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Everyone was presenting in hall while all siblings decided to go goa with Anjali and Rahul. Twinkle making puppy faces Kunj look at her.

Manohar:this great yuvi also going? Twinkle beta you go with them.

Usha:haan this Kunj toh always busy huhu.

Twinkle:nahi Choti Maa some other time.While all get excited Lot.

Tej:now go do your packing.

Rudra:yup they run in their room while Priyanka kissed on tej cheeks.

Priyanka:I love you pa..😛..

Tej:love you too.she too went.Twinkle went in kitchen with gloomy face.

Lata:bichari twinkleee.Tej tu bhi na.

Tej:what to do.

Rahul and Anjali doing their packing just than something click in Rahul mind.

Rahul: each and everyone going why not we take Mahi Anjali.

Anjali:Mahiii?? You asked..

Rahul:hmm I’ll tell Kunj..Kunj was passing from there Rahul give him voice. Kunjj.

Kunj: haan..

Rahul:come.Kunj went in their room.

Kunj:haan bol.Rahul went near him rest his hand on his shoulder. Bol.

Rahul: Kunj I’m thinking why not we take Mahi with us what’s say.?

Kunj: what Mahi..

Rahul: haan she stay alone all going in her group that’s why.

Kunj:hmm I’ll tell twinkle she will Asked.

Rahul: hmm our Omkara get company 😛😝.

Kunj:saale hatt in low voice. So going ahem.

Rahul: haa not like you but I plain to go alone but this bharat going with us😱😭.

Kunj: this should happen with you. 😂. Great I will be alone here spend sometime with my wife.

Rahul: haan don’t fly too much Hitler is here only he will spend time with you rather than twinkle 😂😂.


Rahul:ja apni biwi ke pass. Huhu.

Anjali:finally my packing is done.Kunj went from there.All packed their clothes.Twinkle entered in room Kunj was busy in his laptop. Twinkle see and murmured.

Twinkle: he didn’t care about me at all now everyone going and I’m here only huhu babaji Kya pati hai mera he knows about this lingerie and all’s huhu.She went and sit Kunj see her and he closed his eyes he get scared he knows she will not leave him by taunting she will kills him fully.

Kunj:twinkle Rahul saying why not they take Mahi with them? Everyone going in her gang that’s why.

Twinkle: acha Mahi you know about this everyone going she will be alone here but you don’t care about me. Kunj get up with towards her sit opposite of her.

Kunj: Arey meri queen who told you I’m here for you. How can you be alone haa you have this hot and dashing husband 😎.

Twinkle: stop praising yourself Kunj my mood isn’t good.

Kunj: aww you looking more beautiful in this anger feels like bite your tomato cheeks my tamatar😛😝.

Twinkle: huhu don’t be cheesy with me I’ll not melted this time.

Kunj:let me call Maa and asked her about my saali. Kunj call Leela she pick up her phone. Call was on speaker. Haa Maa.

Leela:yes Kunj puttar.. Kunj gestured twinkle to talk with Leela she deny Kunj make faces. Are you der??

Kunj:haan Maa I call you because I wanted your permission.

Leela:permission for what??

Kunj:woh Maa this all going to goa with Anjali di and Rahul they were going so they too decided that’s why I asking you can Mahi go with them.

Leela:acha Kunj puttar idea is good she is too alone Malika and Kabir went going with me and rt ji my mother house and Mahi deny this is good I’ll tell she will go.

Kunj:thanks Maa.

Leela: acha twinkle is also na.

Twinkle: immediately na Maa this sadu wouldn’t take me anywhere huhu.

Kunj: hhu nahi Maa it just in busy that’s why.

Leela: koi na puttar this twinkle is like this only jhali Kunj giggles.Okay bye.

Kunj:bye Maa. End the calls. Acha ab bol Kya bol rahi hai. I didn’t take you anywhere haa.

Twinkle:haan what I said wrong in this you don’t have any time for me.

Kunj: aha I stuck between you and work.

Twinkle:work is important for you more than me haina.

Kunj: who told you this. Kunj cupped her face went near her face. Think they all went no kabab me hadi anymore between us we both alone can spend time with each other’s think about this twinkle look at him.

Twinkle: acha ji they all will enjoy there what we will do here haa?

Kunj: yeh bhi bata na padega 😛smirked at her she understood.

Twinkle:you only know this things haina.
Her eyes went on lingerie. And what is this cheapo..

