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Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 56

“Ek Qayamat Ho Jayegi,
Ek Jung Jo Chid Jayegi,
Jab Meri Sachai
Tere Joot Se Takrayegi……..”

Party gets started.Music,laughter,dance,endless talks are overflowing the terrace.
But Rudra’s party is not a party at all without his special “Punch” drink.It gets served to everyone in abundance under the supervision of Rudra Singh Oberoi.
In no time all Rudra’s guests turn high on “Punch”.

Everyone has sat down to take rest after the maddening fun.Few minutes later Gauri says-

Gauri:Omkara ji,which brand’s oil you use in your hair?So shiny and silky.I really want to know.
Rudra:This is O’s secret.He never shares.

Om:Tu chup kar.Gauri,I will tell you but later.Okay?
Gauri:Okay.She gulps down her punch.
Rudra:Lady doctor ji,won’t you share your secrets?

Anika:Secret,yes,that’s the word.Do you remember Rudra,you addressed me as Anika di instead of bhabi couples of time.Why?

Though everyone is more or less under the influence of alcohol,they heard what Anika said and gets shocked,looking at one another.

Anika:What?Did I say something wrong?Sometimes I doubt you all lie to me and the reason I don’t understand.Like if I know the truth something big will happen.Why I feel like that Shivaay?
Shivaay:There is nothing like that Anika.Relax.He drinks his punch.

Soumya:Mr.Oberoi…I mean Jiju is right di.Chill.
Anika:Hmmmm….Okay.But Choti you tell me,when you came here for the first time and met Rudra,why you behaved like you met him for the first time?You two conversed at the dining table like two strangers.I felt odd but ignored anyhow.Why is that?

Om:Shivaay,lagta hai aaj tera bhanda phoot jayega.Kuch kar.
Shivaay:You…you are right Om.Anika….

Anika:Plz Shivaay let me speak.So where was I?Got it.Tell me Rudra,why you called me di?
Rudra:You are like my elder sister,simple.He finishes a whole glass at one go.

Anika:No,no.This had to be something else.
There,Gauri starts laughing holding her glass.

Om:What has happened to her?
Rudra:Chad gayi.

Gauri:You know di,you are living through a bunch of lies.Pure white,manipulated lies.
Shivaay:O God!
Rudra:You are gone bhaiya!

Gauri:You don’t know anything di.Listen,they are not going to tell you but don’t worry.Your Chutki is here.I will tell you.
Om:Gauri,plz stop.
Gauri:Don’t stop me today Omkara ji.Di has right to know what is cooking behind her back.

Anika stands up followed by everyone.

Anika:Don’t listen to anyone Chutki.Tell me what you know.
Shivaay:We should leave Anika.Come.
Anika:No Shivaay.I want to know.

Soumya:Rehne doo na di.
Anika:Then you tell?Soumya looks down.

Gauri:Di,I am telling you.She puts down her glass-
If to tell in exact word then you are living in an alternate universe.Everything you see or do is true for you but for others,all these are lies.You are kept away from knowing the truth with much care and Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi ensured it by all means.
You think you are married?That to Shivaay Singh Oberoi?This is a big fat lie!

Shivaay:Stop it Gauri.I am requesting you.

Gauri:Why Mr.Oberoi?Is it paining you?Think when di will get to know,what she will go through,how deep she will suffer?The long we stretch this lie the more trouble will create for di.And I don’t want my di to suffer.
Everyone goes silent.She starts again-

Gauri:Di,you met with an accident almost three week’s ago.Lost your memory because of that.Your condition was worst.In the hospital,doctor and nurses mistaken Mr.Oberoi as your husband.He is not your husband di nor you are his wife.You two mean nothing to each other!

Anika looks at Shivaay.Tears are gushing out of her eyes.He is looking down,totally broken and helpless.Without saying anything she comes near to Gauri though stumbling at every pace.
Facing Gauri,Anika stares at her younger sister.A very dreadful silence covers the entire place.That silence breaks as Anika raises her hand and Gauri receives a hard slap across her face.Everyone leaps on their feet in utter shock and fear.Anika says in an insurmountable anger-

Anika:Did not your heart skip a bit before saying such thing?You are questioning my marriage?How could you Chutki?How could you?
No,you are not my Chutki.You are saying Shi..Shivaay is not my husband and you want me to believe you?I would rather die before believing your words!

You are not in your senses that’s why you are saying rubbish.But let me tell you one thing-Shivaay is my everything.Without him,your di will cease to exist.My life would have no meaning.Did you hear me?

Finishing her words,Anika heads for the stairs leaving the terrace with tear-filled eyes.There,ShivOmRu and Soumya gather around Gauri.They all say sorry to her.
Shivaay says-Take care of her Om.He leaves.Soumya hugs a crying Gauri.Her tears are not for herself but for Anika and her sad fate.

