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The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part Five

After Sid dropped Pragya at blue moon cafe, Pragya quickly got in the cafe praying that she passes the interview, she also prayed that the owner of the cafe doesn’t recognize her because she didn’t want to be hired based on the fact that she was the youngest daughter of the biggest businessman in her town, she didn’t want to earn a bad name like her sister, she wanted to be known as the daughter who achieved everything by herself through hardwork, not the girl who depended on Daddy for everything.

Reaching the counter she met a girl who gave her the brightest smile which might have helped calm her nerves.


“Good morning, what will will you have this morning? ” the girl said, at least she was friendly.


“Actually, I came here for an interview, I saw the outside. ”


“Ah, you are the one who called yesterday, Pragya right? ” she asked as her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

Pragya gave her a slight nod.


“No need to be shy, my name is Roshni by the way. ” she introduced herself.





“Nice to meet you. ” Pragya said pulling her hand out for a handshake.


“Come with me, my mom is the one who will give you the interview. ”


“Your mother owns this place? ”


“Yes, it’s more like a family business, you know. ” She answered Pragya’s question. “So what did do study, are you a pastry chef? ”


“Why are you asking that? ”


“You want to work in a cafe. ” Roshni shrugged.


Understanding her confusion. “No, I just love cooking and baking, that’s why I decided to find a job here before my results are out. And I studied architecture engineering. ”


“What? So you are an architect why did you come looking for a job at this boring cafe? You could find a job at Khurana builders, I mean the pay there is far much better than it is here and not forgetting the super hot boss, you get to work alone side that piece of art. I wouldn’t mind working there, as long as I get to see his face, I mean He is just so hot, the things I would do just to have a glimpse of his beautiful face. ” Pragya felt so awkward hearing someone talk about her brother like that, this was the only disadvantage of not being as famous as her sister, she was known as the quiet child, who never showed any public appearance, unlike her brother who was always constantly invited to some high class events or some famous person’s party, or her sister, who made a name for herself by partying every weekend, and using her father’s money like she plucks it from, trees by buying staff that she never needs, and not forgetting making an announcement about who she is wherever she goes, Pragya on the other hand hated the attention, so she tried to make her life as private as possible, only a few people knew who she really is, with her humble nature nobody expected her to be related to Tanu the spoilt brat, or Sid the man who always wore a business face, and the fact that she always introduced herself as Pragya Arora her mother’s maiden name didn’t help at all.


Roshni kept Rambling about Sid’s good looks, while Pragya was awfully quiet praying in her heart that they get to the office real quick.


“We are here. ” ‘Praise the Lord. ’ Pragya thought, she heard enough of how hot her brother was. “Don’t worry my mother may look tough, but she is a big sweetheart. Good luck. ” Roshni added giving her an assuring smile.


Pragya knocked on the door nervously, she entered the office when she heard a faint come in, the office was nothing fancy, it was simple yet nice, everything was neat and in place, it was clear, that this woman was organized.


“Good morning ma’am, I am here for the interview. ”


“Please take a sit, and don’t be so nervous. ” the lady said pointing at a chair as she read through some files.


“Thank you ma’am. ”


“So your name? ” she asked as she finally faced Pragya.


“Pragya…. Pragya Arora. ”


“But it’s written here that your name is Pragya Khurana? ” She asked not hiding her confusion. “Wait, you are the other daughter of Raj right? ” It had to be the silent daughter, after all Khurana was not such a common name.


“Yes. ” Pragya agreed.


“Then why would you want to work here when your family is the most successful in this town. ”


Pragya told her the very same thing she told her family, she wanted to make a name for herself, she did not want to depend on her parents for everything. Roshni’s mother was happy about this and hired Pragya immediately, she did not even ask any more questions.


“Hope you have fan working with me, and please bear with my daughter, I hope she did not burst your ears talking about your brother and how hot he is. ” she knew about her daughters’ big crush on Siddharth Khurana, that’s all she would talk about the whole day.

Pragya just smiled shyly when she heard this.


“Guess she told you, I am Saroj by the way, feel free to call me aunt. ”


“Okay, thanks for hiring me. ”


“No need to thank me, now go to Roshni, she will tell you what you need to do. ”


Pragya left Saroj’s office and went to Roshni, who gave her instructions on what to do.







With so much difficulty, Abhi was finally able to find his house. The neighborhood Rachna found for him was just too crowded for his own good, Abhi who was used to having the best since he was a child looked at the place with so much disgust, the place smelled bad, there was no space to park a car, the houses there were just stuck together, it wasn’t hygienic in any way, the place itself was a disaster, once he entered his house he gave Rachna a call.


Phone Conversation.

Rachna : Abhi, how are you? Do you like your new place?

Abhi : Rachna couldn’t you at least find a better place, Rachna this place is not suitable for any living thing, I can’t even describe how it looks like, the smell itself is so unwelcoming, I don’t think I will be able to survive here.

Rachna : stop being a baby Abhi.

Abhi : I am not being a baby, I am just saying the truth.

Rachna : why are you exaggerating, people live there, some were born, there, raised there, married there, had children there, raised their kids there, married off their kids there, had grandchildren there, and watched their grandchildren get married there and finally died there, and here you are complaining to me that it is not fit for a human.

Abhi : Rachna I don’t think I will survive.

Rachna : you will Abhi, just focus on your goal, right now as we speak, grandma is looking at pictures. Abhi I know you can do it. You can do this, I trust you fully.

Abhi : what if I find the wrong girl?

Rachna : then I will send you to a mental hospital.

Abhi : what?

Rachna : only a mad man makes the same mistake twice. Abhi I believe you will find the right girl there, look around they are so many beautiful flowers in the garden, you will find the one, I believe in you.

Abhi : thanks Rachna, for believing in me.

Rachna : no biggie, and Abhi, you need to find a job ASAP, because uncle will be blocking your bank account next month.

Abhi : but why would he do that?

Rachna : because I asked him.

Abhi : why would you do that?

Rachna : because you need to learn to survive on your own and not depend on mommy and daddy. Okay I gotta go, good luck momma’s boy.


With that said Rachna hang up,  leaving Abhi wondering where he will find a job within a month.


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