Kunj: what cheapo twinkle gesture him Kunj see hoo this Arey I didn’t Purab takes me and Rahul he buying and tell me as well😛😝. So you are too cheapo haina.

Twinkle:shut up.

Kunj:Chal Leave this all things go and wear and show me??

Twinkle:did you think I’m mad Kunj I’ll not do anything now stay away from me.

Kunj:but I can’t na baby.

Twinkle:do your work I’ll not give you time.Than you’ll understand.Twinkle get up and went downstairs she get busy in kitchen with her mother in laws. Usha and Avantika seeing twinkle she making faces while thinking about Kunj. Usha and Avantika.

Usha:I think Avantika twinkle is upset in low voice twinkle fully engrossed in her work.

Avantika:hmm she will be obviously na Usha everyone going expect than her and Kunj.We all know Kunj always busy didn’t take out time for her.

Usha:haan don’t know on whom this Kunj went on this matter Manohar and tej bhai saab never like this.

Avantika:hmm even I’m saying this to tej only.

Leela told Mahi firstly she get confused.
Malika: idea is good haina Kabir.

Kabir:haan malika maa send her everyone going?

Mahi: Maa di?

Leela: your di isn’t going because of jiju.

Kabir: she must be crying 😂😂.

Leela: you go okay.

Malika:haa Mahi goa is so beautiful come I’ll help you in your packing. Malika take her in room she helping her in packing Mahi was happy inside her heart.

Mahi:in heart aww I’m so happy
everyone going mean Omkara bhi why I’m so happy Babaji tell me please.

Other side yuvi was hell happy finally he will get time with Avni.

Yuvi:baby now we will spend quality time with each other he said to Avni both were on video call.

Avni: acha I don’t think so don’t forget bhai was with us only 😂😂.

Yuvi:huhu your brother is so romantic opening Romancing why he always play band baja of my romance.🙁😏: Avni laughs out fully.

Avni: you are too funny. Acha yuvi I’ll talk to you later Maa calling me for dinner. Bye.

Yuvi: bye love you.She blushed.

Avni: haa bye love you too. End the calls.

At Sarna Mansion everyone sit for dinner twinkle and Avni serving each and everyone Kunj just looking at twinkle face Rahul see her.

Rahul:Kunj Kya hua.

Kunj: nothing.

Rahul: I’m thinking now whole night twinkle will do Kung fu with you😂😂. He laughs out Kunj gritting his teeth at him.

Kunj: kam bol you flying above limit I’ll cancel your goa trip just in a minute.

Rahul: jealous see there I’ll enjoy with my wifey uff 😛😛. Having goosebumps after thinking about us😂😂. Kunj giggles.

Kunj:have some shame at least.Both busy in their talks. Twinkle see Kunj and Rahul. And murmured.

Twinkle:see this sadu and Romeo Rahul. He toh just love to spend time with him only na why he will think about me babaji. Both of them is shameless something cheap they planning if he thinking he will romance with me here that his highly mistakes I’ll go to Maa house 😛😛. Than he will understand my value waha twinkle what a mind you get. Kunj look at her both pass smile.

Tej:So finally your packing is done.

Rudra:haan pa.

Avni: I’m so excited.

Prithviraj: you all are so happy.Stay like this only.They finished their dinner. All went in their respective rooms. Omkara get to know even Mahi too going with them he get so happy.

Rahul and Rohan doing chit chatting with each other’s on phone.

Rahul: we all going Rohan. Pinku as well. As soon as he read Priyanka name get hell happy immediately.. really he replied to him. Don’t be excited so much. His two brother also was there and most his elder brother cum jiju😎😎. If any Kamina will saw my pinku with bad eyes I’ll kick on his ass 😂😂. Rohan read. Saale what do you mean by this let me meet with you tomorrow I’ll kick on your ass wouldn’t leave you let you romance 😂😂.Both continue their chat like this.

Twinkle and Aayat laying on bed in sitting position both having chocolates which Kunj brought for twinkle. Aayat kissing on twinkle cheeks leaving twinkle on her face she too enjoy this chocolate facial 😂😂.

Aayat:bhabhi it’s so yummy.

Twinkle:yes my doll. Kissed on her cheeks.Kunj entered in room he closed the door and went towards bed he see twinkle and Aayat both lost in chocolate world.Twinkle see Kunj she making faces giving him annoying looks..

Kunj:what’s going on?

Aayat: bhaiya we having chocolate it’s so yummy. She showing him her tongue which become darkest.

Kunj:ewww why you having this much chocolates haa you will have pain in your teeth’s haan?

