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The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part Three

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Abhi quickly packed his bags, he was getting ready to go somewhere, he himself never knew where, all he knew is that he had to leave for him to find what he has been searching for. He carried his bag down stairs to find his family happily enjoying their breakfast.


“Abhi where are you going? ” Priya asked her son, looking at the suitcase he was holding onto like it contained how soul heart or spirit.


“umm… I don’t know. ” Abhi said sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.


“What do you mean you don’t know, for someone to pack up like you have done they surely do know where they are going. ”


“I am going um……. Where my heart takes me. ”


“I am positive he is running away from marriage. ” Aliyah said going through the latest fashion magazine.


“No I am not. ” Abhi quickly denied like small child.


“Then where are you going? ” Aliyah asked her brother, she knew he was a weird person, but this time, the weirdness graduated to another level.


“Somewhere no one knows me. ”


“Abhi are you okay? Maybe you should visit a psychiatrist. ” Ram was beginning to worry about his sons’ mental health.


“No I am perfectly fine. ”


“He is okay uncle, he is just doing what he was supposed to do along time. ” Rachna spoke in a cool, calm and collective manner. ‘How can she so calm, when I am about to pee in my pants? ‘ Abhi thought.


“Rachna do you know something we all don’t? Oh my what did you do to him that would cause him to run away. Rachna why are you so mean to him? ” Akash asked his wife, he knew that she enjoyed teasing Abhi.


“Look at this fool now, always jumping into conclusion, and who told you that Rachna did something, okay yes she might have said something bu- ”


“See I am right, Abhi you don’t have to go because of my wife’s behavior. ”


“Shut up you idiot. ” he loved Akash but he hated his habit of always concluding when he doesn’t even know what is actually happening.


“Hey don’t call my husband an idiot, you gorilla. ”


No one wanted to get involved in the argument because they knew that if Rachna is involved its none stop talking, and arguments between Abhi and Rachna were something that occurred almost everyday and they knew not to get involved because if they did it would be them against Rachna and Abhi and no one can beat the team of Abhina as they called it, so they just quietly watched the drama unfold feeling sorry for Akash who was stuck in the middle of it all.


“But I was just trying to defend you, like we are on the same side. ”


“This is not about taking sides you fool, this is about me, if I married an idiot then what does that make me? ”


Abhi thought for a while. “ idiot marrier. ”


This was a hopeless case “Oh god, Abhi, the day that you bring a girl to this house that is the day I will start believing in true love. ”


“So what we have is not love, as in real love. ” Akash asked his wife. Ignoring Akash Rachna continued talking to Abhi.


“I mean yes you are good looking but, you have a mind of a child, A Bambino. ”


“I am not the one who married an idiot. ” Abhi replied.


“You banana eating pest. ”


The argument halted as Abgi begun to think about what Rachna said. “I thought a pest eats plants, well bananas are plants, oh my gosh, that means we are pests. But I don’t remember learning that in school. ”


“Will you just shut up Abhi!! ” Rachna screamed at Abhi.


“Why are you so upset you called me the gorilla and a pest but you don’t see me angry, the only person with the right to be angry here is Akash because I called him a fool and an idiot. ”


“That’s why I am angry if you called Akash my husband, an idiot. This means the person who married him was so stupid she did not see she was marrying an idiot. ”


When Rachna stopped speaking,it was like Abhi’s mind began to function, now he realized that not only did he insult Akash but Rachna as well, understanding why the pastor said they became one on their wedding day after they exchanged vows. “Ooh that makes you stupid. I am so sorry Rachna. ” he quickly apologized, even though Rachna annoyed him to the furthest planet, he hated making her angry, yes they would argue, but they knew their boundaries.


“You are lucky I love you. ”


“Hey, how can you love him and not me? ” Akash asked his wife.


“Why would I marry you if I didn’t love you. ” Rachna replied.


“Ummm, I don’t know, maybe because I am an Un-idiot. ”


When Akash said that laughter filled the whole house, no one was playing attention to the argument, but what Akash said had just swept them off the roof. The only one who did not find it funny was Rachna, to be honest, she found it embarrassing.


“Why are they laughing? Did I say anything wrong? ” Akash asked innocently.


“Wh.. What… are… Y.. you, *taking a deep breath* again? ” Purab asked unable to hold his laughter.


“An Un-idiot. ”


“Who on earth did I marry? Did you just hear yourself? ” Rachna asked raising her hands in frustration.


“I don’t think there is anything wrong with what I have said, you people just have the wrong mind set, what does unnamed mean? ”


“Nameless. ” Abhi replied unamused.


“Correct, it doesn’t have a name so like wise, un-idiot means. ” It was like Akash realized how damn he sounded as he finally kept quiet.


“Now that doesn’t sound right. ” He said loud enough for all to hear.


“Yes. ” his wife agreed with him.


“I think I will go and eat now. ”


“That’s better. ”


“Now that the drama is over were are you going abhi? ” Ram asked his son.


“He is going to a place, where nobody knows him. ” Rachna answered, because Abhi had no idea about where he was going, all he knew was that he needed to find a girl in six months


“Why would he go to a place where nobody knows him? ” Aliyah asked.


“That you will know when he gets back. Abhi here is everything you need, fake 🆔 fake passport, remember from now own your name is Karan Sinha. ” Rachna said giving him his fake documents.


“Okay. ”


“Please try to avoid trouble as much as you can, and stay away from women. ” She warned him


“If I stay away from women, how will I marry? ”


“Don’t get involved with the wrong ones, you only have six months. ”


“Thanks Rachna. ” he said giving her a hug


“You are welkie. ”


“Hello, maybe you haven’t noticed but we are seated right here. ” Disha said.


“Oh sorry, we were discussing something important. ” Abhi explained.


“And what could that be? We also want to know. ” Abhi was her son, so Priya had every right to know what was going on in his life.


“I will be back in six months mom, don’t worry I will be fine. ”


“But at least tell us where you are going? ”


“There is this small town in the south, it’s pretty small I am sure no one knows me there. ”


“But son why would you want to go where nobody knows you? ” this was something they all wouldn’t understand, why would he want to go to a place where nobody knows him.


“It will be easier to achieve my goal, by I have to leave now or else I might miss the train. ”


“Wait, you are using a train, why not use dad’s jet, like that you will get there faster and alive. ” she was only worried about her brother, how would he survive, he has never used public transport before.


“I know that you are worried about me, but if I use the jet, it might destroy everything, good bye family, see you in six months. ”

Abhi left his house, leaving behind his life of riches and luxury, no one except Rachna knew what he was planning, rather what Rachna had planned, going away from his family was a difficult thing for him to do, but he knew that he was never going to achieve anything if he stayed home.


The end.


Love you all, but remember that Christ loves you more.


Buenos Noches.



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