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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ishita face Sahil

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sahil saying Shamshad, call Muskaan, I got her Australia tickets, there is a big rehabilitation centre there, she will get treated there, she gets much angry, whatever she did with Bhallas, it shows how ill she is, we will talk to her and send her. Shamshad comes to the room and finds maid tied up. Sahil gets shocked. He says so she has disguised herself and left. The maid says she escaped with a knife. Sahil asks goons to go and find her. Shamsher says she took her phone. Sahil says I know she went to Bhallas. Ishita cries. Raman says everyone will be fine. Ishita says Muskaan is mad, promise me, you won’t go to her alone. Raman promises. Everyone gets conscious. Raman thanks Lord. Nurse says your parents got conscious. Raman thanks her.

Sahil reaches some place.

The man says Muskaan is there. Sahil gets shocked seeing her stabbed. He asks how did this happen, who did this. Shamshad gives him a kerchief. Sahil removes the knife. She screams. Shamsher says take her. Sahil says lift her, take her to hospital. Shamshad gets some packet there. They get Muskaan home and call a doctor. He says nothing will happen to you, who did this to you. She says Bhalla. Sahil asks who did this, Ishita, her husband or son? Just give me the name, I won’t spare them. Doctor comes and checks her. Doctor says sorry, she is no more. Sahil says she is my sister, nothing can happen to Muskaan, you are a doctor, cure her, else you will die. He holds Muskaan and cries. He says someone killed you, I will not spare them. Shamshad stops him and says we have to arrange the funeral.

Raman says its Ishita’s ticket for London, she has to attend the event, they want to felicitate her. They all wish her and ask her to surely go. She says Muskaan… He says we will manage her, you must go. She smiles. Sahil sees Muskaan’s pic with garland and says we have to identify the murderer, then he won’t get away. He gets angry. Shamshad says we just got this. He shows some packet. Sahil checks and says drugs, why did Muskaan had this. Shamshad says I told her many times to stay away from this business, she is stubborn. Sahil says find out, if she supplied drugs to Bhallas, check her phone. He checks her phone and says this means, she has met him, now he will die. He leaves.

Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to take rest. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I m upset as Aaliya’s wedding didn’t complete. Yug says don’t worry, what matters is that we are fine. He goes to check at the door. Sahil pushes him and gets in with goons. He points gun at Raman. He says Raman killed my sister. They get shocked. Ishita says Raman didn’t kill her, she locked me in lawyer’s office and left poisonous gas to kill my family, sorry we didn’t do this. Sahil says he killed her. Raman says I didn’t. Ishita asks what’s the proof. Sahil says she took one name, Bhalla, Raman’s husband was there in last dialled. Raman says she called me up, I didn’t kill her, she called me and got surprised why I m alive, let me explain. FB shows Muskaan asking Raman are you at home, did marriage happen. Raman says I m outside, stay away from my family. She says I called to know if you are alive. FB ends. Raman says now I understand what she wanted to say, trust me, I didn’t kill her, my mom is not able to breath well.

Ishita says Muskaan threatened me that she will kill my family, we saved everyone by difficulty. Sahil says she threatened you so you took revenge. Raman says we didn’t go to her, come to shop and talk to vendor. Ishita says you can ask at lawyer’s office also. Sahil asks Shamshad to find out. He says if I get any evidence against you, I won’t spare both of you. Raman says fine. Sahil leaves.

Sahil asks Shamshad to keep a watch on them, I won’t spare Raman and his family. Bala and Kiran come out of their flat. Kiran screams seeing them and says they will take me again. Bala says they won’t harm you. Ishita, Raman and Simmi come. Ishita says they won’t do anything. She says look at her, what Muskaan did with us, my husband didn’t kill Muskaan. Bala asks what did you do with her. Sahil says so you have killed Muskaan. Raman says I told you that just Ishita and I were fine, everyone was in danger, you find out and then come, we are telling the truth, you can come and kill us if you get evidence against us. Sahil leaves.

Raman says I will go downstairs and see. Sahil says someone from them have killed Muskaan. Shamshad says we will find their truth. Sahil gets a call and asks didn’t you get any fingerprints on phone, find the proof. Shamshad says it means someone did this cleverly, we will go and find out. Sahil stops Karan and asks when did you meet Muskaan for the last time, you were helping her in ruining Bhallas. Karan says you had threatened me to stay away, so I didn’t meet her. Sahil gets angry. Karan says I was busy with my mom’s treatment. Sahil leaves. Raman says so you are planning to ruin us by helping Muskaan.

Raman gets shouting on Yug. He says I m standing against my family because of you. Yug apologizes. Raman says you will be out when Aaliya recovers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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