Aayat: huhu. Bhabhi is best she cuddles him.

Twinkle:even my Aayat too. She cuddles her back kissed on her cheeks while showing Kunj only..😂😛. Kunj arching his eye brow. Even I don’t have anyone cuteness I get you.

Aayat: Haan this all is going na.

Twinkle:let them go we both will do lots of masti here. Just only you and me. Kunj listing everything.

Aayat: even bhaiya too.

Twinkle:Leave your bhaiya he have work in office that’s why. 😛.

Kunj:give me some chocolates please.

Twinkle: no I don’t have.

Aayat: even I too.

Kunj:give me I said na.. twinkle having chocolate bar in her hand. Kunj asking her to give him while twinkle didn’t both started fighting like Tom and Jerry Aayat closed her ears and get up went from there closed the door back. Give me siyappa queen.

Twinkle: I won’t sadu sarna. She take whole chocolate in her mouth she can’t
have it fully 😛😝 giving Kunj Tashan.

Kunj: wait today I’ll not leave I’ll take my chocolates back.She raise her eye brow how?? Kunj pulled her with jerk he grab her lips with his twinkle get shocked. Kunj push her on bed both looking in each other’s.Twinkle pushing him while Kunj hold her tightly sealed her mouth with his😝😝. Kunj bite her lips she moan his name.

Twinkle: Kunjj ouch she open her mouth kunj take the advantage of situation he immediately entered in her mouth. Twinkle leave him she too started kissing him back.Exploring each other’s whole chocolate melted in her mouth both enjoying chocolate together. Both making the kiss deep and deep. Kunj smooching her fully twinkle hands moving on his back. She moaning his name in between kiss.

Kunj:in between Kiss don’t mess with me next time mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna 😎. She playfully hit on his back.Playing with each other tongue. After share long passionate kiss both out of the breath. Break the kiss and breathing heavily look at each other’s.

Twinkle: are you and who did this haa?

Kunj: I did this when you not giving me chocolate I know how to get. 😛.

Twinkle: shameless man.

Kunj: by the twinkle this way is great to share a chocolate 😂😛. Twinkle blushed. Chocolate become more tasty. Bite her lower lip pulled as well. She blushed so badly.

Twinkle: kunjj hatt.

Kunj:haan this kiss with chocolate combination is awesome 😂😂. She push him he lay down beside her. Kya twinkle you get muffed with me for this small things.

Twinkle: haan why I’ll let me sleep please.

Kunj: lets😛. What’s say promise I’ll not take your enough time.

Twinkle: goodnight she said and turned Kunj give her backhugged. Nuzzles his face in her back neck .

Kunj: my cute ladaku siyappa queen hmm😍😍.Goodnight she smiled Kunj lock his hands around her waist.Both closed their eyes with a smile both sleep with in no time.

Next day in [email protected]
All of them so excited those were going goa they get up and get ready.Twinkle and Kunj wake up at them same time. Both look at each other’s.

Twinkle: I’m going first.

Kunj: hmm don’t take one hour..

Twinkle: I’ll take what you will do.. 😏😏.
She take her clothes and went in washroom Kunj laughs.

Kunj:this goa people going and make and leave her wild cat on my head. What I’ll handle babaji give me energy please he take up take his clothes went in another washroom. Both get ready quickly. Twinkle helping Kunj in his shirt buttons he looking at her acha twinkle now don’t give me this look please na see I’ll take you for a best vacation.She look at him give him normal smile.They both went downstairs.All come for breakfast.

Kunj: waha Rudra today you wake up so early I’m impressed with you idiot for goa you wake up itself for college can’t you. Rudra showing him his teeth’s like shameless 😂.They all sit for breakfast in excitement they quickly finished their breakfast servants bring their luggage Kunj see their bags, what is this you all just going for some days not going to stay there forever 😂😂.

Om: true see this girls and our Rudra girl is too much haina.

Rudra: offo o in goa who wears clothes 😂😛. Rahul and Kunj arching their eye brows all giggles Kunj play hit on his head.

Kunj: pagal.

Tej: acha now go you will get late for your fight.

Kunj:what about Mahi.

Rahul:I messaged yuvi and Rohan they both will pick up her and come airport directly..

Kunj: okay. They all meet with all.

Rudra: bhabhi I’ll miss you 😭😭.

Kunj:Bas don’t put butter in Fire. 😝.

Rahul: hehe now guys let’s go. They all bid bye to each other Priyanka look at tej and Avantika.

