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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar stops suryadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with suryadev riding on his chariot and he says it is sunrise so it is important for me to live by rules. There mahadev is meditating and parvati does Pooja of shiv ling inside the palace, ganesh sits and meditates and kartikeya is practicing combat outside. Parvati prays to shiv ling. As suryadev goes ahead, he says first my sun rays fall on the Kailash mountain and thank mahadev and then when the rays touch the mansarovar lake and mata parvati does its Pooja, I become thankful for it. Suryadev says it is time now, I shall reach Kailash now. As suryadev flies above Kailash, suddenly he sees a trishul coming towards him, he says what has come in front of me? The chariot stops due to which the sunrays stop falling over everything. Suryadev says mahadev’s trishul? Why is mahadev’s

trishul stopping me and my sunrays? Jalandhar from his Kailash says it is not mahadev, it is my trishul suryadev. Suryadev says why is he stopping me? This is jalandhar’s trishul but where is he? Jalandhar from his Kailash looks at suryadev and says I am here, why are you doing the crime of going without taking my blessing? Suryadev rides his chariot and says Jalandhar how dare you? You are doing a crime and I am suryadev, I don’t stop before a fake god neither will I bend before you. Jalandhar laughs and says my paash will stop you, Jalandhar throws a spell and the legs of the horses of suryadev’s chariot are tied and chariot stops. Suryadev says how is this possible? Jalandhar says suryadev, I am your god. Jalandhar becomes very huge in size. Suryadev says what are you doing Jalandhar? You are not doing right Jalandhar, get away from my way. Jalandhar says I told you all gods, I am your god, bend before me and pray to me. Jalandhar says okay I shall get aside, Jalandhar releases the ties on the horses and says go ahead. Suryadev rides his chariot and thinks this fool thinks I will bend before him, never! As suryadev crosses Jalandhar, he suddenly holds the chariot and says suryadev I told you, if you don’t bend I wont let you go. Jalandhar throws suryadev back on his place, suryadev gets angry and says Jalandhar how dare you? What you are doing is wrong, you are stopping me from doing my daily task. Jalandhar says I told you all gods, I am Jalandhar, no god can defeat me, you all have to bend before me and pray to me and say my mantras. Suryadev says do you think anyone will do that? No! you are a fool Jalandhar.
Suryadev says I am suryadev, my tej gives life to all beings in this universe and it gives light and life to everyone and the god in which all of us live and everything lives, kind, strong, intelligent, simplicity is what defines him, the creator and the destroyer, it is mahadev and I bend before only the greatest god, mahadev! So get aside, this is my last warning to you. Jalandhar laughs and says I wont let you go suryadev. Suryadev rides his chariot again, Jalandhar now removes a spell and attacks suryadev, the chariot is stopped and suryadev falls down from his chariot. Ganesh there is meditating and the sun light comes but goes away, ganesh says suryadev is trying to rise but it seems someone is stopping him, I have to see what is happening. There suryadev gets angry as he falls on his knees, Jalandhar says see you had to bend finally. Suryadev removes his arrow and says now I will give you the answer to your crimes, suryadev says my powerful arrow of my sunrays will go through you and kill you, it will show you what the consequence is of stopping me. Suryadev attacks the arrow on Jalandhar and it hits him in the chest, he screams loudly in pain as blood comes out, he screams in pain and becomes small in size. Vrinda is shocked as she sees Jalandhar. Suryadev thinks my one attack got this foolish in pain. Jalandhar starts laughing, suryadev is shocked and thinks nothing happened to him. Jalandhar says this is the problem of you gods, he removes the arrow and jalandhar’s cut closes. Jalandhar laughs.
There indra dev and all gods see suryadev trying to rise but it is still dark. Devi sachi says today it is late and suryadev hasn’t risen. Indra dev says all gods, suryadev looks in trouble, someone is trying to stop him, we have to go and help him. There ganesh says to mushak ji, lets go we have to help suryadev.

Precap: Jalandhar is very huge and picks his leg, he says I will stamp you gods and kill you. Suddenly ganesh comes and some sunrays of suryadev hit the eyes of Jalandhar as he screams and looks at ganesh coming on suryadev’s chariot.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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