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Shadi Express (Again) (Chapter-2) by despacito

Precap- Swasan & nairan wedding. Both couples ghar prapesh.

First night

Swasan side
Swasan enter in a pink coloured room. Swara become shocked to see this.
Swara- Sanskar your room was white na then why you coloured it pink???’!!!
Sanskar- Because it is your fav colour and from now all of your fav things is mine.
Swara’s eyes become teary.
Swara- You love me this much. I never thaught i will get husband like you. After you met me you full filled my all wishes.
Sanskar- No swara you always want na your wedding should be grand but for me our marrige happend in this way.
Swara- No sanskar you said na my all wish is yours like that your all worries is mine.
Sanskar side hugs swara and kissed her forhead.
Swara- Sanskar after a week it will be our first year anniversery.
Sanskar(shocked)- But shona we married today then???!!!!
Swara- Oho!!! We met first that day na mr.cricketer.
Sanskar- Mrs cricketer you couldnt recognise me.
Swara- Correction thats not i couldnt recognise acttualy i didnt know you that time.
Sanskar- Seriously swara you didnt like cricket that time.
Swara- Not that day today also i am not interested in cricket.
Sanskar- You remember swara that day you said that you not interested in cricket on my face.
Swara- Our first meet was awesome.
Sanskar- Not only first our all moments were expencive.
Swara just smiled and put her head on her chest and started to recalling their first meet.

Nairan side
Nairan enter the room making a banging sound of closing door.
Naina- What is this karan? What bhabi bhaiya will think?
Karan- They will think that i wants to romance with my wife.
Naina- How shameless.
Karan- You make me this jaan.
Naina- me??
Karan- yes because your beauty increasing day by day.
Saying karan put his hand in her waist and pull her and started to kiss her nake. Naina started to breathing heavily but something knock in her naughty brain. She moved towards him and hug him and starts to tickle him. Karan started to laugh.
Karan- Naina what are haha haha what are you doing haha leave haha haha leave me naina jaan haha.
Naina- Kya hua jaan i am romancing with you and you. This is bad.
Karan- Is it romance?
Naina- yeah jaaneman.
Karan- Ok see now miss badtameez what romance called.
Saying he pick naina in bridal style and put her on bed. Coming over her he started to kiss.
Naina(whisper)- karan what are you doing.
Karan- Shh naina its call romance and let me take me revenge what you did.
Naina- Karan stop it na.
Karan- Why??
Naina- I am having date.
Karan- Oops naina im sorry i doesnt know it.
Naina- Its ok my cuitepie akdu.
Karan pouts.
Naina- Karan sing that song na which you sang in our first meet.
Karan- Aapke liye sab hazir.
Karan starts singing the song “TU DUA HAI”- (by darshan raval) taking naina in his embarrance. Naina start recalling their journey.

Hey guys thank you so much for comment in previous part. And i am really sorry for not replying you. Hey sweeties take care.
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