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Manmohini 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Kills Siya, Ram Attempts Suicide

Manmohini 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mohini stabs Siya and acts as injured herself and then shows she is not harmed now. Vivian stabs Siya from behind. Siya turns and is shocked to see Vivian. Mallika stabs her from front and says she and Vivian have sold their souls to Mohini and are her puppets now. Mohini taunts Siya that her dear ones betrayed her and she is alone now. She repeatedly stabs Siya. Siya falls down. Ghagra paltan team emerges and dances around them. Siya gets up and runs with great difficulty while Mohini and her puppets smirk. She reaches jungle where Ram is performing Rajeshwari’s last rights. Ram is shocked to see her in a pool of blood and runs towards her, but Mohini emerges there nd stabs Siya again. Ram stands freeze seeing that and his extremities are chained. He resists to free himself in vain. Ram

shouts to spare Siya. Mohini says even he must be wanting this as he performed Rajeshwari’s last rights and made Mohini more powerful. Vivian and Mallika emerge. Ram pleads them to save Siya. Vivian says sorry bro, I will do whatever I wanted to since long ago. Mallika says they have sold their souls to Mohini.

Mohini continues stabbing Siya and says Ram closed her in a coffin, now he will see Siya in that same coffin. She gets coffin via her black magic. Alvidaaa…song..plays in the background. Mohini picks Siya and throws her in coffin. Ram breaks chains and runs towards Siya. Vivian pulls him away and holds him tight. Ram Siya Ram…song..plays in the background next. Mohini then gets into coffin holding knife. Ram frees himself again and holds Siya’s hand. Their bracelets entangle with each other. Vivian pulls Ram again breaking their bracelet. Mohini stabs Siya again repeatedly. Ram shouts nooo.. Siya closes eyes. Mohini closes coffin door and immerses it underground. Ram searches Siya’s coffin.

Mohini reminds Ram that when he was Rana Bhanupratap Singh he promised her to protect her till his last breath, but he broke his promise and started massacre and counts each person Mohini killed including Siya and says until he submits himself to her, this massacre will continue. Ram says he is only Siya in this and every life. He slits his wrist. Mohini shouts Ranasaa no…

Precap: Ram holding Mohini says Mohini is only hers and nobody can snatch her from him. Siya enters fire saying when Ram becomes Ravan, Siya has to become kaali.

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