne ke liye vansh seekh gayi 🤣😅)

Riddhima : You’re saying this to pamper me right ?

Vansh : No. Your face is really glowing now like shining stars in the sky.

(Shaadi hone wala hai phir bi flirting ki aadat nahi chodungi😉😉)

Then all of them went back to their houses.

The day of their Mehendi came.

Riddhima :

Vansh :

(Imagine Vansh in this outfit )

The Mehendi function is held on VR Mansion. All the family members are on cloud nine. They are celebrating the function to the fullest.

A girl is making henna designs on Riddhima’s hand. Some are dancing and some are busy in receiving the guests. But Vansh….his eyes are on his Sweetheart.

Girl : Ma’am what’s the letter to be written ?

Riddhima : “V”

She looks at Vansh and smiles and Vansh too reciprocates.

The girl finishes Riddhima’s mehendi.

Dadi : Vansh, come here. You have a task.

Vansh : Dadi, what task ?

Dadi : You have to find your name in Riddhima’s hand.

Riddhima : Vansh, you won’t get to see it easily.

Vansh : Nothing is impossible for VANSH RAISINGHANIA. Don’t forget it Sweetheart.

Riddhima : Then search.

Vansh searches a lot but he couldn’t find his name in her hand. He is tired. Suddenly his attention goes to her other hand. He got to see his name in her hand.

Vansh : I found it. (To Riddhima) I said na nothing is impossible for me. Finally I found it out.

(Bohut parisram ke baad aakhir vo doond hi liya…THAT’S VRS 😎)

Riddhima : But u took a lot of time Mr. VRS

Vansh : Get used to lose Mrs. VRS

Uma : Hello!! You two aren’t married yet.

(Kya baccha hai, pehle shaadi ke liye mana kar diya ab shaadi ke liya bechen ho rahi hai😂😂😂)

RiAnsh became shy due to Uma’s words.

In A Dark Room

A person in black hoodie is seen with Riddhima’s picture in the hand.

Person : I won’t let you be happy in life. I’ll destroy your life.

Precap : RIDHIMAAA!!!!

I know its a short update but please adjust with this bcoz I am in a tough situation now. Hope all enjoyed today’s episode.

10 crore ki question aapki mobile screen par dekhiye 👇👇👇

Q) Who is the new enemy of Riddhima ?

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