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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 16)

Hello frnds… I saw many guesses in last chapter… Let’s read the ff and find out…

Adarsh escaped… Sanskar gravely wounded…. Unknown man…

The man was riding the horse as fast as possible. Sanskar’s blood was staining his clothes. Sanskar was continuously moaning in pain. His moans were strong enough to bring tears in the man’s eyes.
Man: no god… Please… You can’t do this. This was the time for happiness. You can’t snatch happiness again.
He looked at sanskar’s face.
Man: please… Don’t do this…. For your family…for me….you have to stay… You have to fight from death. I did the same and now it’s your turn.
Man again rode the horse.
@swara’s room
An unknown fear was engulfing swaraa’s heart. She wanted to see sanskar. She badly wanted to talk ti him. She tried to get up from her bed. She looked at ragini who had slept on the bed. She caressed her hair.

The man finally reached the palace. His face was not clear to the guards.
Guards: who are you….
The man came in light…
Guards: aap…but you….
Man: you will get to know everything… But now open the door… Sanskar’s condition is not good..
Guard bowed and opened the door. The man took a look of the palace. His eyes moistened. Many flashbacks were rolling in front of his eyes. He looked at the handprints made by kumkum on the gate. A faint smile covered his lips. He then jump off the horse and very carefully placed sanskar on his one shoulder. He almost ran inside.
Ap and dp were waiting for Sanskar in the courtyard.
Ap: don’t know why i am feeling uneasy. Why didn’t sanskar come yet.
Dp: i was thinking the same.
Suddenly they saw a shadow. They saw a man walking inside.
Ap: whose there.
Hearing the voice man felt as if he got his world. He turned and looked at ap. Ap and dp were confused. The man stepped forward. His face glowed in the light. His eyes stared at both lovingly. Ap and dp saw the face. They were taken aback for a while. For a moment they were not able to believe their eyes. For a moment they felt time has been stopped. For a moment they wanted to catch their breath.
Ap: my eyes are lying….
Dp: ap ji…
Ap: i pray to god whatever i am seeing is not a dream.
The man finally spoke.
Man: it’s not a dream ma….
Tears streamed down ap’s face. Her voice choked. Her heart gave up on words. She looked at dp. He was moving towards the man.. with each step his heart was jumping high and his eyes crying more. He finally touched the man. Tears welled up in his eyes.
Man: i am alive pitaji…
Hearing pitaji from his voice left dp stunned.
Dp: beta…
These words contain all the emotions he ever had. Dp touched his face. The man felt a great relief.
Dp: hamara beta zinda hai….. My son is alive…. Ap ji…. Your lakshya has come back… Hmara beta wapis aa gaya…. He defeated death..
But his smile fainted looking at sanskar. Before he could have asked anything lakshya stopped him.
Lakshya: pitaji… Bhaiya is very injured.. call the doctor immediately.

@swara’s room.
Swara was sitting on her bed with ragini sleeping besides her. A servant came running.
Servant: ji… Woh…. Ap ji has called you and ragini ji urgently.
Swara: what happened..
Ragini too had woken up.
Servant: ji woh…. Woh… Prince….
Swaraa’s Heart gave a jolt. Ragini held his hand.

