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A rikara story – description and characters

So Gauri is married to a man called Ajay when she was only 10 and he was 32. Now she is 15 and he is 37. Both don’t love each other well Ajay is really possessed about Gauri. The only person she is allowed to worship is him, she is not allowed to talk to any men but him, not allowed a phone nor credit card, not allowed anyone.

She is trapped. No one can hear her crying, no one can hear her screams, no one can hear her pleadings.

She is scared of everything because Ajay made her feel only afraid that is until Om enters her life.

His warm nature and sweet smile make her feel like she has actually found love. Her smile and cuteness makes him feel that she is the one. Both end up being a beautiful relationship where it is only love and no beatings and no sadness.

But what happens when Gauri becomes pregnant? But not with Ajay’s child, with Om’s child?



Gauri Mehta, age: 15: a sweet teenage girl who is trapped in her own marriage. She was married as a child forcefully, against her own will. Everyday only gets harsh beatings.

Omkara singh oberoi a.k.a Om, age: 20: an artist by profession, very polite man and respects ladies. He lives his life by his own rules. Easy going and a dreamer. Also does Shayari.

Ajay Mehta, age: 37: the most scariest man you will ever meet in your life. Gauri’s so called husband. Scary businessman. Beats gauri up every single day.

Kiya (Bharti Kumar), age: 34: sister of Ajay. Hates Gauri a lot. Always mean to Gauri. She is married to a husband she finds useless, Samar (whosever played Vikram) childless.

Samar, age: 35: mean to Gauri. Kiya’s useless husband.

Anika Shivay Singh oberoi, age: 20

Shivay Singh Oberoi, age: 21: Om’s brother.

Rudy Singh Oberoi, age: 17: dumbbell Oberoi!!

Rest of family same. Om loves his dad.

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