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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vivaan dies in an accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mansi crying and recalling her childhood. Puru tries to misbehave with her by showing a doll. She runs away and coughs. FB ends. Mansi coughs and cries. Kartik comes to Puru and holds his hand. Puru worries for a while. Kartik signs him and they dance. Anmol comes to Mansi and asks what happened, are you tired. He says I m seeing your mood is off, tell me what’s the matter. She says nothing, I m fine.

Akhilesh says ladies make every festival special. Puru says they are so pretty and talented, Naira is just so amazing, she looks beautiful and has a beautiful heart. Naira goes. Mansi looks on. Naira says maybe something happened so I felt so. Kartik comes to her and holds. She shouts how dare you touch me and pushes him. He asks why did you react like this,

did anyone try to mistreat you, no one can do this when I m here. She thinks what to tell him until I m sure. She says all okay and hugs him. He says Vivaan is calling, where is Gayu. She says I saw her going to washroom. She answers the call and asks how are you. She gets shocked and drops the phone.

He asks what happened, is Vivaan alright. She says no, how will we tell Gayu, it was the police, Vivaan met with an accident, he is no more, he has left us, Kartik. He gets shocked. Someone hears them and drops the plate. They turn to see. They rush someone to the hospital. Kartik says she suffered a big shock and fainted, check her. Doctor checks Rama. Dadi says I have sent Naira and Rama for some work, we will go home. Puru asks are you referring to your house or… Devyaani says our house. Puru says great, I will come, will I get snacks. Devyaani says yes. Puru says stay with her Didi. Dadi nods. Gayu asks where is my phone. Kirti says Naira had it, come, we will ask her. Naira asks how will we handle Gayu.

Samarth says I will go and call doctor, Rama got conscious. Rama asks where is Gayu. Naira says she is at home. Rama says how will we tell her that her Vivaan….. she can’t tolerate it, why did you leave her alone, take me. Naira says we didn’t tell her, we will go to her, its imp for you to go home.

Rama says I won’t be able to do it, my daughter is facing a big trouble, her life is ruined, her happiness, her life, everything is over. Rama asks what happened, is there anything more, tell me. Kartik says nothing. Rama says there is something, you said about Gayu’s state, what happened to her. Naira says nothing, she is fine. Rama says don’t lie to me, you are hiding something from me, Kartik I m begging you, tell me whatever it is. Naira says promise me, you won’t tell anyone, Gayu is pregnant. Rama gets shocked. She cries aloud.

Kartik says control yourself, don’t lose hope, how do I bear the brunt of two shocks, how will Gayu bring this baby in the world, we need to convince her some how, she needs to get abortion done. Naira gets shocked. Kartik says we need to take care of Gayu. Naira recalls Kirti’s words. She thinks of her baby. She cries and leaves. Kartik asks Anmol to be with Rama. He says I will handle Naira. He leaves.

Naira asks why did this happen, Kartik, what will I tell Gayu. Kartik says control yourself. Naira cries out. He says its very wrong, we have to become her support, we have to be strong first, she needs her sister.

Naira says we know the pain of losing a baby. Rama says I won’t compromise with Gayu’s life. Kartik says it will be Gayu’s decision. They see Gayu hearing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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