Tej: see you going don’t cry there afterward okay and haa please take care of my daughter Anjali and Avni raise their eyes.. haan you both have yuvi and Rahul 😂😂. Both giggles.

Om: Don’t worry I’m there for Priyanka.

Kunj:and Rudra don’t fight with her okay. She hugged Kunj and tej they all went outside and sit in cars and left for airport all smiled.

Tej: chalo they also went.Now let’s go office.

Kunj:I’m coming.Bye he gestured to twinkle she nodded in yes. Manohar and tej and went outside while twinkle and Kunj standing Lata and Prithviraj went in their room while Usha and Avantika understood they too as well Kunj come to twinkle. Acha sun I’m going hell busy if I get late please have your dinner don’t be sad please.

Twinkle:hmm. Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Kunj: bye take care of yourself.

Twinkle:hmm you too. Kunj went outside tej and Manohar was waiting for Kunj. He sit in car started the car and they drove off. Twinkle went in her room with sad heart she get busy in her work.

Yuvi and Rohan pick up Mahi they reached airport and waiting for sarnas.

Yuvi: when this people will come. Just than their car stop they all come out of the car Rohan see Priyanka he get so happy Omkara and Mahi eyes meet. Both give each other smile.

Rahul: now lets go.They have their bags and went inside the airport they did their all security checking.They don’t have much time so they went in aircraft take their seats. Rahul and Anjali sitting yuvi pulled Avni with him so they sit. Soumya and Priyanka or Rohan sitting together while Mahi and Omkara or Rudra sitting together 😛😛.avni and yuvi holding each other hands.

Yuvi:I’m so excited for this trip our before marriage mini honeymoon 😂.

Avni:acha don’t forget honey me bees are there in our matter bhai is 😂😂.

Yuvi:hatt. Yuvi kissed on her hands she blushed and rest her head on his shoulder. While rest of them playing games. While our loving couple Anjali and Rahul.

Rahul; I’m feeling so bad without Kunj and twinkle.

Anjali: same this Kunj bhi na huhu.

Rahul: don’t forget he will stay there after all he love his wife Lot something he will do.

Anjali: hmm. Rahul turned and see Rohan and Priyanka they playing game.

Rahul:hoo bhi se started playing game. 😛😆murmured even see Mahi and Omkara. I think goa me love story will be heat up 😂😂😝.

Anjali: what?

Rahul: nothing.

Scene 2
Kunj get busy in office fully Rohan and Rahul wasn’t there so he have to do all work alone.He didn’t get time to message twinkle. Back to back meeting than have to give report of all meetings to tej and Manohar.

Twinkle finished her work she get bored she is alone all went she went in living room. All ladies sitting.

Avantika: Kya hua twinkle get bored I knew it all went that’s why I told you went with them but you didn’t listen us.

Twinkle:no mummy ji I’m just fine. Here Kunj is alone na and you know him.

Usha: chalo we go somewhere?

Lata: see this heat don’t go get ill.

Twinkle; absolutely right.

Aayat: bhabhi come we both will play together haa.

Twinkle: hmm twinkle went with Aayat. Both playing with toys twinkle just distracting her mind while playing Aayat sleep. Twinkle smiled she take her in her arms place her on bed kissed on Aayat forehead.She lay down beside her don’t know when she slept beside her.

#After sometimes later all reached goa they come out of aircraft all hooting. They come out of the airport.Car was waiting for them they sit in cars and left for hotel.All seeing goa road view from window.They informed they reached goa safely. They reached hotel all come out of the car and see its beach side hotel all get so happy.

Rohan: now lets go girls have to share room with each other’s.

Rahul:only me and Anjali and rest of bachelors boys and girls in two rooms 😛.Yuvi making faces. Haa yuvi you too. They went inside and take their rooms Keys from reception.And went in their rooms. They entered in room and see the view all loved it. They just lay down on beds they were tired now. Now Anjali you can’t escape from me here.

Anjali: lets see you come for meeting don’t forget it 😛😂.She resting Rahul call in office asking about meeting details.

Leela and rt with all family members they left for Chandigarh at Leela maternal house.Their having some function for that they were going.Now Mahi isn’t so bebe and hansh too going.

At evening Kunj get free from his work he went in his cabin was hell tired he Oder coffee for himself.

Kunj: aha this work uff I’ll call twinkle and ask her. Kunj calling her she didn’t pick up his call. Why she didn’t answer my calls man she is angry with me she is right at her place as well. Kunj call on landline Avantika pick up the phone.

