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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Agrees To Remarry

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak while returning home on cycle rickshaw reminisces Uma’s words that he is Meera’s husband and has forgotten his past long ago. She sees a couple enjoying juice and reminisces Uma and her enjoying lassi. She asks rickshaw driver to stop at Ramchander lassi shop. Driver says it is closed 2 years ago, looks like she is stuck in her past. On the other side, Meera happily tells that he taught Kanak a nice lesson by accepting our relationship, now she will play the final game with Kanak Uma says Kanak will play her move now, she will not interfere between us from hereon as she loves her self-respect. Meera says he knows Kanak so well, if he knows her also well. Kanak returns home and sees Bhabho dancing with neigbhors on Rajasthani music. She asks Bhabho to stop music,

she needs to talk something important. Bhabho says she cannot hear her. Her neighbor says let us go to temple. Kanak picks mic and says Bhabho that she is ready for second marriage. Bhabho takes her to room and asks if she is sure. Kanak says she is. Bhabho says she is happy with her decision.

Meera thinks Uma is so well connected emotionally with Kanak, hope he connects her also similarly. Aditya walks in and asks what is going on, he is ready to manipulate anything she likes. She asks to arrange a press conference meeting to launch their first product. He asks what is her personal motto in it. She says she wants to see Kanak’s broken heart after Uma insulted her.

Bhabho’s neighbor brings boys’ photo and shows them to her. Bhabho rejects them all. Neighbor says one who is marrying should comment. Kanak says she trusts her Bhabho and says she is going for her first product launch’s meeting. Lady insists to describe her choice. Kanak’s sees Uma’s photo in news paper and says how ever he may be, he should not be like Uma.

Kanak reaches Meera’s office. Meera says she came even after so much happened. Kanak says she does not mingle personal and professional life, so Meera should not bother about her emotions. Uma walks in. Meera asks does not she feel weird working with the man who hurt her self-respect, Uma told her self-respect is most important to her. Kanak says Uma is small part of her which is insignificant past life and she has forgotten her past long ago. Meera asks Aditya to start presentation. Aditya shows slides of fairness cream. Kanak asks if this is a joke, their project is to provide free medicine to poor who don’t know meaning of fairness cream, they need medicines at affordable prices, that is their project’s main motto. Meera yells she cannot speak to her like this. Uma tells Meera that he made this product to heal people’s wounds and not sell as beauty cream. Meera says in business, this is all common. Kanak argues that govt is spending crores of money on this project for poor and not to promote Meera’s product. Meera verbally attacks Kanak again that she is still behind Uma, so she is jealous of her and is opposing wrongly. Kanak warns not to attack on her personal life. Bhabo calls her. Kanak switches on speaker. Bhabho says since she agreed for remarriage, many boys have come forward, especially Arpita’s younger brother
and he wants to meet her at White Petal Hotel. Kanak says okay and leaves. Uma stands shocked.

Precap: Uma asks not to take any rash decision in a hurry as it is a question of her life. Kanak says exactly, whatever happeend 2 years ago has finished, it is time to move on.
Arpita’s brotgher wlaks in calling her pretty girl.

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