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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani’s secret about to be revealed

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tashi thinks why Rani is in Raghav’s room at this time. Raghav tells Rani that he gets bad dreams on the bed and will not go to bed. Rani says you will not get bad dreams and asks him to trust her. Raghav says I will not go. Rani says we will play hide and seek game. She asks him not to shout else someone will come there and they will come to know about their secret. Raghav promises her. He blind folds her. Rani tries to hold him and they fall on bed. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays……Raghav blindfolds himself next and plays with her. They have an eye lock under her dupatta. They play under the blanket with torch. Raghav sleeps holding her hand. Rani sleeps sitting there. In the morning, she makes him sleep and goes out. Premlatha and Premnath exercise. She

goes to get tea made. Rani comes out of Raghav’s room. Rivaaj thinks why Rani is going from Raghav’s room to her room secretly like thief and thinks what is the matter. He asks Rani why did she wake up early? Rani says she came to get water. Rivaaj asks from Raghav’s room. Rani says she saw his door opened and that’s why closed it. Tashi thinks why did she lie? Rivaaj also understands her lie.

Premlatha is upset. Rukmani offers to massage her head and asks what happened. Premlatha tells that their family pandit went somewhere and gave some other Pandit’s number. Rukmani says other Pandit might be good too. Premlatha asks her to call Pandit. Rukmani calls him and asks him to come to their house. Pandit ji says he will come in a hour. He is the same pandit who got Rani and Raghav’s marriage done.

Raghav plays with his friends. They ask him to become cock. Raghav says I am a big boy now. His friend asks when did you grow up? Raghav says I am grown up now and don’t play childish games. The girl tells that he is afraid to lose. Raghav says no. They call him chicken. Raghav says I am a strong man and is married. Premlatha asks Rukmani to inform Rivaaj to get ready as Pandit is coming. Rani is shocked seeing Rivaaj coming and thinks what to do to stop him from hearing Raghav and kids. She picks a water pipe and splashes water on Rivaaj. Rukmani comes there. Rani says sorry jija ji. Rivaaj looks angrily. Rukmani says Saali Sahiba put water on me mistakenly. Rukmani tells him that mummy ji is calling him.

Rani comes to Raghav and says you broke the secret. Raghav says it is for elders, they are kids and will not say. The kids ask if he is really married? Raghav shows secret sindoor and mangalsutra of Rani. Kids tell that they will not tell anyone and asks to give sweets to them. Shivraj comes home with Pandit ji, but the latter don’t see Rani or Raghav. Rukmani brings fruits and gives to Pandit ji. Pandit ji sees their family portrait and asks about Raghav. Shivraj says he is elder son Raghav. Premlatha tells that her son Rivaaj happened in a hurry and asks him to see their kundali. Shivraj says we want to send them for honeymoon and asks to select the date.
Rani goes to kitchen. Rukmani comes and asks what is she doing? Rani says she is making Faluda for Raghav and his friends. Rukmani asks her to remember that there shall be no problem in house because of her.

Pandit ji says you can send them whenever you want. Rivaaj hears and goes to kitchen. He says family members are sending me to honeymoon. Rani says it is good. Rivaaj asks her to book tickets on App and says I am inauspicious for Rukmani. Rani says you both are lucky for each other. She asks Rukmani to say. Rivaaj is surprised to see Rukmani behind him. Rani says Rivaaj wanted her help to book tickets and plan his honeymoon, but she asked him to plan with her (Rukmani). She says i will like all your and Rukmani’s pic. Rivaaj goes out. Rukmani says sorry to Rani for her words. Premlatha calls Rani and asks her to bring diary kept in kitchen. Rani says ok and comes out to give diary. Pandit ji sees her and tries to remember. Rani realizes that he is the same maha pandit solemnizing their marriage.

Precap: Raghav slips while coming inside. Pandit ji sees Rani and Raghav and calls them husband and wife surprising everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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