Avantika: hello?

Kunj: mummy where is twinkle?

Avantika: aww mere bête ko apni biwi ki kitni chinta hai I love it. Kunj giggles. She is with Aayat wait I’ll give you phone. Avantika take phone with herself and went in room she find twinkle and Aayat sleeping. Hoo Kunj sorry twinkle sleeping beside Aayat.

Kunj:okay she had her lunch haa?

Avantika: nope don’t worry I’m here for her you do your work my bacha.

Kunj: love you. 😛. Cut the calls.

Kunj again busy in his work after sometimes later twinkle wake up she went in washroom get freshen up come down Avantika bring food for her she hold her hand made her sit beside her.

Twinkle: Kya hua?

Avantika: Kuch nahi have your lunch you didn’t have na.

Twinkle: no mummy ji maan nahi hai mera.

Avantika: see if you will not eat than my Kunj will get angry with me he give me Oder to take care of his wife😛😛. Twinkle smiled cum blushed.

Twinkle:acha.She open her mouth Avantika feed her with her hands. By the time Aayat too come.

Aayat: I’m too hungry. She open her mouth Avantika feed her too both having food with Avantika hands happily.Twinkle adore her mother in law who loved her lot.

Twinkle: I think world best mother in law award goes to you mummy ji 😛😛.

Avantika: acha even world best daughter in law goes to you as well😍. You know what tej always saying we can’t find better girl than you for Kunj. Who handle him so nicely.

Twinkle: your son is so kadoos mummy ji always angry 😛😏.

Avantika: I know?

Twinkle:hell possessive papa ji so good.

Avantika:hehe acha both fight like kids. Acha hua after you kunj at least Leave me otherwise toh he don’t have Time for anyone just busy in his work and more this tej. After marriage he come early giving everyone time because of his wife.

Twinkle: before.

Avantika: just come to me. 😛😛tej always get jealous.

Twinkle: mummy ji why Kunj and papa ji is like this I mean Kunj get so conscious in front of papaji?

Avantika:aise hi twinkle he is elder kid of ours so tej always behind him wanted make him best.He is little strict with me And Kunj is like this he talk less with tej.

Twinkle: hmm but he loves papaji Lot.

Avantika: yeah he too.They finished the lunch: twinkle take plate back in kitchen.

In goa all get freshen up after some rest. They all come down girls wear night clothes in wester style not showing their body.While boys in shorts.They all were hungry.

Anjali: don’t have anything here let’s try something on beach.

Priyanka: yup.

Rahul: you Priyanka stay with me after Hitler will shoot us. He hold her hand they went to beach in beach people enjoying all smiled they buy hats for girls brim hats.They wear shades looking super cool;Omkara look at Mahi she running on beach.They went to some stalls they had something there. Rahul give Rudra Oder he cant drink here now. He nodded in eyes they take normal cold drinks and went near beach Priyanka playing with water Rohan went and he too.Omkara playing their videos yuvi and Avni dancing in side Rahul give look to yuvi he see and giggles twirl Avni. Rahul pulled Anjali in a hug soumay and Rudra pushing each other’s in sea all giggles.
Saw aasmaan song play in bg they all forget everything just enjoying every bit of it after they get tried went in side and lay down on chairs taking sun kisses.

At night they all enjoyed Lot here and there see few most beautiful places of goa they had sea food dinner and went to back hotel.

Rahul: I’m tired now I have meetings in morning I’m going okay.

Anjali: you go we all will play game.

Rahul: okay.Anjali went with them in their room.All boys come in girls room they changed their clothes and Oder champagne all sit and started playing games. Never have I ever game.

Rudra:So question Never have you ever admire a any girl..😛😛. All look at each others.

Anjali: hmm. Omkara closed his eyes.

Avni: you should be truthful.

Rudra:you have to take this champagne 🥂 sip. Rudra take sip of champagne even yuvi as well Rohan and Omkara left only. Rohan too Omkara closed his eyes and see Mahi face he too all get shocked. Wow O you too shocking.

Rohan: next is. Never have You ever been in handcuffs for any reason. Rudra take sip of champagne. All look at him.

Avni; really reason.

Rudra: woh I propose one girl and I don’t know she is daughter of a police officer I was just playing a prank with her due to this she handcuffs me. All laughs out like anything.

Rohan: Than?

Om:kunj went and bring him out, pagal.
They playing like this only,

All have their dinner and went in their respective rooms twinkle was just waiting for Kunj he didn’t come till now.

