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Kesari Nandan 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanumant breaks the prison

Kesari Nandan 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor saying Jagat needs blood, we can’t take Kesari’s blood, call Jagat’s dad. Madhavi worries. Kesari prays for Jagat and Hanumant. She asks where is my dad, give me some sign. Pappu says Jagat has come out of OT, he needs blood, his operation won’t happen. Kesari says don’t say anything. Pappu says your mum said that your dad’s blood matches with him. Kesari asks where is dad, bank would be closed now. Pappu says we can complain in police, come. Kesari says you are not foolish. She thanks the Lord. Hanumant asks Kala where is my son, Jagat, tell me. He worries and catches Kala by his neck. Constables stop him and save Kala Singh. They hit Hanumant.

He begs Kala Singh. He asks Kala to just tell him about Jagat. Kesari and some children come to meet Kala

and ask him about Hanumant. She says Jagat is in hospital, he needs blood, find my dad. Kala lies to her. He says I will find your dad, I will tell him when I find him. She doesn’t see Hanumant in lockup. She asks is my dad here. Kala says I don’t know, I will tell you when I find her. Kesari says how will we find dad. She worries and leaves. Madhavi is in the hospital. Zoravar says I couldn’t find the same blood unit. Nurse says patient’s life can be in danger. Madhavi asks Zoravar to call Hanumant. She cries and prays. Kripa and another girl have an argument. They attract the police by the fight. Kala Singh and all the staff come out of the station to stop their fight. The girl takes a gun and says I will kill you.

Kesari and Pappu go in. Kesari gets shocked seeing Hanumant. She calls him out. She goes to get the keys and opens the lockup. She frees him from the ropes. Hanumant asks what are you doing here. She says come fast, Jagat needs you, there is no time. They hide from Kala Singh. Kala takes the gun from the girl’s hand. He scolds both the girls. He warns them and asks them to run. Hanumant distracts everyone. Hanumant and Kesari run out. Kala sees the lockup open. He sees Hanumant gone. He says Hanumant has run away from the jail. Kesari gets tired of running. She prays for Jagat. Hanumant says nothing will happen to Jagat, come. They run to the hospital. Doctor says patient’s life is in danger, arrange the blood fast.

Hanumant comes there with Kesari. He asks where is Jagat, he is my son. Doctor says we need to take your blood, come with me. Hanumant cries seeing Jagat. Doctor says he had much blood loss. Kesari says I found Hanumant in police station, I helped him escape, police wasn’t leaving dad, but Jagat needed his blood, there was no other way to get him here. Madhavi gets shocked.

Zoravar asks how did he run away, you couldn’t do any responsibility. Kala says don’t worry, I m coming. Zoravar says he is giving blood to his son, stay there, I will see him. Hanumant gives blood to Jagat. Jagat gets conscious and sees Hanumant. Madhavi and Kesari see them. Jagat says Bapusa… Hanumant cries and sees him. Jagat says forgive me, I couldn’t reach the competition, I promise to do my best and make you proud some day. Hanumant says I know, don’t worry, take rest Jagat. He worries for Jagat.

Hanumant asks who has shot Jagat. Zoravar says this bullet was for Kesari, not Jagat, since Kesari has started an initiative to take girls to school, she is the root of all problems.

Update Credit to: Amena

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