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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer realizes his mistake and calls Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand asking Preeti to get good marks and asks about Naina’s marks. Preeti asks him to ask Naina. Anand says she is now talking on phone and asks her to show her marks. Preeti comes to Naina and takes her to room. She changes her 32 marks to 82. Naina’s voiceover tells that she did wrong and supported wrong that day in Sameer’s love. Sameer comes back to delhi and finds the road empty. A man informs him about the PM”s murder. Dadi asks Mr. Sumani about the party. He says it was good. Rohan tells Vishaka that Sameer haven’t returned home. Dadi says he will come, don’t worry. Vishaka worries for him and says he is very sensitive. Mr. Sumani asks her to relax. Vishaka asks him to go and search him.

Dadi stops him and says he will return once his anger

melts down. Mr. Sumani asks her to check for the message or note left by him. Vishaka gets the letter and is shocked. Sameer is walking on road. His voiceover tells that the news was spreading slow unlike in today’s times. Rakesh asks Bela to switch on TV and tells about a woman killing PM Rajeev Gandhi in a bomb blast. They watch news on TV. Naina gets worried for Sameer. Sameer tries to take lift, but he couldn’t. Vishaka and her family hear the news too. She says where to call him. Rohan says shall I go and search him. Dadi stops him. Mr. Sumani says I will search him. Dadi says we can’t turn our face irrespective of what he has done with us. Mr. Sumani says we will not find him.

Vishaka tries to make him understand. Dadi acts like a slow poison and poisons Mr. Sumani’s words. He sees old couple making each other drink water, and talking about Rajeev Gandhi. Man says we shall live for others. Sameer hears them. He recalls scolding Naina and breaking the photo frame and leaving from there angrily. He greets the old couple and thinks he did a big mistake. He runs. His voiceover tells that sometimes we don’t realize about hurting our loved ones, but sometimes strangers made us realize this.

Naina calls Munna and asks did you talk to Sameer? Munna says even I was worried, says we thought to have fun with him, but seems like someone bad sight fall on us. Man is about to close PCO, but Sameer requests him to let him make an urgent call. He calls Naina, but her phone is busy as she is talking to Munna. Naina asks Munna to inform her when he talks to Sameer.

Munna says ok and asks her not to worry, says Sameer is a fighter. Sameer calls again, but the number is busy. He comes out of PCO, but goes back again and calls Naina. Naina picks the call thinking it is Munna’s call and asks if Sameer contacted him, if he reached home. Sameer says Naina. Naina gets happy and emotional hearing him, says you took my life, and asks why did he come, if he wanted to get upset. She cries. Sameer also cries. She asks if he is fine. Sameer says yes, after hearing your voice. Naina says you don’t care about me or my happiness and asks did you reach home. Sameer says no and tells that he didn’t get auto or taxi, but he is near home. He apologizes for getting angry on her. Naina says why did you get angry? Sameer says your photo and says leave it. He says there was so much to talk, but….

Naina says I want to tell you something and says I have failed in exam. Sameer asks her not to joke. Naina says I am not joking and tells that she forgot to study being in love. Sameer says this shouldn’t have happen and says we have to become each other strength and not weakness, and says even Nana ji used to trust you and told me whenever I will stumble, you will hold me. He asks her to promise that neither he or his love will hinder her studies.

Sameer is surrounded by goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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