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Tantra 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati to stop Kanchan

Tantra 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

All at once, the family blinks and were shocked to see themselves standing in the stools with ropes around their necks for hanging. Kanchan trembles out of fury. Sumati wonders what’s happening. Prithvi asks where this rope come from. Daksh says he can explain what was going on here. Kanchan instead says she will tell them, she questions Daksh what they are doing here. Kanchan says they don’t want the Pooja to take place in the house. She asks Prithvi these people don’t want them to do the Pooja, and this girl came here to kill them. Niyati claims she is telling a lie, Niyati convince the family that Kanchan is doing the Pooja so that she can kill them. She requests her family to recognize her. Prithvi and Sumati stood clueless. Kanchan felt helpless, then goes to blow the whistle from her Pooja. It

hurts Niyati, Daksh and Guru ji and his students. Prithvi and others remain unaffected and walk towards the Tantra stage. Guru Ji says they can get caught in the net of Tantra. Daksh asks Niyati to leave this place and they all run outside.
Outside, Niyati continue to stop Baba. She says she holds high hopes from them. Baba says he doesn’t want to get caught in the Tantra of that girl, his meditation will be helpless. They leave. Daksh and Niyati were left helpless.
Tantrik say they must redo all the pooja again, as those Aghori left their Pooja useless. Kanchan tells them to continue.

Niyati was tensed how she can save her family. She was headed inside, Daksh tells her to wait to find another way. Niyati says they have no other way. Daksh says half of the night has gone, he now understands what they have to do. Daksh gets an idea.

In the jail, the helper of Kanchan tells Akshat she is aware what Kanchan wants. She helped her when she was in jail. Today, she wants to repent, as she used her for selfish needs. Akshat says if she really wants to repent she must let him go, his wife’s family is in trouble; he needs to stop them.

Daksh tells Niyati that Amawas night will pass by in three hours. Afterwards, Kanchan’s powers will be reduced. They must stop this Pooja.

The lady constable comes with keys for Akshat. She says she won’t be able to help him tomorrow for breaking the jail, but at least today she could help him. Akshat decides to go and help Niyati in Jalsa.

Niyati comes to Jalsa. She tells Kanchan she has only one way left. She points a gun towards Kanchan’s forehead. Kanchan says Niyati will be exactly like her after a single murder.

There, Akshat drops the keys making noise and waking the guards of jail. They point guns towards Akshat as he was outside the jail bars. The lady constable hits the back of their heads by a stick and signals Akshat to leave.

At Jalsa, Daksh throw a white powder in the Tantra Pooja. The fire was distinguished. Niyati says she only wanted to divert Kanchan’s attention, she would never kill her; now how she can do the Pooja. Anawas night will end in two hours. This means Kanchan lost again. Kanchan was furious.

Akshat runs out of Police station. The constable informs the head quarter and look around for Akshat. He was hiding behind a police van. The lady constable shows him a way, and leads the constable to the opposite direction.

Kanchan tells Daksh it’s their misunderstanding that she lost. She could have been powerful if she got their sacrifice on this Amawas, but this sacrifice will take place. Her Tantra still controls her family, they are standing like slaves. She marks a cut on her arm, and marks a cut on her arm; then orders them to hang themselves with those ropes and finish their problems once and for all. She tells Niyati that her family will commit suicide, but Niyati will stand helpless.

PRECAP: Kanchan picks a gun. Niyati asks Akshat to take everyone away before Kanchan can take another step. Kanchan makes an aerial fire.

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