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The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part Two

Abhi’s POV…

I need something, looks like grandma is serious this time around, if I don’t convince her some how then I will be married within a week, what do I do? Lord please send me an answer and I promise you I will give all I have to the poor, I will do anything even fast if I have to, but marrying a girl granny picks for me, please help, send someone.

As he was thinking of a solution not looking where he was going he bumped into Rachna.

“Not only are you a damsel in distress, but you are blind as well. ” Rachna said, she really enjoyed insulting Abhi. “Now talk to me, what seems to be the problem, you know I have a solution for everything. ”

“Like you would help me, you told me your answer is no or maybe have you forgotten. ” Abhi replied sarcastically.

“Oh now I remember. ” she said with a teasing smile.

“You love to see me miserable don’t you? ”

“No Abhi, I actually want you to be happy. ”

“But why are you always teasing and taunting me? ”

“Because I love you, as a brother of course, and you might appear to be tough on the outside, but on the inside you are nothing but a big cuddly teddy bear. ” she said pinching his cheeks like he was a little baby.

“You do know that that’s the sweetest thing you have told me ever since we met? ”

“Yes I do. ”

“So do you have a solution? ” Abhi asked, he was so desperate he would listen to anyone.

“The perfect girl will not come knocking on your door. You know good products never last on the market, they always finish fast, and the remaining products are either of bad quality or nearing the expiry date, sometimes even expired. ”

“What do you mean? ”

“Abhi what I am trying to say is that you will not always get the best product from the first store, sometimes you will have to move from store to find what you really need, if you give up the first time you will never find what you need, not want. So what I am trying to tell you is that the perfect girl is out there somewhere you have just not checked enough stores or maybe markets, don’t let anyone dictate your life, talk to grandma, ask her for a chance I am sure she will understand. ”

“What if she doesn’t? ” that’s what he dreaded the most.

“Mmmmh….. Then run away, but make sure you come back with the ideal girl the day you decide to come back. ”

“Thanks for the advice Rachu. ”

“You are welcome, now hurry go talk to grandma. ”

After his small talk with Rachna, Abhi rushed to his grandma’s room only to find her looking at a dozen of photos on her bed.

“No Indu, she looks like she eats too much, and this one, look at her nails, I don’t think she can cook with those nails they look like a bird’s claws, no not this one, she looks like a clown, and this one looks like a witch doctor, does she practice witchcraft? No Indu. ” Grandma surely was picky, because non of the girls seemed to impress her, there was either something wrong with her, she wanted the perfect girl for her grandson.

“What should we do now Deljeet, we have searched through all these photos and none of them are perfect for you. ” Indu, complained, she was seriously tired of her sister’s picky attitude.

“Maybe give me a chance to select a girl for myself. ” Abho suggested, stepping from the door.

“Abhi nothing you do will make me change my mind. ” the stubborn old woman said with folded arms.

“Please grandma. ” her desperate grandson pleaded.

“No. ”

“Fine then I will run away and you will never see me again. ”

“Are you threatening me? ”

“No grandma, I am just telling you, please let me see for myself if they are still good people out there, please, just one chance. ”

Deljeet sighed giving up. “Okay, but I have a condition. You have to find a girl for yourself in 6months, and if you don’t in the time given, you marry the girl I pick. ”

“But what if she doesn’t like me. ” What if the girl he met didn’t like him within six months, what was he to do?

“Now that’s your fish to fry not mine. Any questions? ”

“No ma’am. ”

“Good. Go find a girl in six months, if not I pick the girl. ”

“Okay. Excuse me. ” Abhi went to his room, thinking about what he just talked about with his grandma and Rachna, he knew that even if Rachna could be annoying something she sure did give some good advice and he was just going to do what Rachna had said, keep searching until he finds the right girl, even though he doubted she existed. He prayed to God to send someone to him, but he knew that if he really needed something he had to search for it, and that is what is is going to do even though he seriously doubts finding it, because he knew how pathetic he was when it came to love and women.

Somewhere In Another State.

The Khuranas.

“Pragya dear, your just wrote your final exams so what do you plan on doing now. ” Raj asked his yougest child, she really made him a proud dad, she never did anything that could embarrass him or the family.

“Raj give the girl a break she just wrote her final paper today. ” Simran scolded her husband, why was he so eager to make her baby girl work, after all she worked hard enough spending most of the time locked in her room studying or at some library.

“Yes dad, mom’s right, besides my sweet cheeks is the smartest girl I know, I am sure she slayed that exam. ” Siddharth said, proud of his sister.

“Don’t be too excited the results are not out yet. ” Tanu said, she wondered why they always fussed about Pragya.

“But the truth is that she has passed her exams. ”

“Sid I can’t be so sure. ” Pragya said, feeling less confident.

“Come on that’s what you used to say since first grade and I don’t remember you failing an exam. ” Sid reminded her.

“So obviously you have passed. ” Tani said in a not so cheerful tone. “What are you going to do now? Don’t tell me you will be spending the whole day in a kitchen? ”

“Dad, mom, I was thinking of finding a job. ” Pragya told her parents her thoughts.

