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Swasan- A complicated love story!! (63)

Hello friends.. I know many of u donf remember this story as its been more than 6 months i have posted here.. And i m realky sorry for that.. I have no reason to not post here.. Its just my laziness.  But i realised now that i have left thia story incomplete here.. N want to conplete it.  Hope u will support n remember tge story.. If not plz plz see the last parts if possible.

I m now posting it from where i have left it incomplete… Hope u get ur support… But have written this story on wattpad too.. If u want u can see it there too.. My wattpad profile name is “monaa059”

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Sanskar came to swara’s room n saw her sleeping peacefully having a smile on her face..

Sanskar came their for his plan but was just lost in her face admiring her..

After what felt like eternity he came into senses n headed towards swara n bend towards her..

He caressed her face lovingly n kissed her forehead n adjusted her comforter properly n arranged some chits in her room with some gifts..

He left the room after completig his work not before glancing her angelic face before leaving..

After sometime swara woke up n stretched her arms.. her eyes fell on her side table.. were she found a mug of coffee.. with a note..
she took the note n unfolded it..

Note says–
“May your day be as wonderful as the first sip!”

She took the mug n taste the coffee..
A beautiful smile appeared on her lips..

Sanskar was watching her every action from outside her room’s door..

Next she got up from her bed n headed towards washroom..

On the door of washroom.. she found a beautiful card.. with a wish written on it..

It reads–
” Good morning, may God smile on you and take good care of you today.”

She again smiled reading this..
She kept the card on dreasing table n she headed towards washroom for daily work..

Inside washroom..
She is having tooth brush in her hands n watching herself in mirror while brushing n thinking about the card n coffee..

Swara-(herself) Who did this??
it actually made my day.. kahin ragini ne to nhi..?? par ragini kyu karegi ye sab mere liye.. (confused)

After thinking for sometime she left from there n headed towards her coupbord to get her clothes..

As soon as she open her almirah.. she found a packet with a note on it..

It reads–
“You are never fully dressed without a smile”

“Always keep smiling n please wear this dress today”

From… Guesssss???

Swara- huh! what is dis? is there something special today..?
but what??
Why is someone giving me this much memorable gifts..
Yeh sab sanky ne to nhi??
(confused) no.. why would he do so??
chodo.. mujhe kya??
kuch der me apne aap pata chal jayega..
oh.. let me see.. what is der in this packet?

She started opening it..
“a simple yet eligent black n red combo gown”

Again there is a note inside it..
which reads..”a perfect outfit for a perfect girl”
Reading this a smile appeared on her lips.. (shy smile )

She took the same gown n went to washroom for bath.. she came back getting ready in the same gown n headed towards mirror..

There is one more note on mirror..
it reads…

“Though ur smile itself is ur ornament but still today i want u to look more special, its a special gift for a special lady (fingers crossed) hope u will like it”
with a downward sign..

She saw downward where sign is showing.. here again one packet is there ..

Packet itself is looking beautiful..

She signed n opened it with a big wala smile n found a silver chain with a star pandent.. it was looking beautiful..
Swara was just watching it smilingly..
Just then she received a sms on her mobile n she opened it..

It showed a message from unknown number..

Message reads–
” A little star for my star”

She searched this number in true caller but it shows nothing except ‘guess? who’

She smiled n wore the pandent…

She did a little makeup n headed towards her shoe section..

There she again found a gift box..
She was surprised..

Swara-  aa shoe bhi koi gift karta h kya??

Her phone beeped showing again a message..

Message reads–
“jyada mat socho syappa queen.. pahle box open karo..”

Swara- what?? syappa queen??
It means its sanky only.. i knew it.. a mad can only do this much madness.. (smiled slightly)

But what is special today.. why is he doing so..??
Is it my b’day??
Noo.. its still 2 months for that..
soooo.. what is this for??
(hell confused)
Leave it! first i should open the box..

Swara- omg! omg! its shoooo sweet of him..
‘ A pair of anklets”
but itne big box me sirf anklets..

Again her phone beeped..

Message “are yr tu kitna sochti h.. pahle ye anklets to pahn”

Sge slightly hitted her forehead with her palm n started wearing it sitting on nearby stool..

It was looking pretty on her feets..

She again saw towrds that box.. n found one more big box under it.. she opened it n found a pair of half heels..
she got excited as it was matching to her dress..

She went in front of mirror n saw herself with a shy smile..

She again saw a note on dressing table..
It reads-” everything is perfect, just open ur hairs n u will look my fairy princess”

Reading that she smiled brightly.. n opened her hairs n combed it..

She muttered- “perfect” n was leaving for downstairs.. but found flowers bouque on side of door..

She picked it n caressed the flowers.. its then she again found a chit..
It reads–
“beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady”

Now her phone beeped again —

Message reads-

“now come down n have ur breakfast prepared by one n only chef sanky.. after that don’t think much.. just come out sit in red car execlusively waiting for u”

She came down n saw no one in the hall.. she went to dinning table n had her favourate breakfast.. pasta with frooti.. (actually its my favourate combination so just added it her)

She again saw here n ther but saw no one..

Again her phone beeped..(i know bhot jyada messages ho gaye, but pl zhel lo)

Message reads–
“bola na jyada mat soch.. sab log mandir gaye h pooja ke liye.. now u just come n sit in car”
your… guess??

Swara-what guess who?? i know its u only sanky.. remember u only messaged ‘ food prepared by one n only CHEF SANKY
bhul gaye?
(laughed a little n went outside n sat in car as ordered)

Sanskar saw her car leaving n he too left in other car..

Screen freeses on swara’s smiling face n sanskar’s determined face…
Hello friends hows the episode???

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