Twinkle:where is this Kunj haa?. She try to sleep but can’t without him. Just than Kunj entered in room twinkle get up. Kunj you come back haa at this time why.

Kunj: sorry I stuck in work uff I’m so tired twinkle today.

Twinkle: acha you get freshen up I’ll bring dinner for you.

Kunj:nahi mera maan nahi hai. Did you have.

Twinkle: how can I without you haa. You sleep Kunj.

Kunj: huhu without food how can I get sleep you should think na acha I’ll get freshen up we will have food together.

Twinkle: okay. Kunj went in washroom twinkle went down goes in kitchen she heat up food Kunj get freshen up twinkle come with food. Kunj come both sit together and having food together feeding each other’s too. I’m missing you lot: Kunj I’m thinking can I go to maa house 😛😛just to tease him ,

Kunj:huhu I’ll kill you if you dare to step out of this house.

Twinkle: you toh went office I get bored here na alone.

Kunj:give me sometimes I’ll get free afterwards than I’ll be all yours baby. They finished their food and both lay down on bed twinkle cuddles Kunj and making circle on his chest. Bol,

Twinkle:kunjj nothing.


Twinkle: I love you.

Kunj: I too. Kissed on her temple. Kunj got messages from Rohan he take his phone and open the message see he send their pictures. They seeing.

Twinkle: aww see they enjoying so much babaji. Started crying fake😒😭..

Kunj: Kya twinkle why you crying like a baby. Now I’ll told dadi when she demand me for babies I’ll told her twinkle itself a baby..

Twinkle:😒😏😏.You sadu.See this they all enjoying only I see Rahul and di. And others mera kitna maan ta. 😫😫. Kunj keep his phone aside.

Kunj: you crying for this haan.Till now you didn’t roam with me anywhere If you went Than this is nothing in front of my 😛

Twinkle:kyu you talking as if you take me for world tour huhu sadu about baby demand with anyone else get it.

Kunj:hehe how can I you are my love I can demand with you only na😛😝. Pagali pulled his cheeks. Twinkle blabbering this and that Kunj just listen didn’t said anything. After twinkle sleep Kunj see her kissed on her forehead and peck on her lips and cuddles her he too sleep.
Whole night they all playing after they get tired and sleep in sitting position only.

Another morning.. Rahul wake up he smile and open his eyes didn’t found Anjali beside him than he recalled she went to all youngsters.Rahul get up he went to girls room he went inside after see the scenario he get shocked. They all sleeping beside each other’s on floor Rahul see champagne bottles.

Rahul: So chandal chokdi doing this at night let me click there photo I’ll show Kunj. He click their photo.Oyye shamelesso ki gang wake up. See Omkara holding Mahi hand in sleep he click that too😂😂. He is faster than me too aww Than yuvi hi resting her head in Avni lap see this shameless soon my Jija meri behan he went to Avni put yuvi head on Rohan lap. She is my sister on any pillow huhu😛😛😏😏. And my beautiful wife enjoying night out without me that’s not good. Rahul play music subah ho GAi maamu..😛😛.Due to this their sleep get disturb they all wake up together. And all looking at Rahul.

Yuvi: what is this stop this music.

Rahul: acha who will wake up here you people not come for sleeping get it. And you Anjali what is this.

Anjali: uff rahul not here you have meeting na. Come she hold Rahul hand gestures to other sleep. Anjali take Rahul in room they went in room she give him his clothes he get ready and prepared for his meeting. Acha baby you go office after meeting messaged me when you coming.

Rahul: haan I know you send me sleep afterwards. Huhu she smiled and peck on his lip.

Anjali: you understand me so nicely love you now go let them do whatever there bade papa behind them.

Rahul: acha okay but keep your eyes on this boys don’t let any girl went with them. Avni and Priyanka you know tej sarna will kill me in goa only. She laughs out.

Anjali: aww you are too cute see now what about you when you are behind me always take and hide from everyone what about my brother see Kunj.

Rahul: saala Kunj he knows me and you don’t compare us with this world you And me is different my world kissed on his forehead and left Anjali smiled she lay down on the bed.

Kunj sleeping peacefully twinkle entered in room with his breakfast they all already had. She keep tray in side and went to Kunj and sit beside him caress his face.

Twinkle: my Kunj he work so much. And I teasing him. Kissed on his lip.

Kunj: bas kar. 😂. She get shocked and look at Kunj he open his one eyes hi.. good morning my Jaan..

