Darius Gadika and Kanishq are shocked
Darius fears that his plan might fail noww and says maharaj bamni…

Bamni stops him from saying anything and slaps him while kanishq and gadika are guilty that they blamed a innocent person who actually saved his(kanishq) life

Bamni says purusho…

Laachi slaps him and says:- in this rashtra two wives lost their husbands

Everyone is shocked


Laachi runs towards pritha who is greiving that she ended puru in death situation
She sees her holding the yellow stone(which puru looted from faaroos and gave to laachi inside the lake) and says that who gave this stone to you
Laachi says that puru gave her this stone which he hid in the water
Pritha gets shocked and says that according to the dasyu manyata(beliefs) if a dasyu boy gives this type stone to a dasyu girl while they both are in water them they are believed to be married
Laachi feels happy to find that she is married to puru

*flashback ends*

Laachi explains them the whole matter and also explains that pritha and hasti never intended to get puru killed

Hasti and sumer come forward and lift puru’s body with respect and carry it to the boat

Anusuya says that she will not live in the rajya where her son died and removes her jewellery and keeps it in Bamni’s hand

Bamni is shocked

Dasyu rani Pritha Hasti Laachi Sumer Anusuya leave from paurav rashtra while bamni tries to stop them but in vain


P. S. :- laachi said two wives because ripudaman also died in paurav rashtra only

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