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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 14






The senior Oberois are sitting in the living room having a discussion.

Jhanvi: I’m worrying about Omkara. He doesn’t talk properly with anyone.

Kalyani: Gauri’s death is a huge loss for him. He will take some time to come out from it. (A girl enters the house and goes towards them. She hugs Kalyani excitingly)

Girl: Daadi!! (Kisses her cheek)

Kalyani: Soumya putthar?? You?? When did you come??

Soumya: When you all started to talk about Om bhaiya. Don’t worry, daadi. He will be fine soon. (Rudra who just came there heard their talks)

Rudra: Look who is talking. (Soumya turns towards him) You just find the way to come here?? I have told you earlier about whatever happened here, but now only you came.

Soumya: Rudra, I told you that mom is not well and no one is there to take care of her. That’s why I couldn’t come after you told me about Gauri’s death. (Looks at Kalyani) I’m sorry, daadi.

Kalyani: It’s ok, putthar. You are not wrong. Mother is very important than everything. You don’t bother about this duffer’s words.

Soumya: (grins and hugs her) Thank you, daadi. (Stares at Rudra and Rudra too stares back)

Prinku: (comes and hugs Soumya) Actually, Rudra bhaiya missed you very much. That’s why he is angry with you.

Rudra: What?? I missed her. I think you are dreaming, Prinku. I was in peace that she is not here. Now, my peace will be gone because she is already here.

Soumya: (sighs) This crybaby started ready.

Rudra: Don’t call me that, Sumo.

Voice: Just stop, both of you. (All turn and see ShivIka coming from upstairs. Soumya goes and hugs Annika)

Soumya: I’m sorry, di. We all are with you. (Annika nods sadly)

Annika: When did you come??

Soumya: Just only, di.

Shivaay: Rudra, did Om call you?? I’m trying for him many times but he is not answering.

Tej: Maybe he is busy with his sculptures or paintings. Try once again.

Pinky: Corrects. Sometimes, he won’t realise any calls if he wear headphones. (Shivaay about to call him again but shocked looking at the entrance)

Shivaay: Om!!!

All turn towards entrance and shocked to see Omkara with Ishana with garlands on their necks. Entire family go towards them.

Tej: What the hell is this, Om?? You married to this girl without informing us.

Jhanvi: How could you do this, Om??

Shivaay: Om, you know right who is this girl?? She is the one killed your Gauri and make your life miserable. Then, how could you forget that and marry her??

Pinky: Oh my maata!! (Towards Ishana) So, you are the one killed our bahu. Don’t you feel guilty for causing a death?? (Ishana cries. Pinky looks at Omkara) Om, how could you marry your fiance’s murderer??

Jhanvi: First, send this girl out from this house. This kind of girl should not step in this house. (Drags Ishana from there. Omkara holds Ishana)

Om: She will be staying here only. No one should say anything. (Drags her mercilessly from there before anyone could say anything. Everyone are confused with his behaviour.)


Omkara’s Room


Omkara man throws Ishana on his bed in anger. She looks at him with tearful eyes.

Om: You snatched my life from me!! So, you have to face the consequences. That’s why I brought you here. You have to regret for your deed each and every day.

Ishu: (cries) Please leave me. I already apologized for whatever I did.

Om: Really?? After you did everything, just a small apologies is enough?? Will it rectify everything?? Will that sorry return my lost life?? (The girl cries terribly)

Ishu: What should I do to rectify my deed??

Om: (holds her face roughly) You have to live here as my mistress. (Ishana looks at him in shock) What are you thinking?? How you can be my mistress when we are already married?? I married you so that you won’t escape from this house. Besides, my family won’t accept a random girl to stay in this house. That’s why I marry you. Moreover, I want you to suffer to be considered as a mistress being a married woman.

Ishu: (folds her hand and cries) Please don’t do this to me. I beg you. I can’t bear those humiliation. (Cries badly)

Om: (doesn’t bother her cry) This is just a beginning. You have to face a lot more than this. (He pushes her harshly and leaves from the room closing the door loudly)

Ishana fall on knees and cries vigorously thinking of her fate…

Ishu: Where I have landed into?? He wanted me to live as his mistress. He married me forcefully and he wants me to be his mistress. He wanted to give me the name which I wished not to get in my life!!! He is making my fate to be same as my mother. (Cries covering her face. She takes her palms from her face) No!! I don’t want this name. I should not get this name. (Gets up and runs from the room)


Omkara is walking towards living room where his entire family gathered. Ishana comes towards him and falls on his feet much to everyone’s shock.

Ishu: (holds his feet) Please, sir. Don’t do like that. You can punish me as much as you want. But, please don’t say like that about me. I beg you, sir.

Om: (pulls her up) You don’t have to tell me what I should do. I will do as I said. No one can change my mind. (Looks at the garland on her neck and pulls it off. He takes out the one on his neck as well and throws them away. He tries to move but Ishana holds his hand and cries.) I’m not going to melt with your tears. Just stop crying!! (Pushes her and she falls down)

Rudra: O, what are you doing?? Why are you behaving like this with her?? (Goes towards Ishana and makes her to stand)

Om: I know what I am doing. You don’t interfere in this. (Rudra is about to say something but the security comes inside)

Sec: (towards Shivaay) Sir, the press reporters are here. They said they want to meet Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Om: (smirks) Let them inside. (The security goes and the reporters come inside) Yes, why you all wanted to meet me??

