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The War Between My Heart And My Mind (KANCHI) FS Character Sketch

Hello………this time I am back with a fs…..the reason I am not posting my ff bcz of less of ideas nd as soon some ideas crack into my mind for my ff I will post so for now…….let’s move to the fs:

It starts from the current track:

Here it starts when Kabir leaves her at mandap but Sanchi didn’t marry Veer as Jaya said no to her……but continues her relationship with Veer…..bcz Jaya allows her for this…….but Kabir still wants to leave the hospital nd same happened with Kabir nd Sanchi like in the serial…….except of Sanveer’s romance……..nd Jaya insists Sanchi to get back Kabir here on which Sanchi agrees

So here some circumstances will happen in which Kabir has to fight between his heart nd his mind

Scene 1:

Should I help her……………no she ruined my life she should know how to bear the pain nd she is not a child…….but: he thought to himself

Scene 2:

In this whole world he only found this witch to talk……..huh…….I will fire her from the hospital :she thought to herself

 Scene 3:

Yes today I will married the love of my life my first nd last love😍

Scene 4:

Sanchi:I love u

Boy:but I hate u


So here was the crap that came into my little brain tell me how’s it nd if u all want me to continue it…….neg nd positive comments both r most wlcm😊😊

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