Twinkle: are you wake up.

Kunj: yup just waiting for you so you are my view of today start my day with your beautiful face😛. Twinkle smiled. Kunj get up.

Twinkle:you go and get ready Baba Kunj.Kunj take his clothes and get ready
Fast he had his breakfast and see twinkle face.

Kunj: what happened??

Twinkle: nothing you go papa ji said you have work.

Kunj:hmm bye.

Twinkle: bye Kunj left for office. Whole day passed like this Kunj busy in his work at goa Rahul as well and others get up and freshen they all went to Roam near their hotel.Twinkle fully get bored now Leela and rt was also not in town what she can do alone. Just than she get chinki call. Hii.

Chinki: hii what happened why you sounding so low. Twinkle narrate her each and everything she giggles. Nice.

Twinkle:what he can do he don’t have time chinki come at night late. Kunj working so hard for this project hope his all hard work worth it.

Chinki: hmm even raj too busy with his job.
Acha my girl what plan for this year haa.

twinkle:Kya plan this time I didn’t think anything leave it na chinki now.

Chinki:Arey why after it’s yours.


Chinki:did Kunj??

Twinkle:he toh don’t remember.They both talk for sometimes than they cut the calls.Like this two days has been passed away Kunj and twinkle hardly get time to spend. Other hand goa people fully enjoyed Rahul done with his meeting last meeting only left.They all spending time with each other’s and having fun..

From 2 -3 days kunj was very busy so he was not able to spend time with twinkle .

Twinj [email protected]
he was sitting and doing his work.then twinkle comes sit beside him.
she was just trying to get roamntic with him.but he was involved in his work that he didnt react.then twinkle get angry.

Twinkle:kya ha aaj kal tum meko buav kyu ni de reho.jab khud ka man rahta toh lage rahte ho.or jb mai karti hu to sadu look.sadu sarna khain ka.😝😝.
Kunj look at her.

Kunj: twinkle i m just doing my work .why are you getting angry.

Twinkle:do na your work dont come close to me in night.fir rat ka romance bhi karne ke liye mat aana.😏😏.
Then kunj will leave his work and manofying twinkle.

Kunj:🥰🥰 meri itni mzal itni beautiful biwi ho mere samne or romance na karu.bas jab tujpe dhyan deta hu na toh sub bhool jata hu .😝😛isliye phale kam khatam kar rha tha.

Twinkle:stop your buttering mr sarna…
Ab mera mood ni jao! maine itni romantic msg bheje the tumne read kiye ni na.tumhare pas kha time hai 😒.

Kunj:acha kya bheja tha.bata na please twinkle.she will not react.then he will see in his phone..think chalo ab manao ise! sun na twinkle.i m sorry na baby please man jao na . acha theek hai mai twinkle se ni bat kar sakta.but apni biwi se toh bat kar hi sakta hu..Then he will go close to her then he will tickle her..
She laughing loudly.

Twinkle: haha kunj😂😂. Stop Kunj pulled her she sit on his lap. Acha bas karo sadu. How’s your meeting.

Kunj: great just I have to send this mails to pa. Acha sun na can you making kheer for me.

Twinkle:acha kheer what I’ll get 😛.

Kunj:my love making pouty lips.. 😛. Twinkle cupped Kunj face and peck on his lips.

Twinkle:okay I’ll make. She get up and went downstairs. Kunj send all mails to tej.

Kunj:finally I get free babaji.I know she is sad somewhere really I didn’t give her time now I’m free what I’ll do for her. Even I have to do something for her. Kunj went downstairs twinkle talking with chinki and Asha at phone Kunj standing at door he listen conversation.
Aww my siyappa queen thinking I didn’t remember. Really can I did this sins 😂😂. Marna hai Kya mujhe.. he went in tej and Avantika room they both sitting. Kunj give file to tej.

Tej:great you done fabulous work.

Avantika: now free.

Kunj:yup. 😛. Tej get call he went in side Kunj sit beside Avantika. Mummy I wanted to asked you something?

Avantika: what.

Kunj: woh now I’m free na so I wanted to take twinkle for vacation. Avantika smiled.

Avantika:acha great what can I do in this?

Kunj:woh wanted permission from pa..
You know na.

Avantika: acha you planned everything for her.

Kunj:yes I wanted to give her surprise I didn’t give her time usually toh.

Avantika: right.Kunj tell her each and everything.Amazing. Mera bacha I never thought my Kunj will be like this. Shy Kunj now. Kunj giggles he rest his head on her shoulder.

