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Swasan: Love of my life episode 1

After raglak marriage swara returns everything took place same but twist is there is no sanskar’s entry till now and shomi did not support swara instead accused her……..swara left gh (gadodia house)
It’s been a week since swara’s accident and now she’s all fine
At baadi
Today is some ritual and raglak have come to the baadi for some ritual
At that time swara came out she was wearing one piece……Laksh was attracted towards her
Dadi: look at her….. don’t u have any shame…..last week she ran away and now look at the way she’s dressed
Swara: stop worrying about me…. worry about ur ragini
At that time a handsome guy enters…..he went and hugged swara and she reciprocated
Shomi: shona what is this…..who is this guy???
Swara: mrs.gadodia he’s Shivay Singh Oberoi and also u have lost the right to call me shona so u can call me ms.oberoi
Ragini: look at her …she has already found a new lover…..Shivay we were classmates so by this relation I will tell u to stay away from her
Shivay: oh really Mrs. Maheshwari may I know why should I stay away from my sister that too my twin
Shomi: twin sister.. what rubbish r u speaking??
Swara: truth Mrs gadodia….. finally today is the day when I will be with my real parents and family
Shomi: real family…..what are u speaking???

Precap: swara’s real family….past

I hope you like it….. Negative and positive comments both accepted…..will post the next part soon

Guys I know that I didn’t complete my previous ff but due to studies I couldn’t…  If anyone wants me to complete it then only I will complete

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  1. I love this story so much

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