“You can come work for me in my company, after all you will be working there once you get your results, so why not start now? ” Raj offered, he was the biggest business man in town, running a building company, most hotels and apartment complexes were owned by the Khuranas, to be honest they were known as the most influential and powerful family in this small state

“No dad I don’t want to work in your company. Not now when I haven’t seen my results. ” she didn’t want to be given a job, just because her father owned the company, she wanted to be given the job because of her hard work, she was not the type of person who loved to be spoon fed.

“So where do you want to work now. ” Simran asked her daughter.

“There is this coffee shop near by it called the blue moon cafe’ (AN : the blue moon exists in my head,if at all it exists I have never heard of it) they sell coffee and different types of pastries I applied for a job there. ” Pragya meekly said.

“Wat? Are you stupid? How can you apply for a job at that stinky cafe. ” Always the drama queen, Tanu just had to disapprove.

“Tanu sit I am sure she has an explanation. ” Raj told his daughter.

“No dad, I know this was her plan, she just enjoys embarrassing me, sometimes I really wonder if you are my sister or you were just adopted, dad here is offering you a better job and you, you want to work in some smelly cafe, why would you do that? ” Pragya wanted to say something to explain why she chose to work in a cafe, but with someone as loud as Tanu, she couldn’t even utter a single word. “ I don’t wanna hear it, Don’t say anything just don’t, you are the biggest disgrace not only to sisterhood, but the whole family. ”

When Pragya heard what her elder sister thought of her, she couldn’t take it anymore with tears in her eyes she rushed to her room, Sid who could never his baby sister crying had enough of his other sister’s tantrums.

“See what you just did, you made her cry, don’t you have any shame at all, I mean she is your little sister for goodness sake, why do you have to be so mean to her? ” He yelled at his sister.

“Maybe it’s because I am tired of her embarrassing me at every given moment. ” Tanu yelled back.

“Oh really? She’s embarrassing because she wants to work in a coffee shop? Really Tanu, just because she is mature enough not to spend her whole life depending on her parents doesn’t make her an embarrassment, she is hard working, unlike you, look at you, you can’t do anything right, not even buy clothes that fit you right, Mom, Dad, talk to your daughter I am going to check on my little angel. ” With that being said Sid went to Pragya’s room only to find Pragya crying really hard.

Pragya did not notice her brother standing at the door till she heard him say something

“I must say that you are the only person I know who looks so cute crying, but no matter how cute you look, I don’t like seeing you cry.”

“Sid for how long have you been standing there? ” she asked wiping her tears. “Is it true, do I embarrass Tanu so much, I am such a bad sister?  You know what if Tanu doesn’t want me to do this then I won’t. ”

“Don’t tell me you believed whatever Tanu told you, there is nothing embarrassing about working in a coffee shop. ”

“But why did she say that? ”

“You know your sister is a drama queen and she talks nonsense most of the time, if not all them time, now let’s go down stairs and finish our tea with the delicious biscuits you made, I don’t want my tea getting cold. ” He said as he pulled her up.

“I can always make you another cup. ”

“No cupcake, I don’t want to waste sugar. Come let’s go. ” Sid and Pragya went down stairs, immediately Pragya saw Tanu she apologised to her saying than she knows that Tanu has got the family’s best interest at heart, and Tanu apologized as well.

“Now that you both are on good terms, Pragya why work in a coffee shop. ” Raj asked his youngest daughter, still glaring at his older daughter, it was as if he was asking her not to say anything stupid, it’s just that he wasn’t using his mouth, but his eye.

“Why a coffee shop? You know dad has got the biggest company in town so why a coffee shop? ” Tanu asked trying to sound as polite as she possibly could.

“I want to be given the job because I am qualified and not because my father runs the company. ”

“But a coffee shop? ” She still wondered why of all places, he sister wanted to work in a coffee shop.

“I have always loved the smell of coffee and I love baking, so I figured its best that I do something I love. ”

“You know whatever you do you have my support, I am so proud of you not using your father’s name and status for your own gain. ” Simran said giving her daughter a warm smile.

“Thank you mother. ”

“Okay then I will write a letter to the manager of the cafe saying you are my daughter. ” Raj said while taking out his phone from his pocket.

“No dad please don’t do that, I don’t people to heir me as your daughter I want them to heir me because I am me. ”

“It will be easier if dad writes a later to the manager, what if you don’t get the job? ” Tanu insisted.

“Then I will keep searching until I find one, plain and simple. ”

“Why waste your time if you can get it the easy way? ” Tanu asked, why did she have to have a weird sister, she wondered.

“Challenges make us stronger, right Sid? ” She winked at her brother.

“Correct. Dad, let her do this alone please. ” Sid pleaded with his father.

“Okay, but I am living you in charge of her, make sure she is safe. ” Raj said giving his son the pointer finger.

“Don’t worry nothing will happen to my sweet little doll. ”  Sir assured his father.

The end of Part two. 

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