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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Who won the match?

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina asks Sameer who it was. He lies that it was Bhaiya. I am bored of economics. Let’s study something else. They head upstairs.

Munna and Pundit are watching the match. Sameer also joins them. He has lied to Naina that he will be back asap. They happily watch the match. Munna goes to bring samosas for them.

Tau ji asks Anand if he intends to return the money. Anand nods. It is not possible till evening! You must have saved something. I will return you your money soon. Please use your savings as of now. Tai ji says I knew they will try to trap us in their trap. We have saved it for Pralay. Fulfil your promise. We wont sit quietly while you show us your colours! Anand repeats that he promises to return it in a week but Tau ji asks him if he will eat a week later in case he

feels hungry today. Anand agrees to return it by evening. Tau ji goes. Bela asks her husband how he will arrange such a big amount by evening. Can we use the FD made for Preeti’s wedding? Anand tells her against it. I will take loan from Govind Sir. He calls his Boss.

Naina makes cheela. Kanji asks her what she is making. She replies that Sameer likes them. He says you love each other just as much as you both fight. She says I don’t fight with him. Kanji laughs. My wife says the same thing. She is taken aback. You are already married? I also have a kid. We got married early. She says it is the same case with us. We got married early. He says there is a difference. There is childishness in your wedding while our marriage happened in a similar way! They both smile.

Munna wants to pee but Sameer does not let him go anywhere.

Kanji washes the utensils. Naina wonders why Sameer is taking so much time in photocopying.

Sameer smiles quietly seeing Munna’s plight. They don’t let him get up even when he pleads them to.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I have heard it from childhood that we should respect time. I understood it that day as I could pass my time easily but Naina couldn’t. I also understood another thing very clearly that day. Your time of returning home decides the place where you will sleep!

Sameer gets up to go and so does Munna but Pundit does not want them to go anywhere. Sameer reasons that India has won already. He warns Munna not to move an inch from his place. You have my swear. He leaves.

Naina looks at the watch.

Tau ji has called the neighbour (witness) again. It is good if she is here so no one can question any of us in future. Bela offers them tea but Tai ji asks for money. Anand shares that he couldn’t arrange money. I tried taking loan from Office but they said no. Tau ji advises him to break his FD. Anand says it is for Preeti’s marriage. Tai ji says she will also trap a rich guy like Naina. She must have learnt this from her elder sister. Bela tells her to think before speaking but Tai ji stays put. You would have brought Naina and Preeti in a similar way. Anand tells them not to say another word. You will get money a day later. Tau ji asks him if this is how he will speak to elders. We will ask Naina to return the necklace if you don’t return the money to us by day after tomorrow! They leave. Bela and Anand are tensed.

Sameer comes home but realises that he dint bring notes from Munna’s house. He leaves for Munna’s house again.

Naina is afraid of the dark. Please come home soon Sameer. She closes the windows. She is startled to hear a noise and also notices a shadow near the window. Gumnam Hai Koi song plays. She hides behind the bed and chants Hanuman Chalisa. Where is Sameer? Is he in some trouble? Please save him Lord. Come home soon, Sameer.

Sameer returns home and runs upstairs. She runs towards him hearing his voice and hugs him tight. He asks her why she is scared. She tells him to be quiet. Someone is there. He offers to check. She is reluctant but he takes her with him. I am here. Nothing will happen. She points at the shadow. Sameer realises that the shadow was coming because of his clothes and cap hanging on the wall. She hugs him tight. He jokes that atleast his jacket could scare her. You wouldn’t have hugged me this tight otherwise. She breaks the hug. I was scared. Where were you? He ends up confessing that he went to Munna’s house to watch India Pak match. She glares at him. He tries to explain but she gets angry with him for lying to her. He says I had to make India win the match. She calls him a true patriot. How does it matter if you fail exams? He says why I will fail. I just missed studying a day. She asks him if he thought about his wife who is staying alone at home. He reasons that he will go to work in future while she will stay at home. It will be the same thing. She calls him a liar. Till yesterday, you used to lie to your family for me and now you lie to me to go away. It’s not even a month since we got married and I can see your true colours already. He says I just went to see the match. There is no harm in it. She reminds him that he used to miss matches in the past so he could meet her. He replies that earlier they used to meet only for 2 hours. Now we are together for 24 hours! She closes the door on his face angrily. He requests his darling wife to open the door but in vain.

Bela thinks of talking to Naina but Anand does not want to take their blessings back from their daughter. She asks him from where he will return this amount to Bhaisahab. He is sure this time will pass. It is saddening that a brother is doing all this with his own brother over such petty things!

Sameer comes inside his room. He stops himself from waking Naina and brings radio. He plays it but unfortunately, the commentator speaks of India Pak match. He changes the channel where a story of a newly married couple plays where the guy is lying to his wife over something.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The timing of everything worsens when your time is wrong. Thankfully, Naina was sleeping or she wouldn’t have spared me!

Sameer quietly lies down next to Naina.

Precap: Naina is hiding something. Sameer asks her what’s here to hide. She says what’s there to show. He looks at her intently as she runs upstairs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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