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Jiji Maa 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati misleads Uttara

Jiji Maa 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Falguni taunting Uttara. She says next time if you come in my way, I will spoil your kundli grah. She leaves. Uttara looks on. Jayant tells Suyash about the changed studies. He asks what do you think. Maharaj asks Suyash to have food. Suyash says I m not hungry. He goes. Jayant asks him not to feel bad. Maharaj says after Falguni left, all happiness left. Kaka says Teja told me you will come, you did a great thing today.

Falguni says I did this to prove that Laser and Falguni are two people, I won’t be scared now, I m not soft hearted like Falguni. He asks does Uttara doubt on you now. Falguni smiles. Uttara says I will not leave Falguni. Shom says I felt that girl was like Falguni. Vidhaan calls her and asks her to talk to Niyati, she is fighting with Falguni. Uttara says

it means Falguni is at home. He says yes. Uttara hears the argument. Zeenat holds the recording of Falguni’s voice. Uttara asks Vidhaan to go home. She says Falguni is at home. Shom asks her to clear the mud. Zeenat and Tara throw Niyati’s clothes. Niyati says Falguni and my relation ended forever.

Falguni asks Kaka not to tell anyone about her. He introduces her as Lajwanti. They welcome her. Falguni says everyone calls ms laser. A man first reacts and makes her tense. He then laughs. She scolds him and then laughs.

Uttara says Shom, find out about that cheap girl. Servant gets water for her. She slaps him. She says I want to know everything about her, she has put soil on me, I will put fire coal on her. Shom tells servant about someone insulting Uttara. He says I will tell her that I didn’t find anything. Kaka introduces Rekha to Falguni. He asks Rekha to wash face and help women. Rekha comes. Kaka says Rekha doesn’t have her mum with her, I ask Teja not to scold her.

Falguni says even my mum left me in childhood. She cheers Rekha. Kaka asks Rekha to go and help. Falguni asks about Shambu. He says we came here 20 years back. She asks about the oldest resident. He says its just Vaid ji. She wishes she finds Shambu. Suyash gets busy in work. Jayant says I came here to talk to you. Suyash says I have nothing to say. Jayant says don’t know why Falguni did this, just forget it and move on, else you will get pain. Suyash says you maybe right. Vaid ji comes and meets Falguni. Kaka asks about Shambu. Vaid says Shambu stays here itself. Naren comes. Vaid says see Shambu has come. Kaka asks Naren to drop Vaid home. They go. Kaka says I think Vaid lost his memory. Falguni thinks its not easy to find Shambu.

The lady says well got dried. Falguni and villagers stop a water tanker.

Update Credit to: Amena

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