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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (91)

I m soo sorry for this much delay.  I have no reason .. Its totally my fault as i was not in mood to write sonetinv.. Hope i m forgiven.  Plz plz.. (puppy face)

but now i promise.. I will post the story till it ends.  Hope u will suppot this story.. Sorry again for the delay..

Hope u havenot forgiven the story..



[ Earlier in present….

Twibj were separated.. Twinkle is living in mumbai with usha and now she became a doctor and is practicing in luthra’s hospital.. but she dont know that he is the same luthra who destroyed her family…

Kunj is living in amritsar with his dad manohar .. who is now paralysed and kunj is working day and night to destroy the certain luthra.. amam , his pa cum best friend is helping him and is with him n taking care of him as his friend in absense of his mom n twinkle..

Now.. Kunj somehow with some business deal.. took over all the property of luthras including the hospital in which twinkle n chinki are working..

And now he is going to mumbai to complete some paperwork regarding the takeover n to bring his family his mom n twinkle back to them..

and yes.. adi-pari are dead in an accident caused by raghav’s dad.. and uv-mahi shifted abroad along with aadit and adi-pari daughter piya whom  they have legally adopted.. and aliya is missing after her kiddnaping accident n then the fire accident in factory.. now nobody knows where is she.. whether she is alive or dead.. Kunj is doing every possible thing to find her from last year but could’nt find anything]


This was all the precap of last few chapters of past and now the story will start from the present when kunj reached airport to take the flight for mumbai..

Lets see what will happen..


Kunj along with aman reached mumbai airport and are now heading to meet their legal advisor to complete their paper work complete..

Kunj’s Pov..

Finally after an lot of argument with aman.. here i m standing in mumbai n is heading towards the destruction of those who destroyed my family.. i swear i will not leave that blo*dy person who killed bhai bhabhi and because of whom my little princess my aliya is missing n my dad is in this condition n my love had to leave me n go away from me along with my mom.. my whole family broke apart due to him.. now i will destroy him completyely.. n the whole world will see what i can do to keep my family safe..

i m comming twinkle… i m comming to take u and mom back so that dad can be finally happy n become normal…

POV Ends

His thoughts came to break when aman kept his hands on his shoulders to bring him back from his thoughts.. when they reached their main office in mumbai ehen their legal advisors is waiting for them..

He reached his cabin n signed the important papers n smirked.. thinking about the destruction of the politician Luthra..

After taking the lunch with aman.. Kunj headed towards the hospital in which twinklevwas working..

## Hospital..

After reaching there… he saw the boards of hospital being changed to Twinj  hospital.. he gave a sigh of satisfaction to see this n headed inside the hospital… n directly headed towards the cabin of dean.. where now his name plate is kept instead of that specific luthra..

he sat on dean’s chair and called the receptionist to call dr. Twinkle in his cabinhg n hung the call.

As expected after a few minutes.. Twinkle enterd his cabin..

Twinkle- (knocking the door)

kunj- come inn.

Twinkle-(opening the door) good eve.. (words stuck in her mouth seeing the person sitting in front of her)

her eyes were just seeing him with love n longings after one whole year..

but kunj was just staring at her rudely..(ofcourse pretending.. he need to show atleast how much hurt he is with her decision of leaving him.. his hurt is clearly shown in the form of his rage)

kunj- yes.. come in dr. Twinkle..

Twinkle came in cabing by completely closing the door behind n is just staring at him without blinking..

Kunj fake cough bought her back to present..

She became happy seeing him n was heading towards him to hug him but he showed her his palm to make her stop at her place where she is..

Twinkle became startled for a sec.. n then again tried to come close to him but he turned his back toward her not to show her his weakness..

Twinkle- Kunjj..

Kunj- stop.. stop right there dr. Twinkle..

Twinkle- kunj.. ye tum kya?? i mean..(she again came closer n hugged him from  back n started crying bitterly)

kunj turned around n was not able to control himsef hugged her dearly to himself .. both were crying.. Kunj was caressing her back n she was clutching his shirt from back n was crying inconsolobaly seeing him in front of her after a long time..

After about 30 minutes.. both broke their hug n were lost in each others eyes which were speaking volumes..

Kunj- Why?? why you went soo away from me.. why??

Twinkle- vo.. i.. i was afraid.. afraid.. to  to .. loose you.. (again started crying)

kunj-shh .. shh.,.. no. no more cries.. see i promised u na.. i will come back to you only when i would be able to destroy our enemies..

Twinkle stared in his eyes an asked..

Twinkle- it means .. that.. that person got his punishment..

Kunj- no.. no yet.. but soon.. very soon he will be destroyed n his count down has already started from today only ..

Twinkle- how?? i mean..

Kunj- shh.. relax.. i will tell u everything .. but plz first let me meet mom.. will tell u everything along with mom.. ok

Twinkle nooded and soon both left from there towards their home.. where twinkle is staying recently along with chinki n usha..

(And yes chinki went to her parents house for a month as she got leave from hospital which she applied)

Hope u liked the episode.. n i m, very sorry for being irregular but now will be regular till thus story compketes

If u like dthe episode.. plz do like and comment.. bbyee hope to see u gys soon..

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