@ap’s room
Sanskar was lying on the bed breathing heavily. The doctors were trying to control the situation. Ap dp and lakshya were standing behind a sheer curtain. Seeing her son in this condition melted her heart. Her eyes were red. Lakshya was watching this all.
Lakshya: ma… Don’t cry… Just as i came back fighting with death he will come back too.
Ap looked at lakshya. She touched his face.
Ap: beta… See the irony destiny has given to us… My one son came back from death and now my second son has fallen into deathbed. I want to celebrate but i am crying.
She hugged lakshya. Lakshya hugged her back.
Lakshya: ma… Nothing will happen to him.
Suddenly they heard something dropping. They looked at the direction. They found swara standing there. Her eyes were not blinking. She stepped forward.
Swara: ma…. Maa….
Swara looked at sanskar. She looked at ap..
Ap: beta….
Swara hugged her tightly. She again looked at sanskar.
Swara: ma… Why are you crying… He will be alright… He will be alright.
Swara was saying all these things with tears in her eyes. She moved a step forward. She stood close to the sheer curtain. Ap felt her heart sinking seeing swaraa’s condition.
Lakshya: whose she ma.
Ap: your bhabhi… Sanskar’s wife.
Lakshya looked at swara. There were many new news for him in the palace. Suddenly doctor came out.
Doctor: we are trying our level best. But he is gravely wounded. The stab on his chest caused a great injury.
Hearing all this ap fell on the floor. Lakshya supported her. Swara too ran towards her.
Swara: ma… Please… Calm down.. nothing will happen to him. Nothing…
She looked at sanskar and tears welled up in her eyes. He was lying covered with a blanket. His eyes were closed. His head was covered with bandage. And his breathing was heavy. Swara felt as if someone was piercing a dagger in her heart.
Suddenly she looked at the face of lakshya and forgot about sanskar for a moment.
Swara: aap….
Lakshya smiled faintly.
Lakshya: ha bhabhi..
Swara: ragini didi…. She….
Swara found herself with lack of words.
Lakshya: i am back…for her… For my family… For sanskar Bhaiya.
Hearing his name from lakshya’s lips again threw her back to reality. She turned around and looked at sanskar.
It waa too hard for lakshya to remain standing there. He wanted to gasp for some free air. He stepped outside and suddenly he felt himself getting disbalanced. Before he could do anything he fell down. And he Felt a girl under her. Her face was covered by hair. Lakshya felt a known touch. A touch so soft….so gentle. He looked at her. There were two closed eyes. Lakshya instantly remembered the tears from those eyes. He instantly remembered the cries she cried when adarsh was trying to kill him. He instantly remembered ap’s words how she behaved and what role did she played just to give punishment to adarsh. He felt an instant feeling to hug her. But he composed himself. He stood up and gave a hand to her. She didn’t look at him. Without holding his Hand she stood up.
Ragini: i am sorry ….i didn’t see you..
Lakshya: yeah… For two years.
Ragini felt a jolt in her heart. Her eyes were shocked. Her mouth was opened. She felt her heart skipped a beat hearing that voice. She wanted to turn. But all she did was standing there.
Lakshya: itni naraz ho… This much anger… Don’t you want to see me ragu…
Hearing ragu again made her heart skip another breathe. She turned at once. She saw two eyes. Immense love was filled in them. She saw a face. A face which she dreamed of. A face which was her source of happiness.
Ragini: lakshya….
Lakshya nodded…
Ragini: who are you….. Why are you trying to play with my feelings…. Rani ma…… Maharaj…..
Lakshya laughed a faint laugh. Death of lakshya was only seen by ragini. Only she had lived the reality. Therefore only she could have mistrusted her.
Lakshya: ragu…. I am back….. I am back for you….
Ragini: again… Again this is a good dream. It is a very good dream. But ragini calm down… Whatever you are seeing isn’t real…. You have to believe he ll never return… He will never…
Saying so ragini sat on the floor. Her eyes were crying.
Ragini: who are you…. Please don’t play with my feelings. I know as soon as my sleep break you ll vanish. Why do u come… Either come back completely or vanish completely from my life…. Or better… Take me with you…
Hearing this lakshya felt his heart melting inside him. He couldn’t have imagined what grief she had gone through. She had gone through so much pain that she was not ready to accept this happiness.
Lakshya stepped further. He came near her. He sat on the floor with her.
Lakshya: ragu….
Ragini looked at him
Lakshya: this is not a dream… It will never end…. I promise.
Lakshya wiped her tears. The touch gave goosebumps to her. She instantly came back to reality. She held his hand. She touched it… She touched his face. Her tears flowed down.
Ragini: lakshya….
Lakshya: i am sorry….
Ragini held his hand. She wasn’t able to believe her eyes.
Ragini: isn’t it a dream.. kya mai sach me sapna nhi dekh rhi….
Lakshya nodded. Ragini felt as if someone has filled her up with life. She wanted to smile but tears blurred her vision.
Ragini: aap….
Lakshya: when they threw me into the river a saint saved me. He did my treatment. I was unconscious in these two years. I gained it back a few days ago. Now when i gained my health i came back.
Ragini looked at him. She hugged him tightly. Lakshya too hugged her back. The beauty of their love can not be explained in words.
Ragini: lakshya… Never leave me ever again… You don’t know how much i suffered. Aap kya gaye meri toh hansi hi….. Meri zindagi….
Her sobs broke her sentence.
Lakshya: don’t say… Don’t say anything ragu… I am back….
His eyes were shedding tears. He broke the hug. He kissed her forehead. Ragini looked at lakshya.
Lakshya: ragini… I am sorry… I want to tell you lots of things… I want to tell you how much i love you but it’s not the right time… Sanskar Bhaiya is fighting between life and death. We have to support everyone.
Ragini: you are back na… This only told me your love. It’s the time to stand up with the family.

Ragini moved inside with lakshya. Ap looked at them. A faint smile appeared on her face. At least one of their son is safe.
Ap: ragini beta…see even god does not like you in white clothes.
Ragini nodded.
Ragini: how is Bhaiya
Dp: still fighting…
His voice choked.
Ragini looked at swara sitting lifelessly on a couch. She was continuously staring at sanskar.
Ragini: swara….
Swara looked at ragini
Swara: didi… Please tell him to open his eyes…. Tell him i am not angry
Swara could not hold anymore. She hugged ragini and cried. Ragini too felt tears building up in her eyes.
Suddenly sanskar moaned. Everybody looked at him. He was breathing heavily. He was gasping for breath.
Dp: what….. what’s happening
Doctor ran towards him. He held his wrist while another was trying to make him smell something.
Doctor: his pulse has fallen… We are sorry but he can’t be saved..

Sanskar breathes his last.

Don’t beat me please..

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