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Riansh OS: Death and Returned? Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Hi everyone. So this is the first time i’m posting a fanfiction of my own. I wrote it long time back and today i decided to post it here. I hope you enjoy it and please write down your comments so i know how you guys found it and what i would need to work on next time.

He was devasted! His life had gone. She fell while saving him. How could he have let that happened, it was his death that was calling for him and not hers. How would he live without her? He lay still on the ground staring continuously down the deep cliff thinking that she would come back. Tears heavily rolled down from his eyes, they had turned red with anger and pain. All their memories together, their cute fights, their moments were all playing in his mind just then a light tap on his shoulder broke his trance. He turned and looked behind to see Angre, his best friend. He was his employee, but he never treated him like one, he always called him his brother. He quickly hugged Angre and poured his heart out.
Vansh: She has gone Angre, she saved me, but I could not save her! It is all my fault; I should have pushed her back.
Angre: (confused) Bhai, what happened, why are you like this, what happened? I didn’t get you!
Vansh: (crying) My Riddhimaaa!! She is gone.  She fell down the cliff while saving me.
Vansh and Kabir were fighting each other. All the anger they had supressed for each other was erupting. They gave each other punches which threw them down on the ground. They both did not give up and stood back up to only find themselves pointing guns at each other. Kabir did not wait and shot at him. Vansh in a reflex ducked and the bullet went right above him, leaving him uninjured. Just then Vansh saw a small figure running towards them. As the figure started approaching closer, he got shocked. Kabir, curious to know what made Vansh so shocked, followed his face towards the figure. He had a smirk on his face. Vansh saw the evil smirk and understood his intentions.
Vansh: (Shouting at the top of his voice) Riddhima Stop right there, I say stop right there.
Riddhima: (coming closer to them) Nooo! I am not going to; you have got to listen to me, at least once, pls Vansh!
Kabir: (trying to divert the topic) I do not have all day here to witness your drama! (Facing Riddhima) Riddhi darling your husband is going to die today! No one’s going to be able to stop me! It must end today!
Riddhima: Shut up Kabir! I know your truth! (turning to Vansh) Do not believe him, he has been lying all this time.
Kabir: Ohh Riddhi darling, you got to know my truth, wow, I must admit I trained you very well. You became an expert in spying.  Know if you know the truth then I can bring your life to an end. Have a good ending with your hubby.
Vansh: Kabirrr! Do not you dare do anything to her! I will not spare you. Your plans have failed Kabir you tried to create misunderstandings between us bringing in your past with her but guess what I do not give a damn! Thanks to you for sending her to me, I am lucky to have her in my life. (Turning to Riddhima) I know everything, I read your letter and I believe you. Kabir cheated and used you.
Kabir: Well, enough! Welcome your doom now!

Riddhima ran towards him while Vansh started walking backwards, to the edge of the cliff.  He was just about to fall when he felt someone’s cold hands pulling him back when he realised it was Riddhima. She pulled him and slipped, falling in the deep cliff, right in front of Vansh, who could not do much as it all happened in a nick of time. He shouted for her.
Vansh: RIDDHIMAAA!!  (reaching has hands out to her)
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Angre was shell shocked. He could not imagine what he heard. Vansh quickly got up and started motioning towards the cliff edge when Angre pulled him back. Angre tried to calm him down but he was unstoppable. He took out his phone and called the cops, the lifeguards that would help him get his life back from beneath there.
Vansh: She is alive, she is down there, I need to get her, she is waiting for me. Let me go!
Angre: (Trying to console himself and Vansh) Stop it bhai, the cops and the lifeguards are coming with the search team, they will do their work, keep patience, be calm.
Vansh: Are you mad!! How do I be calm, she is down there alone, it must be tough for her there, I need to go… I w… an..t h… e… r b… ack, she is m… y …li. fe… (saying that he got unconscious due to the shock)
Angre: (trying to wake him up) Bhai, please get up, bhaii…

A few hours later. Vansh got conscious. He looked around and found himself in his room. As far as he could remember was that he was near the cliff then how did he arrive here? His wounds made him moan in pain. Just then he received a quiet knock on his door. It was his grandmother and his two sisters and his stepmom, who he never liked. They entered the room shocked to see what Vansh had done to himself. His appearance had changed from what he was; a handsome and tall man, who was always capable to fight every problem was now a dull and withered man. The three ladies rushed to him. They hugged him to comfort him. Ishani; one of his sisters, who despised Riddhima just because she wasn’t as rich as them had a change of heart. She felt grateful of Riddhima who saved her dearest brother from death and faced it herself. The grandmother who had considered Riddhima as her own daughter couldn’t believe that she was gone. Sia; the sister who always loved Riddhima as she cured her legs and was able to walk again. He looked at them, unknown to him that they knew everything. He tried to pretend to act normal, but his heart wasn’t letting him do it.
Ishani: We know what happened bhai, you can cry it out.
Vansh: (shocked) you all know? Who told you? Angre? Don’t worry she is fine; I must go pick her. I will be back with her. (slowly standing up)
Dadi: My son, don’t do this to yourself, it’s hard to accept but you will have to, she’s gone!
Vansh: No dadi! She didn’t go anywhere; she’s waiting for me to pick her up like always used to from her clinic. We’ll have dinner outside, don’t wait for us.
Ishani: (Who couldn’t see it anymore blurted) Her body wasn’t found! She’s dead and disappeared!

Ishani felt a tight slap right across her face. She looked to find Vansh. She didn’t mind the slap as she deserved it after all that she had done to Riddhima. Sia who was a silent spectator, was shell shocked seeing a brother who never even let his sisters face any sort of problem and protected them from everything was the one who slapped Ishani. Vansh quickly stood up and hurried down the stairs and into the hall. The rest followed him. He approached the door when it flew open. Vansh’s blood boiled when he took a glance at the person who was proceeding towards him and his family. His hands fisted tight, his eyes glaring at him with all the pain and hatred he had towards him. It was Kabir. Kabir saw Vansh’s posture and understood it. Before Vansh could punch him hard in his face he quickly intervened by giving them the shock of their life.
Kabir: I am sorry to inform you but Riddhima’s body was found all burnt up, looked like someone cremated her.
Vansh: (Fell down on the ground) How can someone do that? My Riddhima, she really left me!
Kabir: To be frank I like watching you like this, you’re destroyed, broken completely and I enjoy it. I feel bad for Riddhima, she didn’t get true love whenever she loved someone. (He said with an evil grin)
Ishani: (enraged) How dare you say that! We don’t need your fake sympathy here, get out of here, you should be ashamed that you used a girl for your own means.
Kabir: Ms Arrogant, would you pls keep your mouth shut, I don’t think I am talking to you!

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