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Gathbandhan 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak steals Mai’s money

Gathbandhan 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Maya stops police. Mai comes there and asks what? Inspector says we have search warrant, we have a tip that you have 5 lacs of stolen amount in your house. Dhanak sees Raghu standing there as police goes in Mai’s house. Mai glares at Raghu. He lookcs away.
Inspector asks Batli and is about to beat him but Mai stops him. They search around but doesnt find money there. Mai thinks that Raghu hid that money. Raghu thinks what Mai is upto? Mai says to inspector that you wont find anything. Inspector says I am sorry for disturbing you. Raghu says but.. Mai greets him, inspector leaves. Dhanak looks on.

Raghu says to Dhanak that I dont know what happened, Mai hid it. Mai dances around and says Raghu fooled police so nicely. Dhanak looks at her promises board. Mai says Raghu

called police but hid money too, where is it? Raghu says tell me where you kept it? He asks Maya what she planned? Mai says where is money? who took it? Dhanak says I stole it. All are shocked. Mai says what? Dhanak says last night, you kept in a cupboard right? Mai grabs her and asks where is money? Dhanak says I used it for good work as it was money from bad work. Mai shouts where is money? Some women come there and gives flowers to Mai. Dhanak says she runs an orphange and needed money so I donated 5 lacs to them. Mai says I didnt do it. Dhanak says she is too great, she doesnt want to show off, all women chant for her. Batli says Dhanak saved you and didnt let anyone use bad money. Mai slaps him. Raghu hugs her and says leave it, Dhanak handled everything. Mai says you keep doing mistake and she keeps taking advantage, she leaves.

Scene 2
Mai says that girl is too clever but I wont spare her. Bai says she will start training soon and will forget all this. Mai says I have a plan. She calls someone and says you have to come in function. Maya says whom you called? Mai says the one who will make Raghu a don. It will be fun.

In morning, function starts in chawl. Raghu is taking photos with Aslam. Dhanak smiles at him. Raghu comes to her and points to her face, she is making rangoli and has colors smeared on her faca. Raghu wipes it. Se gives him colors, he starts making rangoli with her and holds her hand. Dhanak blushes. Mai comes there and sees them together. She thinks I will make this function special. She is coming to destroy your peace. A woman don arrives there in her car. She comes out of car and shouts Savitri, she runs with a sword to Mai. Mai stops her with her sword. Dhanak tries to go but Raghu stops her and says Mai can fight her war. Mai pushes woman away. All people chant for Savitri. Savitri attacks her and is about to kill her but stops, they both laugh, all look on. They hug each other. Raghu claps with all. Mai asks how are you? she says I am fine. Dhanak is confused. Raghu says she is MLA’s wife, she used to live here but now lives in his bunglow. Woman talks to everyone and ask for votes. Mai brings her to Raghu. She says my prince married and didnt call me. Dhanak touches her feet. Woman blesses her to have as many kids as you want. Raghu says we will have many kids. Dhanak glares at him. Woman says this is our function. Woman says what are you wearing? get dressed a bit more. Go and change. Raghu says come, she doesnt know much, he takes her.

Woman’s daughter in law enters chawl in jeep. Its Drashti Dhami. She dances on jurmana.

PRECAP- Dhanak dances in function. Inspector asks Dhanak to choose between her IPS medal or Raghu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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