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The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part Four

Abhi quickly left the house before his family could ask him any more question, he knew that for him to find what he has been looking for he had to do this, he got on the first taxi he could find asking the driver to drive him to the train station.




Back At The Mehra Mansion.


“Rachna, what was that all about? Where have you taken my son? ” Priya asked Rachna, she couldn’t help but worry for her son.


“Relax aunt, your son is an adult, nothing will happen to him. ”


“At least tell us where he went to, because by the looks of it, only you know where he is headed to? ” Purab asked, to be honest, curiosity was eating every up, they were all wanted to know about this plan and Abhi’s whereabouts.


“If you guys are so desperate to know, Abhi has gone down South. ” That’s all Rachna said.


“Why would Abhi go there? ” Ram asked.


“Self discovery. Abhi needs to discover himself, he does not know what he wants in life, he is not focused, that is why he keeps moving around without direction like a headless chicken. ”


“Hey, don’t say that about my brother, he is the most focused human on the planet, can’t you see the way he handles father’s business? ” Aliyah would stand up for her brother anytime everyday.


“That’s business, but what about his personal life? Does your brother even have a love life? ”


“Yes Aliyah, Rachna has a point, Abhi’s love life is equal to zero. ” Ram said, nodding in agreement with Rachna.


“But it will soon be upgraded to a 100% in six months time. ” Deljeet said moving her head from side to side like she was listening to her favorite song.


Everyone shot surprise glances towards deljeet except her sister Indu and Rachna because they knew about her plan to find Abhi a wife within six months.


“What do you mean by that mother? ” Priya asked her mother in law.


“Yes granny, how can Abhi’s love life be upgraded from zero to a 100% when he does not even have a girlfriend or a female he can call a friend, if I didn’t know better I would think he was practicing to be a monk or maybe a Father. ” Disha added.


“Hold that thought Disha. ” Akash said with a raised finger. “If he is practicing to be a father then there should be a girl, I mean how can one become a father when there is no woman, doesn’t make sense right? ”


“How did this one become a medical doctor? ” Indu wondered as she hit her forehead, Akash could really be dumb at times, and seriously it was annoying, but for some reason if not by God’s grace and favor, he found himself to be one of the most successful medical doctors’ in the country


“Why is everyone looking at me like that, did I say something wrong? ”


“She means a Catholic Father, as in a Priest, they don’t marry. ” Purab explained to his brother like he was a young child, it surprised him how Akash always got good grades.


“Oooooh. ” Now he understood what Disha meant. “I agree with Diaha then if that’s what she means. ” he said as he sipped on his coffee.


“But what will he find down South? ” Rachna and Abhi were really confusing Priya, what would he found down South, he could even find better here, what was the need of him travelling so far, that too by train.


“Hopefully he will find what he needs in a place where nobody knows him. It’s a small town where everyone knows each other, I am sure he will discover himself. ” Rachna replied.


“But how will he survive? ” Priya would always treat Abhi like some little baby, sometimes it becomes so extreme it reaches point where she tucks him to bed.


“His old enough to take care of himself. ” Ram said, Abhi was turning 30 he was not three anymore.


“But- ”


“Don’t worry aunt, he will be okay, he just has to find a job and stop being awkward around people. Trust your son, just this once. Please. ” Rachna pleaded with her aunt.


“Okay. ”




Down South…


Khurana Mansion…


Pragya is seen getting ready for her interview, even if her father is against this she is still managed to make him agree, on the other hand she got her mother, brother and grandmother’s full support, but her sister seemed to see this as an insult to the family, because she thinks that being the daughter of the most successful man in a small town like theirs she wasn’t supposed to do any work or at least find a job that will match their status not a job in some dirty old cafe. As for Pragya she had a mind of her own, she believed in hard work, not living on her father’s wealth, she did not want to be known as Pragya Khurana the daughter of Raj and Simran Khurana – the richest people in town, she wanted to be known as Pragya the one who started from the bottom and got to the top without her fathers help, influence or fame, she just wanted to be known as Pragya the girl who worked her way to the top, she believed that just because she was from a well to do family she did not have to sit around and wait for things to be done for her like Disney princess, princess Amber from Sofia the first (AN : anyone who watches Sofia the first, raise your hand up 🙋. Okay you caught me I enjoy watching Sofia the first, with or without my niece).


“Bye mom, dad grandma, I am going for my interview now. ” Pragya said, getting her bag from the chair.


“Do you seriously have to work there? ” Tanu asked her sister, she didn’t want her sister working in some small cafe, after all she had a reputation to uphold or so she thought.


“Yes. ” She answered her sister. “Okay I will be leaving now. ”


“Good bye sweetie and good luck. ” Simran told her daughter.


“I am sure you will get the job. ” Naina added, annoying Tanu even more.


“Thank you. ”


“If they ever do something you are not comfortable with, you tell me. ”


Pragya mentally rolled her eyes at her father, she wasn’t a little girl anymore and ahe could take care of herself. “Okay, now where is Sid? ”


“Looking for me baby doll? ” Sid said adjusting his necktie.


“You know I can’t go out without saying bye to you. ”


“Yep, that’s why I am coming with you. ”


“Sid I am going for an interview. ”


“Yes I know, but remember, I convinced father dearest to let you work in that cafe and made him a promise that I will take care of you, which is exactly what I am doing and I am not taking no for an answer baby sis. ”


Knowing that there was no saying no to Sid, Pragya agreed that he could drop her by the cafe on his way to the office.


Back To Abhi…


The train ride left Abhi’s body sore, he regretted not listening to his sister Aliyah to use his father’s jet and listening to Rachna who told him to take the train.

Getting off the train, Abhi quickly took a paper out of his pocket, it contained the address of his new home, getting on a taxi he gave the paper to the driver, to his surprise the first three drivers refused to drive him there, luckily for him after asking so many drivers to drive him there, the seventh one agreed to drive him there if he gave him double amount for the fair, with no other option Abhi agreed. When he reached his destination, there was nothing but shock written on his face, asking the driver if he brought him to the right place, the driver only gave him a quick nod and quickly drove off.


Abhi’s POV…


Guess this is it. Where has this Rachna brought me too, I swear I am going to kill her I will even use black magic if necessary, how does she even know such a place, I shouldn’t be so surprised because somehow she was able to get me a fake I’D I better stop complaining and find my way around here. 


POV ends.


So does chapter.


Enjoy Reading.


I love you all, but remember that Jesus loves you more.


Adios Amigos.

☁ 👋🚀 ☁☁



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