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The dream I dreamt – A Swasan short story by despacito part-1

Hey friends i am here with a new story on swasan. Its a small story. Yesterday night i saw a dream like this. So i am writting the story based on my dream where swara is me and sanskar is someone(top secrete). Ok lets start.

A girl is standing in a park. Something is going to happend. She is standing for few minutes and getting irritated. Suddenly a boy come there with bike in full speed. Girls get more irritated. The boy climbedown from bike and open his helmet. He is quite handsome. But the girls gaze on the wristwatch on his hand. The boy come near her and asked- Hey when will rehersal start?
Girl- I dont know.
Boy- Ohh.
The boy looked at her inoscent face and smiled. She also smiled back. But her gaze was still on watch.
Girl- Nice watch!!!
Boy- Huh. Oh thanx. By the way you???
Girl- Swara. Swara bose.
Boy- Im Sanskar maheswari.
Then a woman shouted everyone please come rehersal will be start soon. They here it and go for rehersal.
In swara house
Swara come out from her room and stands in terrace. Suddenly her gaze fall on the apartment opposite of her house. She saw sanskar is sitting on the terrace of a flat. Sanskar also sees swara and starts wavinh hand. Swara feel weird and she come back her room and close the door hurridly.
Swara(monologe)- What is he doing here?? May be he brought the house. But why im feeling restless. Leave that.
She goes out from her room.
After few hours swara come to her again she saw her mother is cleaning the terrace. She goes to terrace. Unwillingly her gaze fall in the flat. She saw sanskar is still seating in balcony. Sanskar also notice her and smiled at her. She saw her mother is busy in wark and she also smiled back to him. And ran towards her room and fall in bed. A smile crept in her face. She feeled a happiness. After the day she has to go her aunts house.
After a week
In swara school
Swara is seen seating in the teachers room discusing something with a teacher. Suddenly sanskar come there with a bah in his hand. He goes near a teacher and gave him.
Sanskar- Chachu your tiffin.
Teacher- Thanx beta. (To everyone) This is my nephew Sanskar. Just come here before a month from london. He was living with us but now living indipendently in a flat.
Everybody greeted him.
A teacher asked him to sit. He sit in the chair beside swara. He noticed swara now. He smiled to him. But she turn her face. After some minutes swaras work done. She left the teachers room hurriedly.
Swara come out of the office and sit in a bench beside the office under the tree.
Swara(monologe)- Where do i go he always come there. I am feeling suffocated there. But i dont know why my sight always going towards him. Why am i thinking about him? What happend to me???
Suddenly he saw sanskar is coming out from office. She get up and starts to go towards her class. Seeing her leaving sanskar run towards her and hold her wrist. Swara turned back. He smiled to her and said- Your watch is also nice.
Swara looked at her watch. And ran to her class blushingly.
(This the end of my dream. But i am writting more imaginary)

I am ending this part here. But i will complete this story so dont worry. And please share your views. Im waiting.
Thank you
With love

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