Kunj:aap bhi na. You know after her My life changed I love her Lot.

Avantika:I know can see in my Kunj eyes. Tej come Kunj hold Avantika hand.

Tej: what’s going on between Maa and son.

Avantika:acha you come your son. Kunj planned something for his wife.

Tej:acha what?

Avantika:he taking her bolo Kunj. He bow down his face.


Tej:Kunj always woh se starting..😛.


Tej:good. After Paris?

Kunj:Prague.if you permit me than we’ll tej and Avantika smiled.

Tej:why I’ll have any problems with this.
Go and enjoy okay. Kunj nodded tej keep his hands on his shoulders. Let my bahu enjoy fully.


Avantika:should I Me and tej joint you promise wouldn’t disturb you 😂😂.Kunj see Avantika face.

Tej:we enjoy Lot now it’s their time.

Avantika:haan when we went with Kunj that’s best experience 😛😛.

Kunj: you can come Maa and pa.

Tej:she just teasing you.If we disturb you than 😂😂😛.Just than twinkle entered in room with kheer cups.

Twinkle:you all here good she went in room. Kya hua??

Avantika:what you make.

Twinkle:kheer for you all.

Tej:acha for us or Kunj.Both husband and wife giggles.She give to tej and Avantika Kya hua?

Avantika:nothing.You both go and have kheer together let me and my husband have it 😛😂.

Twinkle:hoo.Kunj went from there. Twinkle too.

Tej:tum bhi?

Avantika:I’m so happy tej for our Kunj he loved twinkle so much.

Tej:after all beta mera hai like me I love you Lot after years also it just increasing 😍.

Twinkle and Kunj sit in poolside.both having kheer with same spoon and cup.

Twinkle:acha tell me what you talking with mummy ji and papaji.

Kunj:kuch nahi just.Acha sun meri Ek Baath we are going to somewhere??


Kunj:bas I’m saying na?

Twinkle:but where Kunj tell me name?

Kunj: let it be surprised. Hisar😂😂

Twinkle: acha 😏😏😏sadu okay but when we are going?

Kunj: after two days??

Twinkle:acha after today’s 🙁.

Kunj:are you not happy.

Twinkle:hmm I’m.In mind what I’ll do afterwards towards they feed each other kheer Kunj watching twinkle face expression he giggles inside in his heart😛😂.After sometimes later they all sit for dinner no one tell anything to twinkle.Kunj and twinkle feeding Aayat food with Their hands after dinner they went in their rooms.

Kunj:acha sun let’s do our packing?

Twinkle: now only why we have two days.

Kunj:Arey I’m saying let’s save time in two days we can do other things 😛. Chal chal. Kunj bring bags he open the wardrobe taking out their clothes. Twinkle too packing her clothes in bag.
Twinkle don’t take so much clothes.


Kunj:because you don’t need so much clothes there take less clothes wound-not😛😂 useful..

Twinkle:shameless man.they done with their packing.Twinkle was tired so she fast sleep Kunj looking at her. He get Rahul call.


Rahul:hi boring man.We all enjoying here.

Kunj:acha I’m boring😛😂. Even we’ll too enjoy more than you all..

Rahul:what do you mean by this?

Kunj:acha bye my Jaan is calling me he cut the call.

Rahul:kunjjj Bastar 😏😏.Kunj take their bags and place in side.

Kunj:how can I forget twinkle kissed on her forehead this is best vacation till now of yours. 😛😛.My life.Kunj lift her in his arms..he closed the door of their rooms and taking twinkle down.

Rohan and Priyanka sitting and having popcorn.

Rohan:what you love more?

Priyanka: in this world most my family. And you.

Rohan: in sense.

Priyanka: what?

Rohan:Me also family get it.

Priyanka: hoo.Priyanka get up about to go just than her foot sprained ouchhh.

Rohan: Kya hua.

Priyanka: my foot Rohan. He sit on his knees and see her foot fish what you have done it sprain man.

Priyanka:it’s paining. I can’t walk.

Rohan:wait.Rohan lift her in his arms Priyanka look at him.Her hands around his neck Rohan walk out from there Priyanka admiring him ❤️❤️.janam janam song play in bg.

Scene freezes..
How was the episode??
Hope you all like episode thanks for your comments in my pervious episode thanks lot. Leave mistakes.So Kunj taking twinkle for vacation finally she don’t know..Paris and Prague 😛are you excited for this or not??
bye love you all.

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