Shivaay comes down the terrace.His heart is racing inside the rib-cage.Looking for Anika he comes in front of his room.At his knock it opens.Coming inside he locks it.
Anika is standing in the middle of the room.She turns immediately.Shivaay stops at a little distance.
Though she is looking calm,her eyes are flashing complete rage.She says:

-I don’t know why Chutki said all those.But I want to know from you-Was she telling the truth?
-No…no Ani..Anika.She was just….
-Yes or No?
-No,of course!

Anika turns away and returns few seconds later.Coming in front of Shivaay,she forwards her one hand.Her nuptial chain and vermilion box are shining there.Shivaay takes a look at those then at her.She was not wearing any of these two since morning.Anika says:

-I will not be able to live doubting neither my husband nor my sister even for a second.Here are two symbol of our relation which you made me adorn with at the time of our marriage.I want you to do that now.Tie this nuptial chain around my neck then fill my hairline.

Shivaay gets shocked to the core.He is too helpless to say or to do anything.Anika waits patiently for him.When Shivaay shows no sign of movement,she removes her hand from his sight.Laughing a little she says:

-Your silence just proved everything without costing you a word.
Shivaay tries to touch Anika but she does not let him.She says in a half whispering voice-Plz,don’t insult me more.

He takes away his hand,slowly.She looks at Shivaay.His face is trembling along with his hand and his blue eyes are reflecting acute pain.Anika says:

-Everything we shared was lie,deception,made up things.Every word,emotion,feeling was fake.Like a naive I believed you.The truth is,I had no right on anything of those nor on….you!She wipes out her tears-
What I am doing here still when everything is a lie?I,I can’t be here.This is not my home nor I belong to you.I have nothing to do with you nor this place.She turns within a blink and heads for the door.

Right that moment lights turn off with the deafening sound of thunder.Only candles are glowing in the room.Anika keeps on walking.She is about to grab the handle of door but Shivaay shouts behind her-Anika,stop right there.
She does not listen.Again he shouts-I said stop Anika Vardhan Trivedi!
And she stops finally.With a solid,firm step Shivaay comes in front of Anika.Standing face to face he says:

-My silence hurt you I know.But do you have any idea how much your words just hurt me?Those you just said?How easily you could say “Everything we shared was lie”.You said enough now listen to me-
Whatever we have neither those are lies or fake.Every step I took for you,each time I look at you,hold you close to me,was not to fake.Every emotion,feeling I felt was not fake.I was not used to all these before you came into my life.
I started feeling things here,inside my heart because of you Anika Vardhan Trivedi!

And you can’t term those as something fake or lie.You can’t walk out on me like that saying everything was lie Anika Vardhan Trivedi.You just can’t.Only because you are not wearing nuptial chain and vermilion,my truth will not change into lie.He takes a pause-Today,my truth and your lies will be united once and for all.When rain drop falls on the ocean,it becomes ocean’s possession.Ocean has the right on that drop.Then sky can’t claim it back.Your lies have mingled into my truth and those are my truth now including you,Anika Vardhan Trivedi!
Shivaay takes the nuptial chain and vermilion box out of Anika’s hand.Looking at those he says:

-Shivaay Singh Oberoi will claim his right,at this very moment.

With the howling of thunder rain outside,in the semi darkness of the room,Shivaay takes the nuptial chain and ties it around Anika’s neck.Next he fills her hairline with red vermilion.Anika closes her eyes.

“Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu
Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja
Mangalam Pundari Kaksam
Mangalaya Thanno Hari”

Shivaay takes few steps back from Anika.Looking at her from head to toe he says:

-Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi,now try to separate,single out lies from truths.Those were truths before this moment,are and will be,always!

Anika opens her eyes.She takes a look around her then at Shivaay and collapses down on the floor.She remains there like that.Neither she moves nor Shivaay.Both are silent.Finally Anika speaks:

-I don’t know any particular truth or lie.I only know you Shivaay,have known you.Anything that gives me threats of getting separated from you,I fear.I fear terribly.Because I can’t,I just can’t live without you Shivaay.This fear got rooted in my heart.With much difficulty I got rid of it.
Chutki’s words brought it back again and I started seeing my world crashing down in front of my eyes.
I had no faith in me but had complete faith in you that no matter what,you won’t let my world fall.And you know very well that my world revolves around you rather,you are my world.
I have inflicted pain in your heart.Plz forgive me.I was so afraid to lose you.I had no other option.I am sorry…..She breaks down into tears.

Slowly Shivaay comes and sits down,beside Anika.Taking her both hands in his hand he says:

-Look at me Anika.You feared losing me and I feared I would lose you.Now see,no-one can separate us.No-one can dare snatch you from Shivaay Singh Oberoi.He takes her in his arms:
We have defeated our fear of losing each other.We are free now.Calm down.I am with you.

Anika hugs Shivaay back burying herself completely in his strong embrace.They both close their eyes in peace.

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