Reporter 1: Sir, we received an information that you are in relationship with another girl. Is that true??

Reporter 2: As we know, you just lost your fiance few weeks before. How you are able to move on so easily??

Reporter 3: We heard that you and your fiance loved each other very deeply. Then, how come you have forgotten her so fast and find another girl??

Reporter 4: (looks at Ishana) So, this is the girl that you have found now?? (They started to capture her pictures)

Rudra: Excuse me. That is his personal matter. You all please stay in limit. Don’t think you can ask anything just because you are holding a mike.

Om: Rudra, calm down. (Smiles) Reporters will ask questions only. It’s our duty to answer their questions. (Towards the reporters) I’ll answer your questions. First, I have never moved on in my life. I loved my fiance and will continue to love her till forever.

Reporter 1: Then, who is this girl?? We have never seen her before this.

Om: Actually, after my fiance’s death, I was completely broken and have become alone. I felt like I need something to heal my loneliness. Like few people need drugs, I need a girl. That is how I met this girl. (Looking at Ishana)

Reporter 2: What are you trying to say?? Do you love this girl??

Om: No. I don’t love her. I love only Gauri.

Reporter 2: That means she is your….

Om: Mistress!! She is my mistress!! (The Oberois are shocked listening to him while Ishana is heart broken hearing the word from him)

Kalyani: Om, what are you saying??

Om: I’m saying the truth, daadi. This girl is my mistress. (Towards the reporters) Put this as your headline. ‘OMKARA SINGH OBEROI HAS FOUND A MISTRESS’. (The reporters nod and about to leave)

Ishu: (shouts) No!! He is lying!! I am…. (Before she could say something, Omkara pulls her towards him and slammed his lips on hers making everyone shock. Ishana tries to push him but he pulls her more tightly. The reporters captures the scene too in their camera. They leave after that. Omkara pulls himself and pushes her. Rudra holds her before she falls on the floor. Omkara gives a disgusting look to her. Ishana feels disgusted with his act.)

Shakti: Om, what is this?? Why you said like that to the reporters?? She is your wife.

Om: Wife!!?? My foot. She doesn’t deserve to be my wife.

Rudra: Then, why did you marry her??

Om: To punish her!! She snatched my life and my happiness from me. So, I snatched her life and her happiness.

Prinku: This is not the way to punish someone, bhaiya. I agreed she did an unforgivable mistake. But, you should not do like this. Law is there to punish her, bhaiya.

Om: That punishment is not enough for her, Prinku. She should suffer more and more. That’s why I brought her here.

Soumya: Why did you tell the reporters that she is your mistress?? She is your wife, bhaiya. You have married to her. It’s wrong to say like that.

Shivaay: No!! Om is right. This girl doesn’t deserve to be his wife and Oberois bahu. It’s good that he said her as his mistress. (Hugs Omkara’s shoulder) No matter who says anything, I will be supporting you in this. (Omkara smiles)

Rudra: But, bhaiya….. (cuts by Shivaay)

Shivaay: Not a word more, Rudra. You are too young and you won’t understand his pain. You go and concentrate on your studies. Prinku, Soumya, this goes to both of you as well.

All leave from there except IshRuMyaPri. Ishana falls on her knees and cries badly. RuMyaPri feel bad looking at her. They go towards her.

Ishu: (sobs looking at them) I know I was wrong. I’m new to this place and I’m very scared to go to police station. That’s why I didn’t surrender to the police. I thought to meet your brother and ask him to get me arrested by police. But, I didn’t expect he will do like this. (RuMyaPri feel bad listening to her. It’s true they were angry on her for causing Gauri’s death. But, they can’t accept Omkara’s punishment for her. They don’t think Ishana deserve this kind of punishment for her deef. Rudra sees her hand is injured.)

Rudra: Your hand is injured. Come. I will treat your wound.

Ishu: (sobs) It’s ok. This wound is nothing if compare to the wound in my heart.

Prinku: Don’t say like this. Come with us. (Ishana nods and follows them. They take her to Soumya’s room and treat her wound. Ishana continues sobbing.)

Soumya: What is your name??

Ishu: Ishana.

Rudra: Ishana…..??

Ishu: Only Ishana. No surname.

Rudra: I’m sorry. I’m Rudra. (Ishana smiles sadly) She is my sister, Priyanka and she is Soumya. (SouPri smile at her and she too smiles back at them)

Prinku: Where are you coming from?? (Ishana hesitates to tell them. She is scared that the family might do something to her friends and her bhaiya bhabhi)

Rudra: It’s ok. If you are not comfortable, then you don’t have to tell us.

Ishu: Thank you. No one stood for me just now. Only three of you worried for me. That’s why. Thank you.

Prinku: We are sorry for Om bhaiya’s behaviour just now. He never behaved like this with anyone. But, he is still in the grief of losing Gauri bhabhi. (Ishana just keeps silent)

Rudra: But, that doesn’t mean we have forgiven you for causing Gauri bhabhi’s death. We are helping you now because of humanity only. We won’t forget that you are the reason for Gauri bhabhi’s death. I hope you understand this.

Ishu: (nods sadly) I understand.

Rudra: Soumya, if you don’t mind, can she stay here with you??

Soumya: Of course, Rudra. This is your room. I don’t mind she staying here. (Rudra smiles at her)




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