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Mere Sai 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Invites Srikanth To Be His Guest

Mere Sai 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni eats simple breakfast and tells Anta and Panta that feast is being prepared in each house, but he is eating dry food as Rukmini is ill. He sees Srikanth coming and orders Anta and Panta to inform Srikanth that he is busy and cannot meet anyone. They both stop Anta outside door and asks what he needs. He says his hand is burnt during holika dahan yesterday and wants to meet Kulkarni for treatment. Anta and Panta say sarkar is busy today and will not meet anyone. Srikanth walks back when Kulkarni thinks Srikanth can be helpful to him and stops him. Srikanth says his servants told he is busy. Kulkarni says he was busy, but finished his work. He greets Srikanth in and checking his wound murmurs in Anta’s ears to get best herbal paste which heals injury fast. Anta brings medicine bottle.

Srikanth thanks him and asks fees. Kulkarni says how can he take fees from a teacher in whose hands Shirdi’s children’s brighter future is. Srikanth thanks him. Kulkarni thinks if he helps him more, he will give a good report to Gokulas, so he asks Srikanth to have meals here until his hand heals. Srikanth agrees and thanks for his favor. Kulkarni asks him to return for lunch and dinner. Srikanth agrees and leaves. Rukmini hears their conversation and walks towards kitchen even with her ill health. Kulkarni stops her and scolds her that she is an owner and should not act as servant, she should not dare to enter kitchen from hereon. Rukmini asks who will prepare food for teacher. Kulkarni calls Chihu and orders her to prepare food from hereon.

Sai goes to a house begging. Man greets him and sends his wife to get food for Sai. His son Sumith eagerly asks if he got his golden ring. Man says yes and gives him ring. Sumith does not like ring and yells he told to bring ring from city and asks to return it and bring better design one. Father says he will have to spend money again, so he can keep this one and get another sometime later. Mother giving food to Sai says he is right. Boy insists and throws ring. Father picks ring and scolds that he has to earn first to know the value of money. Son walks away shouting he will go and earn himself. Father tries to stop him in vain and pleads Sai to bring back his son, he can do anything for t hat. Sai promises to bring his son back and asks to give his wallet. Man thinks why Sai needs his wallet, but gives it indeed. Sai walks behind Sumith. Sumith angrily shouts his father thinks he is incompetent, he has to understand that he will support his father when his father grows old. Sai gives him his father’s wallet. Sumith says his father never let him touch his wallet, but gave it to Sai. Sai asks to open and check it. Sumith excitedly opens wallet and sees letters in it. Sai asks to read them.

Chihu walks to kitchen yelling what was the need to pamper a teacher so much. She orders maid to prepare food. Kulkarni enters and gives off to maid and warns not to return till he orders her. He then orders Chihu to prepare all the feast herself. Chihu prepares food yelling. Keshav and Govinda take care of Rukmini. Keshav says he is going out on a business trip after giving herbal concoction to maa and Govinda will take care of maa in his absence. Govinda smiles. Srikanth walks in and someone informs he has come. Keshav walks down and asks him to sit. Srikanth asks if he is going out. Keshav nods yes with a smile. Srikanth says Govinda will take care of him, so Keshav can go. Govinda walks down and greets Srikanth. Chihu calls Govinda to come in and take food for teacher. Govinda says he will not. Srikanth asks him not to disobey his mother. Govinda walks in and seeing chihu relaxing with closed eyes mixes more spices in Srikanth’s food.

Sumith reads first letter and says it is receipt of his zari and silk dress. Sai asks to read it further. He reads that his father has taken dress on loan and asks why his father took loan when they are so well off. Sai asks to read other letters. Sumith reads them and finds out that all his luxury items are bought via loan and his father got him ring by melting his jewelry. Father is seen telling his wife they will bear any problem to keep their son happy and get all the things he desires, she should not inform their son about it. Sumith says his parents never desired anything good for themselves and always gave him what he desired. Sai continues that Sumith’s parents also desired good for them, but the sacrificed their desires for their son; he is wearing his father’s shoes in a hurry and felt pain walking while he was given high quality shoes. Sumith feels guilty for misbehaving with his parents and rushes towards home to apologize them. Sai smiles.

Precap: Srikanth says he does not know how to explain Govinda that he wants to help him. Sai looks at a butterfly and tells Srikanth if he finds this butterfly, he will find answer to his question.

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