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Patiala Babes 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Solves Laala’s Problem

Patiala Babes 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita gets sewing machine and sewing items. Hanuman asks if she stole machine and is hiding it in policeman’s house. Babita says she wants to surprise Minnie, so she is hiding machine here. Hanuman says one more surprise, already one surprise put them in trouble and he cannot handle one more trouble. Babita say she needs Hanuman’s help and since she cannot use machine upstairs, she will use it whole night downstairs. Hanuman says how will he sleep with machine sound. Laala asks to listen to her at least. Hanuman says Babita always puts him into trouble with emotional blackmail, he will tolerate machine noise if she solves Laala’s problem.

Khatri in his office informs his aides Balli and Kartar that he got heritage tag for their locality by bribing officers and is organizing

Baisakhi mela here. Kartar says do they have to set up antique item shops. Khatri says they can setup food stalls and have to give 10% profit to him. Khatri asks if he will take commission from them also. Khatri in his usual style takes god’s oath and says he is taking fees.

Hanuman asks Laala to describe his problem to Babita. Laala says his fiance Geeta’s birthday is coming this week and he wants to know what gift to give her. Hanuman jokes and suggests to gift buffalo and with its milk, Geeta’s beauty will increase and he does not have to buy makeup kit for her. Laala asks to stop taunting him and says Geeta is very petite and gets sweaty due to summer heat, so he wants to gift her cooler. Babita says you men really don’t know what woman needs, woman is not faltered by precious gift, even a small rose, mela’s earring, anklet, bangles, etc, would suffice; due to shyness, woman does not express her feelings directly, so she express them via anklet, bangles, earring, etc.. Laala notes down all her suggestions.

At Khurana house, Lovely scolds tailor over phone to deliver dress by 11 a.m. tomorrow while her puppet husband Sukhi runs behind her holding juice and offers her. She says she is in so much tension and he wants her to have juice. He asks to explain her problem, he will solve it. She says she gave dress to tailor 2 weeks ago, but he did not deliver dress yet, she has a kitty party at her friend’s house tomorrow. Her friend Mrs. Singh (lady who had offered governess’ job for Babita) calls her and says she is tensed as nobody is there to take care of her child and even aaya is not coming. Lovely says she can cancel kitty party then. Lady says no need for that, she can come tomorrow wearing her new dress and bring her special dish along. Lovely agrees. Lady asks her husband to call back lady who came in the morning and request her to come tomorrow. He says he has taken Babita’s number from employment exchange and will call her.

Babita is busy looking at dress material she got via Munna to stitch new dresses for Minnie when Lady’s husband calls her and requests to accept their offer and he will give 15000 rs per month, he will ask maid and his wife to apologize Babita. Babita says she does not need his job, but he insists and asks to meet him tomorrow at 11 p.m. Next day, Babita informs Nayeem bi about it. Nayeem bi scolds her not to accept aaya’s job. Babita says owner was very apologetic and will pay 15000 rs, so she is thinking of accepting offer due to her financial condition.

Precap: Lovely over phone emotionally blackmails Babita to prepare a dish for her.

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