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The day when it rained – Part 14

Hi friends this is the 14th part of my fanfiction. Hope you all will love this..

I walked away with Shefali. I don’t have the guts to turn and look at him. I don’t know what got me that moment. What I did was brave. Really so brave. And it was not me. I don’t do such things. I don’t usually act in the moment. That was not really me. I don’t know what should have i done if Sameer reacted negatively at that moment. What if he questioned me, or what if he pulled the pack when I touch it? I … I don’t know. I don’t think about it, or I should say I don’t even think at all. I think sometimes my brain stops work near Sameer.
As I walked to college my heart was beating fast, like real fast. I could hear it. And I went deaf for everything else than my heart beat. Shefali was talking and I wasn’t listening a thing.
The whole day I was in tension. Wondering what have I done, thinking what will he be thinking about me. And I even doubt did I do something wrong…….
That day I don’t go to library of canteen. I stayed in the class whole day, because I was afraid of meeting Sameer. Outside my class there is a chance of meeting him and I don’t know how to handle that.
In the evening when I was leaving from the class. When I walk to the college gate, I checked for Sameer and was revealed that he is not there. And at the same time I wondered where he is. I walked real fast to my hostel.
I got a call from Sameer. I was confused thinking should I answer it or not. What will I say if I answer and what he will think if I don’t? And while I was confused and debating myself, the call ended. And I received a message.
Sameer: “I have to talk to you”
After what had happened in the morning it was pretty obvious what he has to talk to me about. And that made me nervous. But I decided to talk to him. Phone conversation is better, what if he come directly to talk tomorrow?
Me: Shefali, I will be back in a few minutes.
Shefali: where are you going?
Me; terrace..
Shefali: what? Why??
I close the door behind me without answering. And went to the terrace. Hostel building was a three storied building, our room on the top floor and an open terrace above it. Hostel was situated in lowland with the two surrounding sides with a higher elevation. Those two sides lay almost parallel to the terrace floor.
I dialed Sameer’s number.
Me: hello, Sameer?
Samer: Hello? Where are you?
Me: huh??? At hostel..?
Sameer: I know that where in hostel?
Me: On the terrace. Why?
Sameer: Terrace??
Me: Ya.. why?
Sameer: Just asked..
Me: Hmm…
Sameer: so…
Me: so. . ?
Sameer: you don’t have anything to say right??
Me: what should I say….
Sameer: Why do you do so?
Me: do what…?
Sameer: really Naina? You don’t know what am I talking about????
I keep quiet.
Sameer: why do you throw my cigarettes away?
Me: Smoking is not good for health….
Sameer: why do you care??
Me: I….
Sameer: you….??
Me: Sameer I have to go…
Sameer: no. You can’t run away from my questions.
Me: I.. I think we are friends….
Sameer: that’s it. Friends??? Huh???
Me: yaa….
Sameer: That gift and the smashed cigarettes all because we are just friends?
Me: I care for you Sameer…
Then there was silence at both ends.
Sameer: Naina…
Me: hmm…
Sameer: I am going to home tomorrow.
Me: why..?
Sameer: Nanu called me..
Me: when will you be back..
Sameer: after a week.
I don’t know why I tear drop rolled down my cheek.
Sameer: Naina..
Sameer: naina, I can see you..
Me: What??
Sameer: Turn to your left..

And there was Sameer. On the elevated land, near a tree, waving at me.
Me: what are you doing here?
Sameer: I want to see you before going…
I looked at him…
Sameer: Bye…
Me: Sameer….
Sameer: I will see you when I came back.
Me: Hmm…
Sameer: Will you do one thing for me…?
Me: tell me.
Sameer: Don’t call or message me till I came back…
Me: why…?
Sameer: will you do it for me??
Me: But why???
Sameer: I will tell you when I come back….
Me: hmm…
Sameer: Take care….
Me: you too..
Sameer: Bye.
He disconnected the call and walked away. I stood there and keep my phone close to my heart…. I hope he will turn and look at me, but he doesn’t…

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