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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Panjiri catches Prarthana stealing prasad while in sleep

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti talking to Prema and tells about sweets thief. Panjiri hangs jug with the door and keeps spoons in it, says just like thief enter the door, jug will move and utensil sound will come, and we will know. Kanhaiya comes. Spoons falls down. Kunti shouts thief. Kanhaiya says I am not thief. Panjiri again keeps spoons in the jug. Kunti asks how you will come out. Prarthana and Panjiri go out from the window. Kunti asks everyone not to have a deep sleep. They all hear the sound and comes there. They see Pratap and Pari there. Kunti asks so you both have stolen sweets. Pratap says we were looking for thieves and came to eat laddoo sent by Rajindri mausi. He says utensils fall down just as we came. Pari shows her selfie with Prasad. Pari says thief didn’t come till now and

says she will keep the spoons. Pratap asks Kunti to tell where is the laddo.

Later in the night, Panjiri hears the sound and comes out. She thinks nobody is awake. She sees Prarthana coming out from kitchen and ringing temple bell. She sees Prasad in her hand and thinks it seems didi has started walking in sleep again. Kunti, Prarthana and Panjiri come out to do puja early morning. Kunti says Prasad is not stolen last night. Panjiri recalls making Prasad again to save her Didi. Prarthana says that thief shall be beaten. Panjiri asks her not to tell this. They go out to do puja for Kanhaiya’s business prosperity. Panjiri asks Bhole why Didi is again walking in sleep and stealing Prasad. She asks him not to let anyone know about it, not even didi. She thinks to make special milk for her.

Kunti and Sarla come home from shopping. Kunti teases her. Sarla asks are you done and shows silver utensils. Kunti jokes. Panjiri brings tea for Sarla. Prarthana comes there and likes silver utensils. Kunti asks her to keep it safe in her house. Prarthana says true. Panjiri says Didi. Kunti tells her that Prasad was stolen since 3 days, but now it is fine. Prarthana says it is adharm to steal Prasad. Panjiri says didi is innocent and asks her to give aarti to everyone. Prarthana goes. Panjiri asks if all silver utensils are there. Sarla says when did we say that your Didi is a thief. Kunti asks her to keep it in her house. Pari comes there and says thief. Sarla says if that thief is stolen. Pari says thief. Panjiri thinks if Didi is caught. Prarthana asks Pari to take a deep breath.

Pari informs Kunti that her chain is stolen. Pratap says these old ladies must have done this. Kunti asks where did you keep it? Pari says on the table. Pratap asks what you were doing at that time. Kunti gets angry on him. Pari says I kept it on table before sleeping and again gets sleep. Pratap calls her and says it is morning. Pari says I think this is thief’s work. Panjiri thinks if Didi has stolen Pari’s chain. Kunti gets worried. Pari says Panjiri asked me to give chain yesterday, if I had given her then it wouldn’t have been stolen. Pratibha calls kunti and comes to her. She says money box is stolen, it had 2300 Rs. in it. Pratibha and Pari cries. Pratibha says Pari asked me to give money and says if I had given her then theft wouldn’t have happen. Pari suspects Prarthana.

Kunti tells Prarthana that she has doubt on all bahus except her, and says tonight we will catch them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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