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RadhaKrishn 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kans Punishes Sponsors

RadhaKrishn 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna tells Balram that this mela’s success depends on Radha’s planning skills, he can just watch Radha’s moves and enjoy. Balram gets angry that he finds jokes in everything. Krishna says when they accept trouble smilingly, 50% of their problem is gone. Balram stands confused. Krishna says should understand what he said and walks away smiling. Ayan barges into Radha’s room and searches mortgage documents. Radha walking nearby hears sound and runs back to her room. Ayan finds documents and hides after stealing them. Once Radha turns back, he tries to escapes. Radha sees him and asks hat is he doing here. He hiding documents behind says he came to ask when they should organize sabha/assembly. Radha says tomorrow. He says fine and walks away smirking. He with Jatila

meets Kans and hands over documents. Kans says these 3 lenders sponsored grocery carts to Radha, now they will see what he will do to them.

Radha guuides her team organize stalls for mela. She scolds Chandravali to arrange shoes properly in her stall, mela will go for 9 days. Krishna apologizes Chandravali and calms her down. She then scolds another friend Madhumangal to prepare sweets properly. Madhumangal gets angry and tries to leave, but Krishna stuffs sweets in his mouth and handles situation. Radha the orders Balram and he fumes. Krishna via telepathy requests him to calm down as Radha is bitten by arrogance. Balram calms down. Radha then asks Krishna to do something instead of idling around and orders to set up bansuri/flute stall and organize dance program. Krishna agrees. Balram confronts Krishna that everyone is angry with Radha’s rude behavior and wants to leave, but Krishna’s request and kind behavior is holding them here. Krishna says Radha is flying high in arrogance and only mercy can save her, he is always on Radha’s side, either Radha will be free from arrogance or he will burn in it.

Radha sits on her throne and orders Balram to spread news about mela around 108 villages and make sure message reaches on time. Ayan informs Radha that she has to perform navratri rituals. Everyone gather to watch rituals. Ugrapath guides ladies to perform pooja and explains its significance. He then asks Radha to complete ritual of letting someone wash her feet. Radha says a mother deserves this respect and her feet should be washed. He makes Kirtida and Yashoda sit and signaling Krishna to join her washes their feet and does their pooja. She then calls Jatila and asks her to join as she is also a mother. Jatila with Yashoda and Kirtida performs next ritual. Krishna smiles and thinks Radha’s goodness will help her get rid of her arrogance. On the other side, Radha’s 3 sponsors are brought in front of Kans tied in shackles. Kans thinks he will punish them and let him see if Radha can save him. Krishna watches this via telepathy and gets concerned.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that me is a very powerful word, it can be god who can build the world and destroy it, but when it addresses a single person, it brings arrogance and destroys oneself.

Precap: Radha announces commencement of navratri mela and orders to open main door. She gets nervous seeing nobody entering in.

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